Friday, July 10, 2009

Memphis TV Ratings 6.20.09

----This show had a good rating overall scoring 37% over average for the year. The show was really bad for the viewers with nothing new. I am not sure why anyone keeps watching it?? This was the start of the big push for Lawler vs Dundee, which we all know drew only 100 people. Ratings have never equaled crowds since the start of the site. How will they do leading up the next two weeks?? I should have them posted sometime this weekend. BTW, no ratings for 6.13.09 show because it never aired due to weather.

----Read the complete report of the TV show by D-Rock - CLICK HERE!!

Overall 1.4 [22676 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Joey Mercury vs Ted McNalar
- Mercury vs Josh Lowe [start]
.9 [14577 viewers]

-Mercury vs Josh Lowe [finish]
-Boogyman/Little Boogy vs Lil Bastard/Finley
-Lawler vs Dundee [start]
1.4 [22676 viewers] [+8099]

3rd Quarter
-Lawler vs Dundee [finish]
-Old clips of Lawler/Dundee
-Lawler video
-Lawler interview putting over Final Conflict
1.4 [22676 viewers] [n/c]

4th Quarter
-Superstar video
-Hart int
-Koko angle replay
2.0 [32394 viewers] [+9718 viewers]

Start to finish [+17817 viewers]

What was Memphis watching??
US Open [tennis]
3.9 [63168 viewers]