Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 7.04.09

----The final show leading up to the big “Final Conflict” of Lawler vs Dundee finished with just an average rating. The last three shows have scored over average and then the “go home” show drops to normal. The Parsons, TN Lawler vs Dundee bout has lost over 21,000 viewers in the last two weeks. Wonder why they only had 100 at Minglewood Hall?? The Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears combo on CBS seems to beat Memphis Wrestling every week. The funny thing is that in the last half hour, CBS aired “paid programming” and still beat them. The last quarter was the big loser again this week and it again had the best stuff on the show.

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Overall: .9 [14577 viewers]

1st Quarter

-Lawler vs Dundee – video

1.1 [17817 viewers]

2cnd Quarter

-PG-13 piece

-Lawler int

1.1 [17817 viewers] [n/c]


-Lawler vs Dundee from Parsons

.8 [12958 viewers] [-4859 viewers]


-Lawler/Hart/Corey talk about the show.

1.0 [16197 viewers] [+3239 viewers]

5th Quarter

-Jeff Jarrett vs Dundee

-Lawler/Jimmy Hart/Corey int

-William Regal – int

-Michael Hayes – int

-Lawler/Dundee vs Freebirds [start]

1.0 [16197 viewers] [n/c]


-Lawler/Dundee vs Freebirds [finish]

-Downtown Bruno int

-Blaylock/D-Rock – int

.6 [9718 viewers] [-6479 viewers]

Start to finish: [-8099 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?

Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears/Paid Programming 2.1 [34014 viewers]


----Some fun stuff on this show with Hayes, DT Bruno and D-Rock/Blaylock, but all the wrestling was just old stuff that has been played over and over and over. This was a horrible way for anyone to spend a hour and half of their life.

----I should have this week's ratings up either by the weekend.