Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.27.09

----This was posted on Friday by D-Rock @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com. I am going to try to get caught up on the last three week's of ratings sometime later this week. They really did a hard sell job on the Lawler vs Dundee stuff, but most of the stuff was just bad. The best thing on this whole show was the Hollywood Jimmy interview with Tony Watts. Watts was hilarious!! PG-13 stuff was fun to watch also.

Corey Maclin began with a special note remembering, honoring, and respecting the legacy of "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson, who passed away last Thursday, June 25, 2009. On this edition of Memphis Wrestling, they salute and honor the lifelong legacy of Michael Jackson.

Corey mentioned that they had technical difficulties, a couple weeks ago. The station was actually off the air due to bad weather. They apologized for the inconvience, but they are back on, this week, with another big week of Memphis Wrestling.

Upcoming show at Minglewood Hall THIS SATURDAY on the Fourth of July! What a HUGE lineup, including a six man tag team bout and the final conflict between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Bill "Superstar" Dundee. Minglewood Hall is located at 1555 Madison Avenue. Corey said we'll be hearing from "The King" and "The Superstar", later on in the show.

Also on the Fourth of July, at 1:00PM, there's going to be FREE Memphis Wrestling over at Jerry Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas, located right across the Old Bridge off the first exit. Here's the deal, be one of the first 500 fans to come by Jerry Lawler's Fireworks at 1:00PM and you will get a free coupon for half off your ticket price for the action, later that same night at Minglewood Hall. Corey Maclin and the television cameras will be there rolling. Coming up on the show, we'll take a look at some classic matches with Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee.

New commercial airs with Corey Maclin and his daughter, Carmen, who celebrated her fifth birthday, last Monday. Corey said that Carmen was going to join him as his special co-host on KWAM 990 at 8AM Monday morning. Corey asked Carmen what she wanted for her birthday. Cute commercial.

Following the break, Corey showed us the latest edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated with Mick Foley on the cover. On the inside, there was a picture of Bill Dundee with Jerry Lawler in a sleeperhold. The match, coming up, this Saturday, July 4th, will be Match #401, with the feud tied up with 200 victories for Lawler and 200 for Dundee. Match #401 is the final conflict, the final straw and for all the marbles. Lawler vs Dundee, coming up, this Saturday, July 4th at Minglewood Hall.

Highlights of four classic battles featuring Lawler and Dundee to the tunes of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin" and "Bad". One of the videos that was featured was this classic.

Corey announced that J.C. Ice and Wolfie D, that's right! PG-13 are on their way back to Memphis for the BIG night of wrestling on the Fourth of July at Minglewood Hall! They will be teaming up with "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher on the Fourth of July show at Minglewood Hall.

We take a look at PG-13 in action. This was a very good video that included J.C. Ice and Wolfie D rapping. PG-13 was described in the package as the most successful tag team in USWA, since the glory days of The Fabulous Ones. This video also touched on the fact that the team debuted in the USWA in 1993 and over the years would go on to become 7-time USWA tag team champions. Highlights were shown of PG-13 in action against the likes of 1-2-3 Kid, Jerry Lawler, their violent feud with "Wildfire" Tommy Rich and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, and their battle in Louisville, Kentucky during June of 1995, when they defeated the legendary Rock n' Roll Express. I wasn't able to find the exact video that was shown, but I ran across this one that features a lot of really cool PG-13 moments.

Corey spoke with Jerry "The King" Lawler on the telephone. Jerry talked about his final conflict match against Bill "Superstar" Dundee. Lawler stated, "That's going to be the final conflict and the final fight ever between Bill "Superstar" Dundee and "The King"! You've seen it before, but you'll never see it again! Bill came to The United States from Australia, back in the mid 70s. I think 1976 or 77, something like that. So, you're talking about a span of thirty years and a lot of matches that me and Dundee have had against each other. This will be the very last one." Lawler said he had a problem with the total with the way the tallies were counted because he thinks he's ahead and Dundee claims he's won more than the two hundred. "Maybe that's just the way we both remember it, but apparently, it's even. So, this is gonna be the final fight and after this, never again, will I face Bill Dundee in a wrestling ring or will he face "The King" in a wrestling ring, but one of us, somebody is gonna come out the victor. There must be a winner in this match and so somebody is gonna have the upper hand when this is all over after July 4th. Jerry stated that a lot of fans from all over the country and a lot of the other wrestlers are interested in this match because Dundee and Lawler wrestled all over the Mid-South area, during their four hundred matches, including matches they had in places like Louisville, Kentucky, Evansville, Indiana, Lexington, Kentucky, Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and Tupelo, Mississippi. "We wrestled all over the Mid-South area, hundreds of times." "The King" also announced that PG-13 wanted to be there and will be coming back to team up with Brian Christopher. "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel is also coming back to Memphis to team with "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert. And The Spellbinder will be making his return to Memphis Wrestling. "It's gonna be a big night, July 4th! Talk about fireworks. You know everybody's used to seeing Jerry Lawler's Fireworks all around on New Year's and the Fourth of July. Well, we are gonna have some fireworks, but they are all gonna be unloaded on Bill Dundee on July 4th!"

They show Match #400 from Parsons, Tennessee, between Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. This video featured music from Michael Jackson's hit, "Man in the Mirror". Lawler got the win by rolling up Dundee with a schoolboy after pulling the tights just a little.

Corey Maclin started to speak with "Superstar" Bill Dundee, but suddenly they went to some more highlights from a classic Lawler/Dundee match. So, we didn't hear from Dundee. Not sure what happened there.

Next, was local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews from KWAM 990 that can be heard on weekdays between 4-7PM. Thaddeus discussed being verbally and physically attacked by "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware during The recent Raleigh-Frayser Block Party for Peace event. I believe Thaddeus referred to Koko as Koko "The Bird Brain" Ware. Thaddeus said Koko found out he was no push over and served Koko notice, in the words of another great Memphian, "There's no punk bone in my body. So, my friend, let me tell you this, I am no wrestler. You are right. You are in the world fame. The Hall of Fame or whatever it is that you wrestlers do, but I am the best at what I do. I am from the streets of North Memphis and anytime that you want to make it do what it do, then let's do it!" (To quote Booker T: "Tell me he didn't just say that!")

Now, we take a listen to some of the stars that are talking about the Fourth of July with "The King" and "The Superstar"

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock had this to say: You know what? July the Fourth, at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, Tennessee, it's gonna be Bill "Superstar" Dundee against Jerry Lawler! First of all, (takes off sunglasses) I wanna say something. Jerry Lawler, you're going down because you know what? They need to clean up Memphis, Tennessee! You know they can't do anything until they get rid of you. That's why the crime rate is so high in Memphis, Tennessee, is because of people like you! Let me tell you something, right now. This is a stranger, right here. Come here! Come here!

(A man wearing an Xtreme Outlaw Wrestling shirt that looks identical to XOW Promoter, Tony Watts, comes into the picture)

"Hollywood" Jimmy: I've never met you at all. (Extends hand)

Tony Watts: (Shakes hand and starts pointing) You're a... You're the tv..

"Hollywood" Jimmy: (Looking into the camera) I'm the tv star!

Tony Watts: You're "Hollywood" Jimmy!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: I'm a Memphis legend! Yeah!

Tony Watts: Hey! Can I... Can I have your autograph?

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Yeah, you can have my autograph in a little bit, but first of all. I want you to say it real loud. You know July the Fourth. Everybodies talking about it.

Tony Watts: Yes, I've heard.

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Jerry Lawler versus BILL "SUPERSTAR" DUNDEE!

Tony Watts: Hey, I like Dundee!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Now, who are you going to be for and why?

Tony Watts: I like Dundee. Dundee is the man! Dundee, when he came back to Memphis in 1975, you know, he was a young talented star. I mean, now, he's a legend. Lawler has been following him in his footsteps and I want to tell you something about Lawler. Lawler makes me sick because one reason. He's got his head this deep (pointing to his neck) shoulder deep in Vince McMahon's butt!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Hahahaha! That's true! That's true!

Tony Watts: And I want to tell you something, Lawler. I don't like you. I mean, you ran for Mayor of Memphis and you lost. You're a loser! You've been a loser all your life, Lawler! I tell you, I don't even watch RAW no more because it makes me sick everytime I hear you talk and laugh!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: (Shaking head) I can't stand him! I can't stand him!

Tony Watts: You make me sick, Lawler! You suck!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: See, that's on the streets, right here, in Memphis, Tennessee, but you know what? I wanna talk to even more people about this match, coming up!

Next, we heard from Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: Hi! This is Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. I know Bill Dundee and Jerry "The King" Lawler have wrestled many, many times, but you know what? I'm picking Bill Dundee to whip Jerry Lawler!

Bert Prentice: (Eating a pastry) Oh! Hey, Everybody! Welcome to my kitchen. Four hundred matches, huh? Lawler and Dundee, the final time! The final fight! Fourth of July! I wouldn't be anywhere else! I think my money is on old Dundee. I think he'll pull it out, one more time. See you at Minglewood Hall, July 4th. That's where the real fireworks are gonna be!

Cleveland Indians Second Baseman, Jamey Carroll: In the final match between "The King" and Dundee. You know, I've seen it hundreds of times. I think I'm gonna go with "The King". He's gonna bring this one home. End on a high note. So, go get em, King! I'm all for ya, Buddy!


1:00PM at Jerry "The King" Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas
Kicking things off on the Fourth of July, at 1:00PM, there's going to be FREE Memphis Wrestling over at Jerry Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas, located right across the Old Bridge off the first exit. Here's the deal, be one of the first 500 fans to come by Jerry Lawler's Fireworks at 1:00PM and you will get a free coupon for half off your ticket price for the action, later that same night at Minglewood Hall. Corey Maclin and the television cameras will be there rolling.

7:00PM at Minglewood Hall, located at 1555 Madison Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee
It's The Final Conflict between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Bill "Superstar" Dundee! You've seen it before, but you'll never see it again! Come see these two Memphis Legends do battle for the very last time! This show will also feature the return of PG-13, J.C. Ice & Wolfie D as they team with "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher in 6-Man Action against "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert. The Spellbinder and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock will be there and many, many more! Be sure you're there live to witness all the fireworks of Memphis Wrestling on The Fourth of July!!!