Saturday, July 18, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.11.09

Corey Maclin began the program by welcoming everyone to Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas. This week's show will feature all of the action that took place there on the Fourth of July, which involved Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, Derrick King, Johnny Dotson, Tatt2, Dustin Starr and The Vampire(The Baron Malkavain).

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Opening Match from Lawler's Fireworks-Wrestling News Center's Winner for Best Gimmick of 2008, The Baron Malkavain, whom Corey Maclin referred to as simply "The Vampire" during this match vs Tatt2-WWE Hall of Famer, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart joined Corey at the announcer's table. The opening moments consisted of each man trying to work over the other's arm with several reversals taking place. The Vampire bit Tatt2's hand, but Tatt2 managed to break free with a couple kicks to the shoulder. Tatt2 took back over on his attack on Baron's arm until Baron ran into the corner, backflipping off the ropes to break things up. Baron sent Tatt2 into the ropes, but missed a running attack when Tatt2 dodged outside on the apron, kicking Malkavain. Tatt2 tried a springboard diving attack from the apron, but The Vampire got out of the way. As Tatt2 ran the ropes he ducked a clothesline from The Vampire and caught him with a flying face plant, keying back in on the arm. The Vampire sent Tatt2 into the corner, landing some knees. Tatt2 would reverse an Irish whip, sending Baron into the corner, nailing him with an elbow. Tatt2 would rock The Vampire with a kick from the apron and followed it up with a beautiful flying body press for a two count. Tatt2 connected with a flying kick to The Vampire in the corner. Tatt2 slammed The Vampire down on the mat, but missed a frog splash attempt from the top-rope. Both men, slowly, made it back to their feet. The Vampire tried to punch Tatt2, but Tatt2 would block it and land some strikes of his own to the fanged one. Tatt2 sent The Vampire into the ropes, connecting with the 619, followed by a seated senton from the top. The Vampire would kick out and attempt his finisher, "The Devil's Wings", but Tatt2 would counter with a hurricanrana, hooking the leg to get the win. Your winner, Tatt2!

2nd Match-Dustin Starr vs Johnny Dotson-Before the match got underway, Johnny made friends with all the fans sitting at ringside, calling them a bunch of toothless rednecks and said they've probley never been to a wrestling show, a day in their life and the only reason they're here is because it's free. The match began with a collar and elbow tieup with Dustin easily throwing Johnny to the mat. Johnny decided to challenge Dustin to a test of strength. Well, that didn't go so well, either, for Johnny because as soon as Dustin grabbed his hand, Johnny began screaming like a little girl as he fell to his knee. Funny stuff! Dustin whipped Johnny into the corner with Johnny jumping to try and leap over Dustin, but no one was home. When Dotson turned around, Starr elevated him with two hip-tosses and followed it up with a dropkick. Dotson retrieved to the ropes to try to collect his thoughts and regain his energy. Johnny held up his hand saying, "One more time! I got you!" challenging Dustin to another test of strength, but this time Johnny would catch Dustin with a kick to the breadbasket. Dotson on the attack with some punches. Johnny delivered a flying kick. Pinfall attempt, but Dustin quickly kicked out. Dustin battled back with a hip-toss and a belly-to-back takedown into a pinning combination for a two count. Dustin with a headlock. Johnny sent Dustin into the ropes and raked the eyes while Referee Jerry Calhoun was trying to separate the two. Johnny sent Dustin into the ropes, ducking his head, but Dustin punted him with a kick and hit him with a clothesline. Dustin with a suplex for a nearfall. Dustin lifted Johnny above his head and dropped him with an overhead press (Ultimate Warrior style). Derrick King ran in and started attacking Dustin. Johnny Dotson connected with a frog splash from the top onto a grounded Dustin Starr. Both Derrick King and Johnny Dotson raised their hands, much to the fan's displeasure, but Johnny Dotson was disqualified due to Derrick King's interference. Therefore, your winner, Dustin Starr!

Corey spoke with local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews. Thaddeus was asking, "Where's Koko? Where's The Birdbrain? Is Koko scared?" Thaddeus heard that Koko B. Ware was scheduled to be there, but he wasn't. Thaddeus stressed to everyone that he's no rassler, but he's no punk either. Thaddeus asked Corey, "So is Koko really a wrestler or is he a punk? Huh? I mean, I believe he's a punk. Birdbrain, wherever you are, I want you to know that, eventually, we're gonna meet. Now, as one great Memphian once said, There's not a punk bone in my body. And I'm no rassler, but you have issued the challenge. Let's make it do what it do, if you got the manhood to do it, Birdbrain!" Awww snap!

Very brief clip of a classic Memphis Wrestling music video to Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive". This was quickly interrupted by Derrick King, who was in the ring at Lawler's Fireworks, calling everybody there a bunch of freeloaders. Derrick said that he and his partner just showed everyone how great they are. Now, he wants Corey to get his opponent out there, so he can take care of him and get out of there.

3rd Match-Derrick King vs "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher-
Match began with a test of strength. Brian would gain the advantage, putting Derrick in a headlock, but Derrick would strike Brian in the back of the head with what appeared to be a foreign object. Derrick worked over Brian in the corner. Derrick whipped Brian into the corner, but ran into a superkick, courtesy of Brian. Brian followed with a missle dropkick from the top-rope. Two count. Johnny Dotson made his way out to ringside to get a closer look at the action. Brian twisted Derrick's arm, sticking his tongue out at Johnny Dotson. Derrick sent Brian into the ropes, with Brian getting tripped by Johnny. Brian grabbed Johnny, but Derrick would attack Brian from behind. King landed some right hands on Christopher. Dotson choked Christopher and nailed him with a foreign object, sending the "Grandmasta" down hard to the mat. Derrick attempted a piledriver, but Brian caught him with a lowblow, south of the border. Brian connected with a ddt, followed by a bulldog. Brian off the top-rope with the hip-hop drop, but Johnny Dotson jumped up on the apron. Brian catapulted Johnny into the ring. While Brian was going after Johnny, Derrick grabbed Brian from behind. Johnny with a double axe handle from the second rope, caught Derrick after Brian ducked out of the way. Brian would clothesline Derrick over the ropes as Referee Calhoun called for the disqualification. Your winner, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher!

"The New Nature Boy" Kevin White and Su Yung in the ring. The vivacious Su Yung introduced Kevin White. Su continued, by adding, "Today, Independence Day! I say it! I have my green card! And I heard... I have my green card! I'm a legal citizen, now! No! No! No! I heard you were running for office, huh? (Talking to Corey Maclin) Isn't he running for office? I never, ever vote for a crooked person like you, Corey Maclin!" Corey was quick to snatch the mic away from Su Yung.

Main Event-"The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, accompanied by Su Yung vs Jerry "The King" Lawler-Thaddeus Matthews joined Corey Maclin and Jimmy Hart at the announce table. Lawler and White locked up. Lawler shoved Kevin down. Kevin accused Jerry of pulling his tights. Second lockup, down goes White, again. This time, Kevin claimed that Jerry pulled his hair. Third lockup, Kevin threw Jerry down with a handful of hair. Lawler complained about the hair pull. Lawler with a headlock, but White, again, with another hair pull. Kevin and Su denied any wrongdoing. Jerry tied up with Kevin, leading him to the corner. Lawler got Referee Jerry Calhoun to check on Su Yung as he launched White out of the corner with two hands full of hair. Kevin and Su complained on the outside about Jerry pulling his hair. Test of strength with Lawler gaining the advantage, instantly. White kicked Lawler, but Lawler retaliated with four swift kicks of his own, followed by a punch, which sent "The New Nature Boy" back to the outside. Su Yung warned "The King" that she was going to come in there and punch him in the face. Kevin backed Jerry into the corner, punching away at Jerry, Kevin started strutting out of the corner, but "The King" would tap Kevin on the shoulder and blast him with two big right hands of his own. Out goes Kevin, again, to regroup. Kevin had to hold back Su Yung, who was fighting to get in the ring to get Jerry. Kevin would trap Jerry in the ropes, opening the door for Su Yung to choke Jerry. Lawler would start to take off after Su, but White would stop him by hitting him from behind. Su Yung would choke Jerry some more in the corner. Kevin whipped Jerry into the ropes and caught him with a back drop. Near fall. The fans got behind "The King". Su Yung attacked Jerry while he was caught up in the ropes. Kevin would strike Jerry in the nose. Lawler would fight back by poking White in the eyes. Kevin would knock Jerry down with a punch, but "The King" would power up like Curly from The Three Stooges, by going "woo-woo-woo" as he went around in a circle on the canvas. Lawler would rub his face and stand up, punching away at White. The strap came down. Good stuff! Dropkick by "The King". Suddenly, Bill "Superstar" Dundee showed up, distracting Lawler. While Lawler was focusing in on Dundee, Kevin White rolled up Lawler by pulling his tights to get the three count and the win. Your winner, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White!

Following the match, Dundee told Lawler, "Hey, Lawler! He would have done it by hisself! It was just boring watching you do nothing! So, tonight, down in Minglewood, this will be twice in the same day! Kevin White beat you! And Bill Dundee is gonna beat you, tonight! And if you think that ain't right, just bring your lunch! It may take awhile, but you're going down!" Then, Dundee turned his attention towards Jimmy Hart by asking, "Jimmy Hart, you're not involved with this are ya? I'll punch you right in the nose, now! Lawler, you better bring a lunch, Brother! This may take awhile, but you're going down, tonight!" Lawler grabbed a chair from the crowd and threw it at the sharp new blue Ford Mustang that Dundee left in. Corey said that Dundee had a driver and everything. Corey, then, got these words from Jerry Lawler, "You know what? That just shows you. You gotta expect anything and everything from a snake like Bill Dundee! You know he's been talking about how he and I have been partners over the years. We were the most successful tag-team ever. Won the AWA World tag-team titles! Yeah! Well, who gives a crap about that when he comes out here and pulls a stunt like this. (Pointing at Dundee, who got out of the car on top of the hill, near the highway) Let me tell you something, Dundee! How big and bad do you look, sitting behind the wheel of that car, getting ready to hightail it outta here! Why don't you come down here and get in this ring, one more time with me!" Jimmy Hart added, "He looks taller on the hill, King!" That may very well be one of the funniest things I've heard. That cracked me up! I believe I heard Corey and Jerry laughing also. Lawler continued, "What time is it? Somebody tell me what time it is? Five minutes after two! Fifteen minutes after two! You got about five hours, Dundee! A little more than five hours and you and me are gonna climb in the ring at Minglewood Hall! And I promise you this! I promise you and everybody, right here and everybody that's watching out there on tv, I'm gonna kick your rear end from one end of that building to the other!"

They concluded Memphis Wrestling by remembering the life and legacy of Michael Jackson, "The King of Pop". Last week, there was a special memorial and tribute that took place in Los Angeles at The Staples Center. They showed video from Jackson's last rehearsal that also took place at The Staples Center, which actually features Jerry "The King" Lawler's theme music. This was followed by a very special musical tribute to Michael Jackson to his hit song, "You Are Not Alone".

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