Saturday, July 25, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.18.09

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Corey Maclin welcomed everyone to another edition of Memphis Wrestling and announced that the next big date for Memphis Wrestling will be Saturday night, August 1st at AutoZone Park in downtown Memphis. It's free, following the Memphis Redbirds game. They will have the television cameras on hand, shooting the show live and showing it in the weeks that follow. Memphis Wrestling and the Memphis Redbirds team up for the Payroll Management Group Grand Slam on Saturday night, August 1st! Corey explained how it works: You buy your tickets to the Redbirds baseball game. That admission gets you into wrestling, immediately following the game, absolutely free! So you are going to get two-for-one. Actually, you are going to get three-for-one because they have another special gift that Corey will tell us about, later in the show.

Corey said that in the next week or two to come, they will be broadcasting from beautiful AutoZone Park and telling us the entire lineup. Corey promised us that there will be some HUGE, HUGE superstars that are coming in for Saturday, August 1st at AutoZone Park.

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Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling with footage of "The Fabulous Ones" (Steve Keirn & Stan Lane) going against The Moondogs (Rex & Spot) with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart in their corner. The finish of this one came when Jimmy Hart attempted to hit Steve Keirn in the face with some powder, but Keirn ducked and Hart hit The Moondog with the powder. Then, Keirn leveled the blinded Moondog with a piledriver and made the cover, but the other Moondog tried to strike him with his bone, but Keirn moved, again, resulting in the Moondog hitting his partner. While Keirn went after The Moondog, Lane jumped in and pinned the hurt Moondog to get the win for The Fabs.

Opening the Vault with a Classic Barbwire Match between Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Dirty" Dutch Mantel. This was one epic, bloody war. "The King" ended up getting his hand raised in victory. The finish came when Lawler and Mantel collided together. Lawler fell into the ropes, with Mantel falling down on the mat. Lawler catapulted off the ropes, falling on top of the fatigued Mantel to get the three count. Lawler regained the Southern Heavyweight title.

Opening the Vault-Six-Man Tag featuring the team of Tojo Yamamoto, Mr. Onita, and Masa Fuchi taking on Roy Rogers and The Gibsons, Rick and Robert. These two teams fought until the time expired. This ended with both teams brawling in the ring with Yamamoto, Onita, and Fuchi retreating to the outside where Onita and Fuchi were quick to snatch up their Southern Tag belts.

Corey said that Memphis Sport magazine had Memphis Wrestling teaming up with the Memphis Redbirds on the baseball field ranked as one of the top sporting events in the city. Corey added that there is a lot of big names and he can't believe the way the card is stacking up. There will be some major stars that we will be hearing from in the weeks to come.

More Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling with some footage from the Randy Savage/Austin Idol feud. This clip was from their match at the Mid-South Coliseum. Angelo Poffo threw a chain to Savage. Savage blasted Idol with the chain and got the pin. Following the match, Idol tied Savage up in the ropes (Andre style) and put Angelo Poffo in the Las Vegas leglock. This was followed by video of when Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart viciously attacked Austin Idol in the studio.

Highlights of four classic battles between Lawler and Dundee. There was also some very brief footage that aired of an Eight-Man Tag, which featured, The Dream Machine, The Heartbreakers and The Nightmare Ken Wayne taking on Rick and Robert Gibson, Steve Keirn, and "Superstar" Bill Dundee. These videos have been shown a few times over the past several weeks.

Corey Maclin wrapped up the show by reminding everyone about Memphis Wrestling and the Memphis Redbirds teaming up for the PMG Grand Slam, coming up, on Saturday night, August 1st at beautiful AutoZone Park. Corey said you will get three for the price of one. When you buy your ticket to the Memphis Redbirds baseball game, where you will see some terrific baseball action. Immediately, following the game, that admission ticket will get you into wrestling, absolutely free. The third thing you will get is a free Corey Maclin for Shelby County Clerk t-shirt, presented by PMG. These shirts will be given out to the first 500 fans. It's the Payroll Management Group Grand Slam as Memphis Wrestling teams up with the Memphis Redbirds to bring you a BIG night of family fun and action! Next week, Corey said he will be telling us some of the big names signed for August 1st. A couple of the names have never been in Memphis Wrestling, but they will be making their first appearance. Make your plans now.