Thursday, July 30, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.25.09

----D-Rock posted this over at I love it that Thaddeus Matthews gets more of a push than any of the young local talent we have in this area!!

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler are at AutoZone Park, getting ready for the upcoming Memphis Wrestling event, this Saturday, August 1st. Jerry is excited about the match he's going to be in because its been a year in the making and has carried over from the last Memphis Wrestling event that was held at AutoZone Park. Corey said we'll talk to "The King's" opponent, later in the program. They announced that also this Saturday, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart will team up to face local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews, and a mystery partner.

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Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler are joined by Rocky The Redbird. Lawler announced that his opponent, this Saturday, at AutoZone Park will be Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell, who interfered in his match at AutoZone Park, last year. While Lawler was wrestling Test, out of nowhere, Buff ran in and started attacking "The King". Lawler said he can't trust this guy and asked Rocky The Redbird if there was anyway he could watch his back. Rocky pulled out a baseball bat. Lawler asked Rocky to bring that baseball bat to ringside.

This Saturday, August 1st, at AutoZone Park, the Memphis Redbirds game will begin at 6:05PM and as soon as the game is over, they will set the ring up while the wrestlers sign autographs. They will have four or five matches. Remember, when you buy your ticket for the Redbirds game, that includes your admission for the wrestling.

They go back and take a look at some of the action that's taken place at AutoZone Park over the last year or so.

They showed highlights from both of Kid Kash's matches at AutoZone Park, where he teamed with Kevin White against Koko and Pat Tanaka, last year, and his match he had teaming with Koko against Too Cool 2 (Tim & Flex), in 2007. During the video, there was a special interview with Kid Kash, but this was from last year when they were getting ready for the Delta Fair.

Jerry Lawler was talking about his return bout, this Saturday, with Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell. Buff called in saying that Lawler was crying. Jerry asked Buff, "I figured it was some kind of little plot that maybe Test came up with. I'm wrestling Test. I had him beat. Then, all of the sudden, you show up. I figured you and Test had gotten your pea-brains together and came up with some idea that when Test was in trouble, you were going to show up, but you're telling me, you did this on your own just because you don't like me?" Buff's response, "Well, I can tell you this. You're a great wrestler and you are The King, but I am Buff and I am The Stuff." Jerry Lawler said he's going to beat the stuffing out of Buff "The Stuff". Corey said they will be telling us some more names that are signed to be at AutoZone Park, this Saturday, later in the show.

Action from Minglewood Hall, featuring "Outlaw" Don Bass, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs King Cobra-Bass had his trusty chain with him. "Hollywood" landed some briefcase shots on Cobra. Miscommunication between "Hollywood" and Bass ended with King Cobra getting the rollup for the win.

Corey Maclin's sitdown interview with Buff Bagwell from Buff's home in Atlanta. This was from last year, building toward Lawler and Bagwell's match at the Delta Fair. Buff gave "The King" his props, but said that he's going to stomp him and there's going to be a top hat left and the crown is going to be squashed.

Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler announced some of the names that will be at AutoZone Park, this Saturday, August 1st. There will be a special challenge match take place with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart teaming with "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware taking on local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews, who is bringing in a special mystery partner. Lawler is a little worried about Koko and Jimmy. Also "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan is bringing his 2x4 to Memphis Wrestling for the first time ever at AutoZone Park. Hooo! U-S-A! And of course, the grudge match between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell. Corey said they will be telling us more about the entire lineup, next week. Don't forget, this Saturday, when you buy Redbirds tickets, you get into the Redbirds baseball game that begins at 6:05PM. Immediately following the game, they will set up the ring for Memphis Wrestling. Also, since it's the big Payroll Management Group Grand Slam, the first 500 fans will receive a free Corey Maclin for Shelby County Clerk PMG t-shirt.

More footage from Minglewood Hall, featuring "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, with Su Yung vs Dustin Starr. While Dustin was punching Kevin in the corner, Referee Jerry Calhoun intervened, enabling Kevin just enough time to strike Dustin with a foreign object to get the win.

Video of "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in action from New Jersey. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan defeated Executioner #2, who was managed by Big Daddy. Duggan got the win after delivering his three-point stance clothesline.

Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling. Lance Russell interviewed "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol. Idol was running a little late. He apologized and as he was going to put on his gear, Tony Faulk stormed over and said, "Not so fast, big mouth!" Tony said that today is his lucky day and he is going to beat Austin Idol because he knows how to get out of that Las Vegas leglock. Tony said he didn't want to wait and told Austin to jump in the ring, right now. Austin accepted and told Lance, "You know, in Chicago, they call William Perry, the refrigerator, but in this area, they gonna call Austin Idol the microwave! I'm gonna heat him up and then I'm gonna melt him down to nothing!" While the match was going on, "The Nature Boy" Buddy Landel made his way out to educate everyone that he was the master and he perfected the figure four leglock. Austin Idol got the win with the Las Vegas leglock.

Minglewood Hall footage, featuring the Hardcore Match that took place between "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, with Garry White in his corner. Brian tied up Doug in the corner and grabbed the barbwire bat, but was stopped by a big boot from Doug. Brian would fight back hitting Doug in the back with the bat and giving him a low blow with a weedeater. Christopher got the win after nailing Gilbert with a chain from the top-rope.

Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling with the infamous incident when Bill "Superstar" Dundee came on the set, while "The Fabulous Ones" were being interviewed. Dundee was pumped up and wanted "The King" to tag up with him to go against "The Fabulous Ones" so they could win those belts, but "The King" didn't want to because he was friends with Stan and Steve. So, this made Dundee irate and he went off on Lawler, demanding a title shot. Dundee defeated Lawler for the Southern Heavyweight Championship.

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler wrapped up the show from beautiful AutoZone Park, reminding everyone about Memphis Wrestling live, this Saturday, August 1st, at AutoZone Park, featuring Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware teaming with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart to go against Thaddeus Matthews and his mystery partner. Also, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan will be in action. Corey said they will tell us more, next week.