Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Wrestling Show To Air On Same Channel!!

----D-Rock reported the following on last night. All I can say is that this going to be interesting - just to see the ratings difference in both shows. Are these guys using REAL cameras or just going to look like it is filmed in the backyard?

While watching Friday Night SmackDown, I saw three different commercials, advertising for the new IWA Championship Wrestling show that will be airing on Saturdays at 10:00AM on WPXX TV, beginning on August 8th. Malik "The Great" spoke during the first commercial asking everyone to tune in, "And believe me, you don't wanna miss out on this nonstop action! From great stars of the past to up and rising stars of the future, the new IWA will have you covered! So tune in to WPXX TV, August 8th at 10AM! See you there!"

Precious was featured during the second commercial that ran. Precious had this to say: Hey! Hey, Everybody! This is Precious! The new and improved Precious! I want you all to join me here, every Saturday morning, right here on WPXX TV at 10AM for the new IWA Championship Wrestling, starting Saturday, August 8th! Bye-bye!

I'm not sure who was speaking during the third commercial that ran, but they were saying, "Out with the old, in with the new!"

My50/WPXX TV is the same channel that Memphis Wrestling airs on, with Memphis Wrestling coming on at 11AM on Saturday mornings. So, starting August 8th, we will have two hours of wrestling action on Saturday mornings!