Monday, July 06, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 7.04.09

What a Independence Day show we had tonight! Even with it being the fourth of July we had a 110+ fans in the building! Just like every Saturday night we would begin with the playing of our national anthem.

Our first match of the night was an ASWF Heavywieght Title Match between Mike Anthony and Justin "The Juice" Smart. At the beginning of the match both men would appear to show equal strength not letting one get control over the other. And between all of this Justin would request that the referee search Anthony again. When Smart was asked why he stated that it was because he was black and didn't trust him. Justin Smart would prove to be too much for Anthony for a second week in a row. Smart would get a roll up pin and keep his title. However when Justin would turn his back on Mike Anthony he would get hit from behind dragged to the ring and Anthony would use his finisher on Smart and take his title for now. Justin would state that he would get his title back tonight or there would be blood.

The second match of the night was Cody Only vs X-Kaliber with Athena Eclipse in his corner. Cody Only would start off with a huge momentum . Athena would then begin to try to put things in X-Kaliber's corner by distracting Cody Only. Even though he was at disadvantage Cody Only would march on until his already injured arm, from last week, would be yet again be under attack. X-Kaliber was like animal feeding off the pain of Cody Only. Only would try to plant his LTO, but after that failed attempt X-Kaliber would land the Sword and Stone and get the victory. X-Kaiber would further state that LSD had been put on notice by Ego Trip.

Tonights third match was a tag team match between Danger Zone (John Ellison/David Cox) and Demon X/Johnny Harper. Harper would come off to a great start with some powerful side headlock takedowns. But just as you guessed it Danger Zone would be up to no good throughout the match. Hot Rod John Ellison would end up using a chain against Johnny Harper behind the referee's back and get the 1, 2, 3. After the win Danger Zone would begin bragging on their win and showing the chain that they used on Harper. While their back was turned Demon X would show the referee that Ellison had the chain. The referee would reverse his decision making Demon X and Johnny Harper the winners.

Our Semi-Main event was Big Rig Cody Murdoch taking on Idol Bane. Two of the largest superstars in the ASWF would go mano y mano in what would be a nothing short of an all out brawl. Cody Murdoch would be off to a great start but both would be evenly matched with strength and size. Idol Bane would finally get control and Irish Whip Murdoch into the ropes and plant a Big Boot on the kisser of Cody Murdoch. Idol would go for the pin but would fall short when Murdoch kicked out before the 3. After a few failed attempts by Cody Murdoch to use his finisher the Flatbed on Idol Bane, Bane would capitalize and use his finsher ending the match and giving him the win. However, after the match when he was headed to the locker room X-Kaliber would come out and hit Idol in the head with a foreign object knocking him out in the aisle.

The Main Event would be a match of speed and agility. Ray Ray and Christopher Lee would take on Tommy Wayne and Regulator. Ray and Regulator would start off this match with Ray in control. Ray would plant a few heart pounding chops to Regulator. Ray would make the tag to Lee, but it wasn't too long before Lee would be in trouble. Both teams would fight tooth and nail to try and get the victory tonight. The referee would finally loose control of the match with all four contenders in the ring at the same time. Just as action was about to go in and out of the ring, Tommy Wayne would low blow Ray Ray and Regulator would get the pin.

Next Week:

ASWF Title Match
Justin "The Juice" Smart
Mike Anthony

Tuckerman Street Fight
Johnny Hawk
Austin Lane

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