Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman,AR 7.25.09

Our show began with Ricky Rowland bringing our nations flag to the ring. He would ask that all of the fans stand for the playing of our national anthem.

Our show opened up with X-Kaliber coming to the ring to talk down about his brother and former ASWF Superstar, Morgan Williams. After X-Kaliber was in the middle of his ranting, Morgan Williams music would hit and no one would come throught the curtain. Just when it seemed that X-Kaliber was going to stop this downgrading of X-Kaliber's brother, SETH SABOR would return and challenge him to a match.

Our first match of the night was a singles match between ASWF Hall of Famer Johnny Hawk and Mike Anthony. Mike would come off to a great start taking control of Johnny Hawk and keeping him on the mat at all times. However, this would be short lived as Hawk would resort to his usual dirty tactics to try and gain the upper hand. Just when you thought that Mike Anthony was out he would sneek a pin taking home the win.

Our second match was a Triple Threat Match. Cody Only, Cody Murdoch, and Kalaiki would all go at it in this powerhouse match. Cody Only and Cody Murdoch would dominate this match. Even though Kalaiki was not as big as these other two titans, he would hold his own. Cody Only and Kalaiki would make numerous attempts to pin Big Rig Cody Murdoch but neither would succeed. That was until Kalaiki would suprise us all by getting a roll up pin and walking away the winner.

After this match was over, Commissioner Ward would take to the ring with Austin Lane's daughter, Meagan, who wanted to present her dad with a birthday cake for his birthday. When Commissioner Ward asked them to play Austin's music, Justin The Juice Smart would decide that he wanted to have some fun. He would ask Meagan for the cake, to which she said no. Smart would finally say give me that cake. Well she gave it to him alright, a face full. When he would go to stand up she kicked smart in the ankle. Smart would then grab her by the hair and Commissioner Ward would grab Smarts arm to separate his graps. Ward would be knocked down for his trouble. Just as you thought it was about to be good night for Meagan Austin would take to the ring and challenge Smart. All Lane would simply say is...Your Dead.

The third match of the night was between the returning Seth Sabor and X-Kaliber. Seth Sabor would fight hard in this match. Having Athena Eclipse in X-Kaliber's corner made a huge difference for X-Kaliber. Seth Sabor would be no match for X-Kaliber when he would be wrapped up and a submission hold and tap out to X-Kaliber.

Tonight's Feature Match was one that should have ended the final chapter in the former tag team, Mexicanos. Johnny Hawk fight again but would tag with Hot Rod John Ellison to take on Demon X and Johnny Harper. Harper stated a few weeks ago that he was going to personally end the final chapter on Mexicanos. And just as you could have guessed it Johnny Hawk would steal the bell hammer to use as a foriegn object. The referee would never see the weapon but Hawk and Ellison would use it to keep the match in their favor. After a few false tags and the continued blind eye by the referee, Harper would have enough. He would start to resort to the old days, kind of like the saying, fight fire with fire. Hawk would eventually get Demon X in a pin and get the one, two, three.

Our Semi-Main Event was a Tag Team Match. Tommy Wayne would take to the ring first but would have something to say. His partner had changed his name from Regulator to his real name of Joshua Cross. They would take on Ray Ray and Christopher Lee after last week's actions. Ray and Joshua Cross would be the first two to start the match. Joshua Cross would get Ray in the corner and deliver a nasty chop. However, Ray has been known to deliver chops heard around the world and Cross would pretty much agree. Lee and Ray would work non-stop to try to win the match. Cross would distract the referee to allow Tommy Wayne to hit Ray and Lee with Ray's X-Division Title. Cross would then sweep over for the pin and win tonight's match.

The Main Event was for the ASWF Heavyweight Title. Justin The Juice Smart would take on The Human Highlight Reel Austin Lane. Austin would start off on fire. Not even giving Smart time to react. Smart would get ahold of things and Lane's win would start to look grim. After a non-stop, all out fight, Lane would throw Smart into the corner and wait to spear him, but the referee was in the way. Smart would shove the referee out of the way and Austin would spear Smart and go for the pin. However, the referee would disqualify Smart for laying his hands on him. Smart would retain his title. The crowd not happy would start to chant, five more minutes. Commissioner Ward would take to the ring and tell the crowd that time slot for this match was used up. He did however, make a rematch for next week but made a stipulation. Even if the match resulted in a DQ, the title would change hands. The crowd went nuts and could not wait to see Austin take back the title.

Credit: Terrance Ward and www.aswfwrestling.com!!!!!

----Would have loved to seen angle with Lane's daughter!! Is Nikki and her going to turn on Lane in a few weeks?? Just as he is going to hit Smart with a chair, Meagan jumps in the way. LOL Oh, did I ever love old ECW!!...Feature match was a "Dream" match for me!! All four of my favorite ASWF guys in one match!!...Ward is working on the new ASWF web site. Take a look - it looks to have potential...Good to see Regulator change his name!!