Thursday, July 30, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 7.25.09

Mark Tipton appears on the big screen as the show starts with about 75 fans in the crowd. He says that he needs to make two announcements, with one changing the structure of the EWE forever. He says that he's not able to be at the arena tonight because he is in Southaven, MS watching Tatt2 wrestle for a TNA house show. He then starts to explain the big changes coming to the EWE. He said that someone had come to him inquiring about ownership of the EWE. Tipton says that the EWE means a lot to him, but this person has shown that he has what it takes to take ownership of the EWE. He says that sitting in his position at the announcers table tonight would be K.C. Gold. Gold comes out and takes his seat at the table. Mark Tipton then asks everyone to welcome the new owner of Elite Wrestling Entertainment, Dustin Baker. Baker comes out, saying it is not only an honor, but a privlidge to be the new owner of EWE. He says that he promises there will be some other changes to the EWE. Baker says that there is one thing he would like to get off his chest, and that's concerning K.C. Gold. He says that there's nothing that he can do about Mark Tipton's decision to have Gold as tonights announcer, but he will do as he did the last time Gold was employed by the EWE and keep an eye on him. Baker also announces the next big show that will happen, which will be the Super Summer Showdown. More details will become available in the coming weeks. He also makes the official announcement that EWE will now go back to a weekly schedule effective immediately. Baker gets the crowd pumped up for tonights action before heading to the back.

The first match of the night is between Bishop and Jon Michael. Near the beginning of the match, J.R. Manson brings out a sign that says "Tell them the truth." Jon Michael would score the pinfall over Bishop, then confront Manson with the meaning of his sign. Manson heads to the back, followed by Michael.

Genocide makes their way to the ring. They stand in the ring waiting for Premiere Brutality to appear for their Stretcher Match. The referee comes out and delivers a message to K.C. Gold. Gold stands up and says that Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels have not made it to the building. Corbin grabs the mic and begins to make a statement when Chris O'Neals music hits and he makes his way to ringside on crutches. He's accompanied by Christian Jacobs, who helps Genocide get O'Neal in the ring. He says that he talked to then Commissioner Baker a few weeks ago, and asked if there was anything he could do in the EWE. O'Neal says that he talked to Baker again Wednesday after his second surgery and asked once again if there was anything he could do, weather it be ring announcer, commentator, or even time keeper. He said that he got a phone call from Baker Friday night, telling him to be at the EWE arena tonight. He said little did he know when he got to the arena, Baker told Chris O'Neal that he was the new commissioner for the EWE. O'Neal says that the first thing on his agenda is what Premiere Brutality did two weeks ago. Chad and Brad Badd made fun of Genocide when they weren't at the arena and faced Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels. O'Neal says that Premiere Brutality has made the comment to the EWE management that Wayne and Nikels would never face Genocide in a stretcher match. So, from this point, Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels are suspended indefinitely. He says that's fine, because there is new talent headed to EWE, as well as some former EWE superstars that haven't been in Ripley, TN in a long time. O'Neal says that his second decision will be to put a hold on any tag team title matches due to him being injured. Genocide doesn't like the decision, but O'Neal sweetens the deal a little bit, making a match against The Badd Guys in a no disqualification match tonight. The Albino Rhino and Maxx Corbin agree to the match. O'Neal makes his way toward the ropes to exit the ring, but grabs the mic one more time. He says that he also heard that Dustin Starr has told them that he will not defend the EWE Heavyweight Championship tonight against Stan Lee. O'Neal says that if Dustin Starr does not show up and defend his title against Lee tonight, he will be suspended alongside Premiere Brutality. Genocide assists O'Neal out of the ring and to the back. Christian Jacobs remains in the ring for his next match.

Christian Jacobs def. J.R. Manson via pinfall.

Ike Tucker makes his way to the ring. He says that The Bluesman was a little blue tonight. He says that he was supposed to have a match tonight with Tommy Redneck, but he didn't want to come and get a "Blues Attack." He says that instead, it's going to be "On the Mic with Ike." He says that he's tired of the not showing up, the backstabbing, and the double crossing going on in the EWE. He says that he's had people jump him from behind, had powder thrown on him, been hit with chairs and chains, and he's sick and tired of it. He says that he hasn't gotten a title shot either, and he doesn't know why. He says that he's very frustrated right now, but he's not going to take it out on the people in the EWE arena. He says that we're going to have some fun in here tonight. He says he wants to show everyone how the superstars of the EWE train and condition to come into the ring and do what they do. He asks the crowd for volunteers, and a bunch of fans jump up and raise their hands. He makes his way around the sides of the ring, then points to a fan in the corner of the stands and asks him to come down. He helps the fan into the ring and stands him in the corner. He asks for Dustin Baker to come out with a waiver to be in the ring as a precautionary measure. Baker brings the form over to the fan and asks him what his name is. The fan says that his name is Matt as Dustin Baker hands the waiver over to him to sign. Baker leaves the ring as Ike begins his lesson. Ike says that there are three things that he needs in order to be a professional wrestler. He says that the first thing that you have to have is strength, so he asks Matt to do 20 push ups in the middle of the ring. He completes all 20, but looked a bit weak after he gets up. Ike then says that the second thing he needs is speed and endurance, so he asks Matt to run the ropes back and fourth until he says to stop. Matt makes his way back and fourth a few times and stops to rest for a second, but Ike grabs him and rolls him over for a pin. The referee slides over and gives the 3 count. Ike then says that the third thing he needs is to be smarter than the other guy. Matt exits the ring exhausted as Ike makes his way around the ring dancing with the fans as he walks by.

The Badd Guys make their way from the back, but right away they try to find a place to hide from Genocide. They look behind the stands, under the ring, and even try to sit in the stands and act like fans. They look at the concession stand and decide to duck under and hide behind the counter. After a friendly game of Marco Polo, Genocide makes their way to the ring. The fans start pointing to the concession stand as soon as they hit the ramp. Maxx Corbin grabs the mic and asks The Albino Rhino where their opponents are. Corbin says that he supposes that they aren't here and act like they're going to leave, but turn around and grab Chad and Brad Badd by the head and drag them over the counter as the bell rings. Genocide brings just about everything they could find out to hit The Badd Guys with, including plastic forks, packages of salt, and even a broom. Corbin goes to the announcers table and grabs the bell. After a splash in the corner, he says it's bell time and places the bell on Chads crotch. He leans back and gives the bell a good hit as Chad jumps and screams in pain. The Albino Rhino grabs the bell and does the same thing to Brad Badd, sending him in the corner kicking and screaming. Maxx grabs the mic and says that The Badd Guys came out last week saying they couldn't enunciate their words, and they made a lot of trips to the concession stand last week. Rhino says that he couldn't forget, and Maxx suggests another trip to the concession stand. Rhino grabs Brad, asks the people at the stand for a hot dog, then lays Brad on top of the counter. He dresses the hot dog with mustard and ketchup, then shoves it in Brads mouth. Maxx then says that he needs a drink to go along with it and pours an entire bottle of water all over Brad. Genocide then brings The Badd Guys back into the ring as Maxx starts popping Brad with his own towel. Maxx places Brad in the corner, then launches Chad in the corner with him. Rhino helps Maxx hit both men in the corner, then says that he likes hot dogs, but he loves pancakes. He then runs and splashes everyone in the corner, burying The Badd Guys in the corner. Maxx positions Chad outside the ring to be run into the ring post, but Chad moves out of the way, sending Maxx head first into the post. The Badd Guys gain composure and try to life The Albino Rhino, but the tables turn as Rhino lifts both men and sends them to the mat. Maxx goes to the back, grabs a stretcher and throws it in the ring. The Badd Guys jump out of the ring and grab a mic, saying that this is a no disqualification match, but they never said anything about a count out. They run out the front door of the arena as the referee makes the 10 count, giving Genocide the victory.

Stan Lee makes his way to the ring and anxiously awaits the arrival of Dustin Starr. Some time passes before Starr finally makes his appearance on the ramp. Introductions are made and the match gets underway. After almost 15 minutes of both competitors swapping power back and fourth, Bishop comes to the ring and causes a distraction to Lee and the referee. Starr grabs his championship belt and hits Lee in the head with it as the referees back is turned, and when he turns around, he gives Dustin Starr the 3 count and the victory over Stan Lee. Bishop grabs the mic and says that Starr won the match fair and square, beating him in the ring 1 2 3. Starr starts to leave the ring, but Bishop stops him and asks Starr if he's a man of his word because he was promised a shot at the title after Stan Lee was dealt with. Starr says he never cheats, he never lies, and he's always a man of his word. He then says that he doesn't think the fans would even want to see a match between him and Bishop. Bishop asks the fans if they want to see a match between him and Starr, and the crowd agreed they would want to see it. Starr says that if Bishop wants a shot at the title, he'll give it to him next week. Dustin Baker stops the two men and says he just got off the phone with Commissioner Chris O'Neal. Baker says that he's happy that he's a man of his word on giving Bishop a title shot, and Commissioner O'Neal has to sign off to approve the match. He says that Commissioner O'Neal will approve the match, but there is one stipulation that has been added to the match. It will be a triple threat match between Dustin Starr, Bishop, and Stan Lee for the EWE Heavyweight Championship. Stan Lee grabs Bishop and drives him into the mat as Starr makes his way to the back.

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----Was Tatt2 at Southaven?? He was on the Kosciusko,MS show right against Eric Wayne??...I was told the Badd Boys vs Genocide was good...The Ike segment sounded bad, but Ike is really over...Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels are over here after doing the slow motion segment a few weeks back - video below. This was one of the worse things I have ever seen in this area. Ken Wayne pulled the guys not feeling good about the direction of the promotion...Watch the video and VOICE YOUR OPINION ON THE KAYFABE BOARD!!...Good to see them going back weekly and Chris O'Neal is also huge over with the crowd here, so this will be a good spot for him...Manson with a sign saying, "Tell them the truth" - wow that could go in so many different directions. LOL