Tuesday, July 07, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 7.03.09

Derrick King/Seth Knight was a no contest after the action spilled onto the floor. The dressing room cleared to seperate the two. Law & Order (Ricky Hayes & Tim Davis) said this would reach a conclusion next week.

Biscuit Def. Rockin Randy after Randy tried to use a chain but was rolled up for the three by Biscuit.

Christian Jacobs def. NBW High Risk Champion Tommy Redneck in a non title match. Redneck tried to leave the ring in the end but was thrown back in by Biscuit. he was then speared by Jacobs who then pinned him.

NBW/SOB Heavyweight Champion Mark justice def. Eric Hayes by pinfall after executing the hard justice finisher. Eric's dad Ricky Hayes was special Referee. Justice told Law & Order that remember he has to drive thru the Bootheel of Missouri to get to NBW every week. After match Justice attacked Ricky Hayes. Tim Davis run out. then two men wearing bandannas over their faces and hoods came out and attacked Law & Order and Eric Hayes. They unmasked to reveal the Missouri Bad Boys. They continued their attack which saw Mark Justice light firecrackers and throw them on Eric Hayes.

Jeremy Moore/Ricky Andrews def. AJ Ray/The Kid in a bsaic tag match. Ray who is heel turned on Kid who is baby after match. Moore and Andrews helped kid up.

Jon Michael/Mark Justice had their contract signing for SummerJam2009. Justice told Micheal he wasn't signing the contract. Micheal said he was so he would for sure get next title shot. As he went to sign it Justice attacked him, but Michael quickly turned the tide and signed the contract, and then made Justice sign it too.

Main Event- The Marvel Stan Lee def. Superman Jason Reed by countout after trapping him in the apron and getting back in the ring before the ref counted to ten. postmatch Reed attacked Lee but he was saved by Moore and Andrews. Reed told them next week Five Starr Returns!!!

As stated earlier NBW presents SummerJam 2009 on July 25.
already signed
NBW Heavyweight Title

The Enforcer Mark Justice defends title against The Trendsetter Jon Michael

NBW Tag Titles

Dustin Five Starr/Superman Jason Reed defends their titles against Jeremy Moore/Ricky Andrews

Also "Midnight Gold" ["Beautiful" Bobby Eaton/"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson will be there headlining the card.

Funny side note they're promoting Bobby Eaton as a former wwe/wcw superstar. I don't remember Eaton in wwe?

Credit: Billy Besinger

----I am not sure if Eaton worked officially on WWE shows, but he was a trainer at the old MCW developmental group...No attendance was given...It will be interesting to see what Gold will draw with their main feud being Starr/Reed vs Moore/Andrews...RRO will be attending that show because the building has an AC now!! LOL