Monday, July 27, 2009

RassleResults: PWA Wynne, AR 7.23.09

Show started off with Terrance Tbone Ward & Jimmy Rhodes coming out to the announcers table for their first PWA show.

The first match was a 8 man over the top Battle Royal for the PWA Southern Ultimate Championship! The first two to start things off were Tommy Wayne & Dylan Crest. 30 seconds later was Scott Fury. Then ended up with Cali, Ray Ray, Regulator, Maxx Corbin, & Bishop. One of these guys entered the ring every 30 seconds. It came down to 4 guys in the ring. Tommy Wayne, Ray Ray, Maxx Corbin, & Bishop! Maxx Corbin & Bishop were feuding on the ropes, trying to get one of the other over! Tommy Wayne & Ray Ray took advantage of the situation and hit the 2 big guys with a double dropkick sending both over to the floor! As soon as TW & RR made their way back up, TW threw RR over the top to become first ever PWA Southern Ultimate Champion! BTW, spot of the match, Bishop eliminated Dylan Crest with a Fall away slam over the top rope!

2nd match! PWA TagTeam Champions Memphis Mafia VS. Tatt2 & Johnny Dotson
T@2 & JD started off strong, it was mainly a back & forth battle! Johnny Morton & John Cage came out with the win, but soon as they walked out Johnny Dotson was mad at Tatt2 for losing the match, & JD jumped him! Do we see a Johnny Dotson & Tatt2 feud coming?

3rd match! PWA Heavyweight Champion Matt Riviera VS Mike "Action" Jackson
MJ started off hot! This guy is 60 years old & moves better in the ring than some of the 30 year olds! He hit Matt with a suicide dive to the outside, then walked the ropes on TWO sides of the ring! lol! This guy is awesome! Matt Riviera gets the pin & remains PWA Champion!

During Intermission Team Hollister went out to recognize one of the towns community leaders & they were giving away some free shirts & stuff when Midnight Gold jumped them from behind. They threw Jamie Jay into the ring post (Twice)! While he was down they took Jamie Lee & I don’t know what the move was called that they hit JL's arm with, but it was vicious! MG left TH lying!

4th match! Dustin 5 Starr VS. Austin Lane
The one everybody wanted to see! I believe it lived up to its hype! Back & forth battle between these two! Austin Lane picked up the win, but Dustin Starr wasn’t having that & jumps him & leaves him laying! There is more to come out of these two!

5th match! Derrick King VS. Brandon Baxter
All I can say is Wild! They were all over the place! Brandon Baxter pulls out the win!

6th match! Midnight Gold VS. Team Hollister
Midnight Gold made their entrance laughing & joking about what they did earlier in the night to Jamie Lee! Then Team Hollisters music hits, Jamie Jay hits the ring running, lays into Bobby Eaton, & Golden Boy! JJ was on fire steadily fighting back! Finally MG gets the upper hand! They lay it into Jamie Jay! Great battle between JJ & GB! JJ started making a comeback & GB reversed it into a sleeper hold! As the ref was raising JJ arm to see if he was out Jamie Lee ran & jumped up on the ring apron, looking for the tag! JJ started firing up out of the sleeper, couple of elbows to the stomach & JJ hit the ropes, then JJ & GB hit each other with a double clothes line! JJ makes his way up & JL was wanted the tag, but JJ was shaking his head telling him NO! That he didn’t want him to hurt his arm anymore, about that time GB gave JJ a forearm to the back, slamming him into JL & him getting a hottag! JL came in punching away! Bobby bumped to the outside & JL went to pick up GB & GB grabbed that hurt arm & gave him a stunner to the arm! lol! He then locked on a armbar & was trying to pull it completely out! Jamie Jay had enough & charged into the ring only to have the ref jump in front of him & Jamie Jay slammed him to the canvas & dived after GB while he was jumping out of the ring! Midnight Gold pulls of the victory, but this is going to be a tag team feud for the year! Jamie Jay wanted to kill Brian Thompson!

Notes- 150 in the building…Fans were into all matches…Everybody in the locker room got along! lol!...PWA Entertainment was upset that it didn't draw as much as they were hoping! KISS FM really PUSHED this show! It was a great show though!...Dustin Starr & Austin Lane had the best match!


----I was also told everyone was highly impressed with Mike Jackson – especially those people that had never seen him work. ..Dotson and Tatt2 could really have some good matches.