Thursday, July 23, 2009

RassleResults: RPW Metropolis, IL 7.18.09 - Barbwire Night!!

All Matches In Barbwire!!

-Kai won a 6 man elimination match with Nick Ferro, Coma White, Chris Steamboat, Panic and Davey California.

-Dustin Estrella beat Cash Cavins

-Mike Michaels beat Christopher Jade

-RPW Southern IL Champ Mekka Nyne beat Tojo Yamamoto Jr

-Iceman beat PrettyBoy managed by Mr. Kryptonite to win the RPW Title!!

----91 in the crowd…This group is going to try to run once a month with gimmick matches - barbwire , cagee, death matches and they are thinking about doing the exploding ring match. This might kill the town, but it drew more with barbwire than their regular show.

Photo – Tojo Yamamoto JR