Wednesday, July 01, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 6.27.09

1st match: J.D. Kerry vs Kid Krazy. Winner J.D. Kerry.
2nd match: Lucky vs Acid. Winner Acid
3rd match: John Allen vs RWA TV Champion The Mexican Assassin Tejano Kid. Winner John Allen.
4th match: Pokerface vs Logan Fury. Winner Pokerface.
5th match: Dog Pound(Soul Train Jones Rodney Bad Dogg Mack) vs Money Inc(Mike Austin and Acid) Winner Money Inc by DQ.

The show opened with The RWA TV broadcast team Greg Russell and Brandon Wallace coming to the ring. Greg Russell was his annoying self claiming to be the Grandson of the Memphis legend Lance Russell. Plus putting over the fact that he won the RWA Broadcasting Championship and challenged all the TV broadcasters and of course put down the fans. He was then interrupted by Brandon Wallace who then reminded the fans of the first fan fest on the 4th at the Kings Sportatorium. At this point Big Money and Money Inc. Came to the ring and interrupted the show. Big Money took the mic from Brandon and told him that he had got on TV and called him a hypocrite and called the TV Champ a Mexican wannabe be Champion and called the RWA Champion a degenerate. At this point Big Money started laughing and Rage hit Wallace from behind with the loaded forearm pad. Then Tejano started beating on this poor young man. Rage picked him up and Tejano gave him the Siesta. Wallace was laid out and Money Inc left the ring.

Kid Krazy and J.D. Kerry was the first match and these two guys put on a match that was second to none. This match featured great moves and a fast pace plus an add treat that you only get in the RWA real wrestling. It was two fan favorites and Kerry is in line for a shot at the TV Championship. Both used some high flying moves as this match went back and forth. In the end Kerry caught Krazy in the Kerry Coil and won by submission. The lights in the arena went out as the two went to shake hands. When they came back on Dominique was at ring side Kerry was expecting The Mexican Assassin to come out but he came out from under the ring catching Kerry from behind. Tejano really put the wood to the young Kerry, everyone could tell he was trying to hurt Kerry. These two will meet on the 4th.

Luck and Acid was the classic big man little man match. Lucky can go with the best and gave Acid a great match. Big Money and Rage came out to watch the match. They only stayed out for just a few minutes and then Big Money said something to Rage who agreed and the two left. Lucky did his best to keep Acid off balance with his quickness but as fate would have it Acid finally got his hands on Lucky and after a couple big slams got the 123 and won the match.

John Allen and Tejano saw a young up and coming superstar going up against a veteran who can be not only smart but vicious as well. Tejano hit a drop kick at one point that caught Allen and almost sent him flying through the ropes. Tejano did pitch Allen out of the ring were Dominique got her hands on him and slapped him silly. When Allen made his way back into the ring Tejano tried to get the upper hand Allen cut him off and mounted his comeback. Allen hit a side slam and went for his moonsault off the top rope. Tejano rolled out of the ring and was counted out keeping his Title but giving Allen the victory. Before Tejano could get to the back Kerry came out and attacked Tejano. Kerry was out of control taking Tejano to the ring and got on top and was giving him a good old fashion butt whoopin! Tejano made his escape and retreated to the back.

Pokerface and Logan Fury was a rematch from last week that saw Logan Fury roll up Pokerface and also use the ropes to get the win. Poker seemed to be more focused on the match this week. These two were really physical and showed the fans that they like all the workers in the RWA are not afraid to fight. They hit each other with kicks and punches mixed with great wrestling. This match went for a good 20 minutes and did not lose any intensity at all. Poker came out with a hard but well deserved victory.

The main event saw the Dog Pound taking on Money Inc. Rage who was out at the beginning came out with Big Money. Rage had his arm in a sling from a previous injury. Mike Austin was waiting for his tag partner. Rage called out Acid who had been hired by Money Inc for the night. Rodney Mack and Soul Train Jones came out to the roar of the crowd. Mack started the match against Austin. Mack started by showing his kicking ability attacking Austin's hamstrings. Mack tagged in Soul Train Jones as Austin kept getting out of the ring to avoid Mack's kicks. Jones came in using his power but Austin attacked the leg and tagged in Acid. Acid kept the pressure on Jones and the double team started. The ref kept Mack at bay and this allowed Money Inc to keep Jones down on the mat. When Jones made the tag to Mack, Mack was on fire. Money Inc tried to double team Mack but he was to strong sending both Austin and Acid to the outside. The ref tried to get Mack back to allow them to get into the ring and Mack being still in a rage slammed the ref getting the DQ. Rage hit the ring and Money Inc had a 3 on 1 for a while. Jones made his way back to try to even things up but Money Inc still had the upper hand. Then Tejano hit the ring and made the ambush complete. However Mack is not without friends as well. That's when The Playaz and J.D. Kerry hit the ring and took over on Money Inc. Mack and crew cleared the ring standing strong. Big Money grabbed a mic and told the fans that this was only the start, that on the 4th there would be a rematch and Money Inc would bury the Dogg Pound. The fans were hot and are now looking forward to this rematch.

There was 100+ in the crowd and the crowd has been smaller than what they were before summer hit.

Credit: RWAreporter