Friday, July 10, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 7.04.09

Lucky vs Donnie Rush. winner Lucky

Poker Face vs Logan Fury. winner Poker Face

Jazz vs Dangerous Dominique. winner Jazz

J.D. Kerry vs The Mexican Assassin. winner and new RWA TV Champ J.D. Kerry

Dogg Pound vs Money Inc. Double DQ

The RWA hosted its first Fan Fest and the fans turned out for some good food and last year’s RWA videos shown in the Air Conditioned Building. The RWA has added 40 more theater chairs to the arena.

The first match had Donnie Rush a new comer and trained by Rodney Mack taking on Lucky. It was a match that had it all and the fans saw a great wrestling match. Good chain wrestling mixed with good kicks and submission holds. Lucky got Donnie in an arm bar and got the win.

Poker Face and Logan Fury had a great match both of these guys can wrestle and they can both fight and that is just what they did. These two have battled for the past couple of weeks and they know each other well enough to counter each other’s holds and moves. Poker came away with the victory.

Jazz and Dangerous Dominique this was the return match for Jazz since the birth of the twins. Dominique was accompanied to the ring by Raven to watch her back. Jazz looked good and over powered Dominique to get the win.

J.D. Kerry and The Mexican Assassin, this match had been building for a while and it did not disappoint anyone The Assassin beat on Kerry and each time the Assassin hit him with all he had. It looked like the end when the Assassin caught Kerry and gave him the Siesta. Kerry kicked out and mounted his comeback getting the Assassin in the Kerry Coil for the victory and to become the new RWA TV Champion.

The Dogg Pound vs Money Inc. Rodney Mack was the only one from the Dogg Pound that made it to the show. But Mack wanted the team of Money inc so he agreed to a handicap match. Mike Austin and Acid teamed up for Money Inc. They had a great game plan, they tried to cut the ring off and work over Mack's leg and back. Mack is just relentless when it comes to fighting and kept coming back on them. The Loose Cannon came to the ring to partner with Mack who made the hot tag to him. Cannon had Money Inc on the ropes but with Big Money and Rage at ringside Money Inc gained control and that's when all hell broke loose. Rage hit the ring followed by the whole dressing room. It was an all out fight all over the building. The ref DQ'd both teams and Money Inc walked away with the RWA Championship. This is not over by a long shot.

It was a good show for the 4th of July with 100+ in the building.

Credit: rwareporter