Thursday, July 23, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 7.18.09 - New RWA Tag Team Champions!!

----We posted the results earlier this week, but here is the detailed results from our regular reporters!!

1. Donnie Rush VS John Allen
2. Kid Krazy VS Lucky
3 .Pokerface VS Logan Fury
4. J. D. Kerry VS Acid
5. The Natural Born Playa'z VS The RWA Tag Champions. Midnight Gold.

The show opened with Brandon Wallace in the ring, the RWA appointed Brandon Wallace as the acting commissioner in the absence of Big Money Frank Martin and Rodney Mack. After he ran down the card for the show, they were interrupted by the RWA Tag Team Champions. They were refusing to put up the titles since Greg Anthony was not with them. The Playa'z came out and told Wallace that they had a signed contract they wanted the match to night. Wallace explained that the contract was binding and Midnight Gold would have to defend the titles tonite. Like all great stables in Professional Wrestling Rage came out and told Boddy Eaton he would tag with him for the tag team titles. So it would be a Tag Team Title match with Bobby Eaton and Rage defending the titles.

1st match had Donnie Rush taking on John Allen. These two are just two of the young stars that the Dogg Pound Do Jo has in its stable. Rush started out the match in control and after several minutes of chain wrestling with moves like headlocks and reversals. A reversal of a power bomb into a hip toss, Rush came out on top and still had control. This match went back and forth and was fast paced with several near falls. Rush hits a monkey flip and went for a second and Allen pushed him off and Allen gained control. Allen started to work the left arm and worked it for several minutes. Allen then hit several duplexes and each one put more stress on the arm. Allen missed a second rope leg drop and Rush gained control once again but it was short lived. Allen took control quickly going back to the arm. Allen throws Rush out of the ring and hits a knee drop off the apron then rolls Rush back into the ring and after Rush kicked out of the pin attempt Allen went up to the top rope and hit a moons and got the pin fall. Winner John Allen.

2. Kid Krazy VS Lucky. Kid Krazy and Lucky are two of the fan favorites in the RWA however Krazy may not want to be a fan favorite. As the match began Kid dropped to his knees mocking Lucky. But Lucky did get the best with the first lock up. On the next lock up Lucky grabs a side headlock and Krazy pushes him into the corner and attempts a splash with no luck. Lucky goes back to the headlock. Krazy reverses it and hits a Russian leg sweep and picks up Lucky whipping him into the corner goes for a shoulder block and Lucky moves and Krazy goes thru the ropes to the ring post. Krazy attacks Lucky has Lucky allows Krazy to get into the ring with no attempt to catch him coming thru the ropes. Krazy gains control and puts Lucky in a sleeper. Krazy still favoring the shoulder can't hold the sleeper Lucky attempts a reversal and Krazy hits a DDT out of it. Krazy kept working the neck and back on Lucky. Lucky attempted to grab an arm bar but Krazy escaped and Lucky sent Krazy into the corner went for the splash and misses Krazy rolls up Lucky places his feet on the ropes and gets the pin. Winner Kid Krazy.

3rd match. Pokerface vs Logan Fury. Fury took off right off the bat running from Pokerface this happens a couple times until Fury catches Pokerface coming in and gains control. Pokerface fights back and it looks like this is going to be a brawl between these two who have been fighting for the number one contender for the RWA TV belt. Pokerface finally grabs a headlock and takes Fury down to the mat. Logan rolls up Pokerface for several 2 counts and Logan gets loose and runs to the outside again. It broke down again and the fighting started again, Logan gains control working over the left leg to take away Pokers big kick. Pokerface works himself free and goes for a dropkick but misses. Fury stays on Pokerface's leg Fury hits several big punches and then a springboard elbow drop and gets a 2 count. Fury keeps beating on Pokerface and Pokerface gets a roll up for a 2 count and the two exchange blows and Pokerface gets control hitting a back body drop. That's when Angelina comes out and slaps Pokerface. Pokerface grabs her and at that point Fury hits his finisher and gets the pin fall. Winner Logan Fury.

At this point Angelina steps up and calls out Jazz! Boy did Jazz answer the call. Jazz hit the ring and Angelina left the ring saying not to night. Jazz told this girl that she is the badest Bitch in Jonesboro and the World! (No doubt about that). Jazz had no problem accepting the challenge. The crowd was going crazy at this point!

4th match. Acid VS The RWA TV Champion J.D. Kerry. Both of these guy's displayed their attributes in this match, Kerry had the speed and Acid has the power. Kerry tried to hit a couple of clotheslines and got the big boot for his trouble and J.D. rolls to the outside. Acid follows him outside and throws Kerry into the wood barricade. Back into the ring Acid works over Kerry, Kerry fights back as much as possible but Acid is just too strong. Acid goes for a power bomb and Kerry hits a sunset flip out of it for a 2 count. Acid goes back on the attack and Kerry powders to get away, Acid goes after Kerry and throws him back into the ring. Acid starts to come back into the ring and Kerry hits a dropkick sending the big man back out of the ring. Kerry hits a springboard leg drop as Acid crawls back into the ring but only gets a 2 count. Acid powers his way back into control, Acid misses a splash attempt and at that point Logan runs out to the ring. Pokerface comes out right behind him. Logan gets caught by Pokerface and Logan throws Pokerface into the ropes knocking Kerry off the top turnbuckle and Acid covers him giving Acid the win. Winner Acid. This was not a title bout but in the aftermath Pokerface and J.D argue over what happened.

Main Event. The Champions Midnight Gold Beautiful Bobby Eaton with a sub in The Golden Boy's place Rage. with Brian Thompson VS The Natural Born Playa'z in a return Tag Team Championship Match.

Rage and Southside start the match with Southside hitting a hurrcranna on Rage and tags Pimp. Pimp has control as he is working Rage but Rage fights back and tags in Eaton, Pimp still has control and Eaton sucker punches Pimp. Eaton then Tags Rage back in. Pimp rakes the eyes of Rage who body slams Eaton as he tries to help Rage. Pimp jumps on Rage and makes the tag to Southside. Rage gets Southside in their corner and works over Southside’s leg with good tag team work they tag in and out working on the leg. Rage stay's in on each tag to double team Southside. This brings in Pimp but the ref stops him. Rage hits the Sky High on Southside for a 2 count and tags Eaton. Eaton goes back to work on Southside's leg.. Southside tries for a tag and Rage cuts him off. Eaton tags in Rage who keeps the pressure on Southside. Rage sends Southside into the ropes and Southside hits a clothesline and tags Pimp. Southside distracts the ref and then Rage comes over to put in his 2 cents Southside hits a super kick on Rage and gets the 3 count. Winner and New Tag Team Champion The Natural Born Playa'z

Brain Thompson yells and screams at Rage, Telling him that it was his fault and apologizes to Big Money then leaves to call Big Money! Frank "Big Money" Martin was not at the show this week.

The show was great and the crowd was hot all night, 150+ in the building.

Photo by Brian Tramel - "The Natural Born Playa'z" [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular]