Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 7.25.09 - Martin turns on Rage!!!

Match 1. Lucky VS Kid Krazy
Match 2. J.D. Kerry VS Pokerface VS The Mexican Assassin Tejano Kid.
Match 3. RWA Heavyweight Champion Soul Train Jones VS John Allen.
Match 4. Rage VS Ron McClairty
Match 5. Rodney Bad Dogg Mack VS Mike Austin.
Match 6. D.C. VS The Natural Born Playa'z.

Frank"Big Money" Martin started the show by telling the crowd that they looked very good but if they were to harness the brain power of the crowd there would be just enough energy to toast a slice of bread...lightly. Martin then went on to introduce his new team. He told the crowd that he has been watching these two for a while and they have done everything he has asked them to do. Even when Martin is gone these two do just what they are told. Martin then introduced his new debt collectors or D.C. and out came Logan Fury and Acid who are now referred to as Mr. Logan and Mr. Acid. Martin then went on to tell the crowd that someone had stole something from him and no one steals from Big Money Inc. So the first Debt to be collected on is...This is where the Playa'z came out. They told D.C. That there were two new turds in the toilet called Money Inc. They said they had beat them before and would again because nothing had changed just because they are with Big Money. Then they grabbed one of Big Money's T-Shirts and told Martin he stole the slogan(Big Money Says, Stay Down) from them. They then challenged D.C. to a match. Martin accepted the match and made it a title match. He reminded the Playa'z that it only took one time for Midnight Gold to come in and take the titles but this time it would take longer because he wants D.C. to inflect so much pain the Playa'z will not want to challenge for the belts again.

1st Match. Lucky VS Kid Krazy. Kid and Lucky are still fan favorites but there seems to be a grudge growing between the two. Kid started out in control with a side head lock. Kid took Lucky down to the mat and got several 2 counts. After Lucky escaped the pace quickened and the two demonstrated some great wrestling skills. They both hit hip tosses and arm drags at midway thru the match Kid seemed determined to fight and not wrestle and Lucky kept fighting Kid off. Lucky hit a suplex but missed the leg drop off the top rope. Kid hit a face buster then picked up Lucky whipping him into the ropes and put his boot flat in Lucky's face. Kid seemed to have hurt his knee with that move as he was checking it Lucky rolled him up for the 3 count. Winner Lucky. Kid lost it after the match and pulled out a chain and busted Lucky open. The ref could not get him to stop and RWA security had to restrain him.

Match 2. After a back stage Promo for TV where Tejano challenged Kerry, Pokerface got into the mix reminding Kerry that he too wants to have a shot at the belt. Poker also told both Kerry and Tejano that at one time he was a dirty and as mean as anyone in the RWA and he can be that way again if he needs to be.

The match started out as everyone thought it would, Kerry and Poker double teaming Tejano. But as one would make a cover the other would break it up. Kerry hit a drop kick on Tejano, Poker sends Kerry into the corner and into Tejano. Kerry and Poker then exchanged punches and Poker hit Kerry with a drop kick. Tejano just lets these two fight it out but would break up any pin attempts. Tejano then went after Kerry and Poker grabbed Tejano and threw him out of the ring and turned his attention to Kerry. The fight spilled out on to the floor Tejano went after Kerry and Poker went after Tejano. The 3 of them made it back into the ring where Kerry gained control over both men. Tejano fought his way back into control and stayed on Kerry. Poker came back and attacked Kerry then Kerry went after Poker. Tejano grabs Kerry and sends him out of the ring and hits an elbow drop off the top rope on Poker. Kerry comes back into the ring and breaks up the pin attempt and climbs up onto the top rope and hits a frog splash off the top. Poker grabs Kerry before he can cover Tejano and throws Kerry out of the ring and covers Tejano and gets the 3 count. Winner Pokerface.

Match 3. The RWA Heavyweight Champion Soul Train Jones VS John Allen. Soul Train showed his power early in the match and punches from John Allen didn't even phase Soul Train. Soul Train took control and hit a power slam on Allen and got the 3 count. Winner Soul Train Jones. Jones is a legit heavyweight this guy is big and strong and can bench 400lb's. It seems that Jones has come out of his shell and is starting to become the monster that he is.

After intermission Big Money came out and called out the former RWA Heavyweight Champion Rage. Martin told the story of how Rage was the first person Martin approached to start Money Inc and get rid of Rodney Mack. He told the crowd that Rage did everything Martin told him to do however of late Rage has not been listening to Martin. Like he did 2 weeks ago when he lost the RWA Heavyweight Title. Martin told Rage that he did not have to fight he had a legit injury to his left shoulder, "an athelete of your caliber never should defend a title when they are injured you get paid the same if you work or not." "Then while I was on vacation you stepped in and lost the tag belts!" Martin said, "I guess you can't take the trash out of white trash." Martin said. Rage replied that he was sorry and Martin grabbed the mic and said yes you are sorry, the sorry piece of trash I have......Rage grabbed the mic and told Martin he was sorry he ever listened to him. Rage said the reason he defended the title was because he is not a PUSSY!! Rage went on to say he has spent the last week in Memphis back to his roots and has spent time with his trainer Sid Vicious! That statement made Martin start looking around. Rage pulled off his button down shirt to reveal he was wearing the POB colors he grabbed Martin by the throat and went to hit him when Ron Maclairty hit the ring and took Rage down. McClairty was relentless on his attack and pulled out Brass Knucks and busted Rage open. Martin just stood back and smiled the whole time. McClairty the hit a piledriver on Rage and motioned to the curtain. Angle-leena came out and then Martin motioned towards the curtain and one of the biggest guy's I have seen ever came out. This guy is 6' 8" legit and weights at least 380 lbs. He climbed in the ring and Martin pointed at Rage. The big man picked Rage up like a rag doll and hit a sidewalk slam on Rage. Not done with him he did it again and Rage was lifeless. Martin got out of the ring and grabbed a chair and slid it into the ring but before anyone with Martin could grab it Mack hit the ring and grabbed the chair. Maclairty powdered but the big man was not scared of Mack with the chair at all. Martin called him out of the ring all that we know about this guy is Martin called him Boss. Mack kept the chair and told Martin to get in the ring. Mack threw the chair out and Martin started to take off his tuxedo jacket like he was going to get in the ring. That's when Mike Austin hit the ring catching Mack from behind. Martin's group then left ringside. Austin stayed on the offensive for a while and then Mack started fighting back. Austin powdered to take a 9 count rolling back in to break the count and back out again. This time Mack follows him outside and attacks Austin on the outside. Mack throws two chairs into the ring and Austin catches Mack coming back in the ring. Mack fights off Austin's assault and power slams Austin on the chair. McClairty hits the ring with Martin watching and attacks Mack. Mack grabbed a chair and cleared the ring. Winner of the match was Mack by DQ.

The Main Event. For the RWA Tag Team Titles. Money Inc's D. C. VS The Natural Born Playa'z. Acid and Pimp start the match with Acid slapping Pimp and Pimp comes out swinging and he whips Acid into the ropes and hip tosses him. Acid came back pounding away at Pimp. Acid tags in Logan and Logan continues to punish Pimp. Pimp comes back and hits a belly to belly and gets a 2 count. Logan gets the Tag on Acid and Pimp tags in Southside and they double team Acid. Southside starts to work Acid and whips Acid into the corner and as Acid comes out he catches Southside with a big boot. Acid tags in Logan and Logan starts to work Southsides back. With some good quick tags DC works over Southsides back. Logan gets southside into the Camel Clutch facing towards Martin who taunts Southside. With each tag DC would keep the ref distracted in order to choke and beat on Southside. Towards the end the hot tag was made and all 4 men ended up in the ring. Acid hits his finisher and as the ref counts the bell rings just before the 3 count. DC thought they won the belts and Logan went out and got the belts to celebrate. The ref was telling them no it was a time limit draw. The Playa'z grabbed their signs and has they went to attack DC Logan and Acid turned around and caught them and took the signs. The Playa'z fought back and the 4 of them fought to the outside and into the back. The Playa'z came back out as the fans were going crazy. At one point in the match some fans sprayed Silly String all over Martin.

Another good night of action with 150+ in the building. McClairty was told everyone in the back he found a home and would be a regular from now on. Still no word on who the Big Man is.