Saturday, July 11, 2009

RassleResults: USWO/ATL 7.10.09

USWO/ATL 7/10:
101 attended the TV taping
Lee Cross b Jake Allen and Jason Xavier in a 3-way match to win the USWO Jr. Championship when he pinned Xavier
Saint b Harold Knight
Jesse Emerson b Anthony Ingram (w/James Duncan) by DQ when Duncan hit Emerson with a cane
Shawn Tempers b Ace Rockwell
ATL Champion Chrisjen Hayme b Bryan Casey
USWO Champion Chase Stevens b Chris Michaels in a falls count anywhere match
Rick Santel b Jesse Emerson by DQ
*The previous match had spilled out into the hotel and the next match was started. Stevens and Michaels made their way back to the ring while Santel and Emerson were still at it. Stevens and Santel backed into each other and Stevens gave Santel a German suplex, causing Emerson to be DQ'd. Stevens then gives Michaels a TKO-thing to win his match.
USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne (w/Hot Rod Biggs) b Kevin Dunn & JC Crowe when Payne pinned JC Crowe
They announced Santel vs Jerry Lynn for next week

Credit: Jimmie Daniel