Friday, July 17, 2009

Stacy Carter Reality Show??

----It was reported over at that West Memphis, AR native Stacy Carter is going to be appearing in a reality show. She tweeted, “I just got confirmation that I will start filming my own reality TV show in a couple of months. Check out my Facebook for more details!!!” You know part of me thinks it is really cool that someone can take the little bit of success they had in this business and keep it going. Another part of me thinks “You know she would have never been in the business, if it wouldn’t have been for Lawler!!” Since I have no idea what the show will be about [and it makes me wonder??], I thought it might be fun for everyone to post what their ideas for her would be for a reality show?? Post your ideas on the KAYFABE MESSAGE BOARD. Have fun with it and post anything!!

----Since I am talking about Stacy Carter, I got to share a story about her. As most of you know, Stacy was very young when she started dating Jerry Lawler. I remember being told that her mom [who was a very good looking lady also] had to come to the matches with her and dates when they first started dating. Well, Stacy was working the gimmick table one night at the Mid-South Coliseum and I walked up to the table. I knew who she was and me being, well..being me…I looked down at photos of Lawler and said, “Man..he has lost a lot of weight..he must have AIDS!!” [I know it was bad] Stacy piped up real quick and said, “He has had ulcer problems and not been able to eat.”

----All that said and done, Stacy is still a good looking woman, but -she is just 38 years old. Can you believe this also – it has almost been 10 years since she held the WWE Title??

Photo from her Facebook page.