Friday, August 07, 2009

Coach's Corner: "Worry Gives a Small Thing a Big Shadow" by Brian Tramel

----I want first start this column by saying I like both Jamie Jay and Frank Martin.  I like the passion that both guys have for the business.  They want to succeed – whether their goals and ways of getting there are the same or different – they do love wrestling.  Both guys have always been cordial to me.  I have spent less time around Jamie Jay, but I remember a match he had with Chris O’Neal, which I pretty much told him it sucked and he took it with pride.  I also sit with him during the Greg King Jr graduation match and had fun ribbing him about training people. Martin and I have had a curious relationship from the start of RWA. It was more just him and me disagreeing “behind the scenes” more than in front of you guys on this site. But, Frank really has a passion to succeed that reminds of you of a 13 year old boy trying to get a piece of ass. The best I can tell, this story all started when Frank Martin wrote a shoot column on his RWA web site.  Here were his dislikes of Jay [and it is Jamie, not Jami].

-He had listed RWA as a company that he had won belts from.

-He didn’t like this gimmick, but Jay is from this area, not California.

-Jamie claims to have wrestled for the WWE.

----So I may agree here with Martin more.  If I would have seen the RWA reference I would have thought Jay was talking about theJonesboro promotion.  It was actually referring to Razorback Wrestling Association. [which he has changed on his site]  Hey, I don’t like the surfer gimmick either.  I have gone as far to say that I HATE the “Team Hollister Surf Club” to a few people during phone calls or e-mails.  But, guess what??  It doesn’t matter – they seem to be getting over and  I am sure the fans in the Arkansas know Jamie is from here.  I mean, hell, have you heard him talk?? If they had TV, you could always explain this by saying his partner took him to California and taught him how to surf and such.   And, I hate it when a guy claims to work WWE or any promotion and never worked there.  Jamie apparently did a TV extra bit for WWE.  And in my opinion, unless you have worked as a regular, then you should not claim to have worked for them.  It really does make you look bad – not only to the boys, but to the WWE.  And people like Rodney Mack and Jazz, who did work there – who got to the big time – does not equal working as an extra.

----He went on to talk about a few other things.

-Jamie had a bad sunburn and has panic attacks, but came to work out with RWA.

-Jamie worked out with JD Kerry and it sent him to the hospital.

-Martin goes on to challenge Jay to come to RWA to do a shoot match??

----If I was Jamie Jay, I would be thinking “what the fuck?” right now??  The story Martin tells about the sunburn and panic attacks is true. Not sure if JD Kerry beat him up or he blew up so much that he had to go to the hospital.  I have heard he went to the doctor and then he didn’t go to the doctor.  But, does that all matter??  Yeah Jamie should probably not have got in there with a sunburn, but just because he blew up and such; is that a real bad thing??  The best of the best [yeah, I am talking about TGB] even blows up sometimes.  Panic attacks are nothing to be taken lightly.  I suffered with them for years.  I think that was a little too personal to tell on a web site and a cheap shot.  And finally, it would not matter – not an ant's ass matter – whether Jamie could beat someone in a shoot match.  This is wrestling!!  Not shoot fighting.  If he got beat by everyone, including Frank Martin, it would not at anytime show his worth as a professional wrestler.

----So, what lessons can be learned with the whole situation?  Well, unless you are doing this to start an angle -  [And it was not planned as one, but could turn out as one.] – the #1 rule is DO NOT MENTION OTHER GUYS FROM OTHER PROMOTIONS ON YOUR WEB SITE.  Why are you spending time on a site putting over another worker that does not even work your promotion?? At some point your fans are going to start wondering; who is Jamie Jay??  Maybe I should go out and see one of his shows??  If Frank Martin does like him [remember Martin is heel], then I must like him; right?? After all is said and done – the main thing is worry about your own promotion – try to make it better – don't worry about the other promotions in the area.

----I am going to finish this column up by posting what Jamie Jay posted on his web site.  Got to give the kid credit for not putting over RWA, but still making his point.

“Well, where do I start?? lol! This has been a crazy weekend! It all started Friday morning with a phone call. This person called me & said "Hey man, checkout this website. Their really bashing you!" So, I go over 2 this website, and I read it top to bottom and it’s all about Jamie Jay! Now, I'm thinking what have I done to get this much publicity? Is Dustin Starr rubbing off on me? lol! So, I call the guy that owns this company & ask him what the deal is and he says it’s about me saying on that I held their belts. Well, we cleared that up and he said he would apologize on his site. So, I'm saying here & now that the belts I've held were (Razorback Wrestling Association)!
Now, I know people would like to know who I'm talking about, and alot of you already know, but I'm not going to get on here and bad mouth another promotion or worker from that promotion! Why would I want to talk bad about people that are trying to do the same thing we are? Why would I want to mention their promotions name or someone that worked for them? All thats doing is putting them over! Good publicity, Bad publicity, it’s all PUBLICITY! So I say thank you for putting me over on your site & thank you for apologizing! I also apologize for any misunderstandings with the company names & titles I've held!”

----Frank Martin did send in his official statement…
“Yes I did apologize to Jami and put him over on the web site of the RWA.  Why because it was the right thing to do. If it adds to the ego of Jami Jay to say I did this I am glad I could help.”

Credit: Swedish proverb for title of column.