Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fans and Workers Respond to RWA Shutdown!!

----I did do a phone interview with Ron Rage on Tuesday and I plan to run a story either this weekend or earlier next week on the story leading up to the shutdown of RWA. Below is comments by Jamie Jay and Stacy. I've also been contacted by Frank Martin and he will be given time to respond to everything and tell his side of the story.

----Jamie Jay wrote this on his PWA web site in his "Food for Thought" column.

"Hello everyone! Another crazy week! Ha. Well lets back up to a week ago. I told everyone about me getting bashed & "punked" out on some website & I made my comments here about it. After his so called apology, he goes & bashes me again! He goes on to say that I'm more than welcome to come to there arena & take on there heavyweight champ & that there doors are always open! Well guess what??? The doors are CLOSED!!! lmao! Was he scared that I was coming? Ha! Na! All I know is that there were problems within the company. That just goes to show you that you need to worry more about your own promotion than somebody else's! This guy is a mark & will always be one! He thought he was Vince for the indy's! Well, think again? Don't get me wrong I hate it that another promotion shuts down, but I don't think any of the guys will have a problem finding a place to work. Also, I don't want anybody to think that I don't like other promotions running, because I do. I work for ASWF in Tuckerman, DCW in Dyersburg! To all the guys from that group that shut down, goodluck!"

----Stacy sent in the following...

I have been a wrestling fan pretty much my entire life. I’ve been to many wrestling events in my area. I am from Paragould, Arkansas. I was a huge LAW fan. I understand that LAW had a really bad reputation there at the end. However, it used to be considered, “the wrestler’s haven.” Golden Boy was an excellent booker. He lives for the business and wants the business to do well. (I’m getting to the point.) Anyways, since LAW shut down, I’ve been going to DCW because I enjoyed watching those guys. Derrick King, Chris Rocker and Flash Flanagan were the ones I went to Rector to see.

Jonesboro is 18 minutes from my house, so on occasion I check out the show. Okay, I’m no expert, but I know good wrestling when I see it. I don’t know, maybe I’m just partial to the Dyersburg guys. Don’t get me wrong, RWA has some really good talent, (Rodney Mack, Jazz, Pokerface, POB) but they have some really bad talent as well. Just for the sake of not hurting anyone’s feelings, I’m not going to mention any names… Okay, I was just about to leave Paragould Saturday night for the RWA show. My Godmother called me and said, "I don't know whats going on, but we're leaving. Frank Martin is out here showing his ass and canceled the show, for good." So I start calling around to figure out what is going on. Something about a disagreement between Frank and Rodney Mack.

I wait impatiently for you to post something on RRO, not only about this story, but the story about Flash getting his tooth knocked out during a fight with the Walkers.... Anyways, I saw last night that you posted the remarks from Frank Martin that he had on Facebook. Well, it was really eating away at me. I've been told time and time again, that "smarks" have no right to express there opinion about the business or what goes on behind the curtain, but I'm gonna do it. I got on Facebook and posted a comment, "looks like you didn't win anything. Looks like you're sulking and since you didn't get your way, your taking one of the only positive things in Jonesboro away." Despite the lack of professionalism of Frank starting an argument with Rodney Mack in front of the boys... Every wrestling promotion has an excellent opportunity to provide something positive to the community they are in. The crowd was split down the middle between adults and children. Rodney Mack can hook up with the Electric Cowboy and have his own show every week, but where does that leave the kids? Now, I’m a fan, and I drive here, there, and yonder to watch great wrestling. I have family that wrestled, so I kind of know the difference between bad wrestling, good wrestling and great wrestling. I also understand that every promotion is different and they book their shows differently. I also understand that everyone has there place. This is only my opinion, but here it is... I feel that Frank Martin didn't know his place in the business. Granted, he is the owner and can do whatever he wants with his business, however, he hired Rodney Mack to book the show. I was under the impression that the booker calls the shots, but I guess I'm wrong. Either way, the die hard fans, who were there every stinking week are the ones to suffer because Frank Martin wants to take his ball and go home.

Stacy (the girl that ran the door in Rector)