Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Food For Thought" by Jamie Jay

----Since we are following Jay's upcoming WWE opportunity, I thought everyone would like to read this that Jay posted.

Well, last week I said I would talk more on the WWE thing, so where do I start? Lets back up to Feb. 2005! I was booked by Tommy Dreamer (then in talent relations) for Smackdown taping at the FedEx forum in Memphis, TN for March 21st, 2005! Now, you have to remember I got married on March 19th, 2005, so this is a CRAZY week! That meant no honeymoon, & that means HEAT right away! lol!

I get to the FedEx forum at 12 in the ring working out by 2! It was great to be able to work in the ring with Undertaker sitting in one corner & Arn Anderson sitting in one & Fit Finley sitting in another! Ricky Steamboat standing on the outside along with Dean Malenko, Triple H, Big Show! Thinking back now, Ricky Steamboat & Arn Anderson! How great is that!

After the workout, Steve Kiern came up to me & said he wanted me & this other guy to tag & work MNM! Johnny Nitro (John Morrison), & Joey Mercury with Melina! Joey asked what I wanted to do & I said whatever you want! Ha! They asked if I could take their finisher and I said sure & we got in the ring and tried it out & it went smooth! Now, the bad part! Waiting to get in the ring! Once I got out there it was great! The match went great! Steve Kiern said the match was great! Thats all I needed to here! Right? Well, not exactly! I was wondering when Steve was going to say " Go to OVW next week & we'll have the paperwork ready for you to sign a developmental deal!" Ok, Ok, I know it's not that easy, but I was a green kid with big dreams! lol!

Now we go to Sep. 2005, 6 months later! I'm booked in Little Rock, AR for a RAW, Smackdown SuperShow! The date was set for Sep. 12th, 2005! I'm stoked! 6 months later & booked again for WWE! Thats great! Well, Sep. 10th, 2005 two days before the show I break my leg! This sucks! So, I call Dreamer up & tell him the news and he's cool with it! Well, things change BIGTIME for me during this down time for me! Me & my wife build a house & move into it & the best thing thats ever happened to me, we have a Handsome little boy! I finally get my cast off & things never returned to the way they once were! I didn't wrestle for awhile! Then me & my wife get a divorce! This was a crazy time for me! I started having anxiety attacks & just lots of stress! It think it was mainly about me not seeing my boy as much as I was used to! I started to wrestle here & there, nothing main stay! I want to say right now, Thank You Johnny Morton for being there for me! This guy knew what I was going through & was there for me! If a promoter called & wanted me, Johnny would tell them " He's gotta work me!" So, I say Thank You Brother!

Now, fast foward to Jan. 2008! 3 years after the WWE stuff! I ran a little angle in RWA in Jonesboro, AR! Then off & on again! So, now Jan. 2009 I meet some kids that wanna train & I take the job! I worked with these guys as much as possible 3-4 days a week! In March 2009 I started running PWA shows & giving these guys a place to work! I told them to hang on, because it will come like a bizzard when it does! And it did! 5 months after starting PWA, 4 years after my last WWE tryout & were back!

So, I shared a little to much information, maybe? But atleast everybody reading this knows how much this means to me, to come this far & get back to where I once was! I thank each & everyone of you for being there for me & cheering for me! I hope I can impress WWE & make everybody proud! Rest assured I will give it my all!