Sunday, August 09, 2009

Frank Martin On Facebook!!

----Below is what Terrance Ward posted over at I have a letter from Martin, but I am waiting on permission to print and along with a TON more stuff about this story coming this week!!

It is official, the Royal Wrestling Alliance has officially shut down as of this past Saturday. After reviewing the official RWA Facebook page I found this statement by RWA Owner Frank Martin:

"RWA is shut down because the workers think they could run the wrestling with out an owner. I win I shut it down and they can work any where they want . I will be at the lake on my new boat having furn..."

RWA is a wrestling promotion based in Jonesboro, AR. Their talent included the likes of former WWE Superstars Rodney Mack and Jazz. WrestlingNewsCenter will keep you posted as more information is availible. If at all possible I would like Frank to contact us here at WrestlingNewsCenter so that we can get all information as to why his company has closed it's doors.