Saturday, August 29, 2009

IWA TV Report 8.29.09 - IWA DEBUT!!!

----The opening was ok. The announcers talk about the upcoming show. I could not hear clearly what their names were.

----LaDante [Lammarus] Brooks comes to interview Syn. Jason Hall, which I believe is his name, one of the announcers – interrupts the interview. That was horrible!!

----Officer Hutchenson vs Syn is next. The announcing is so bad here. It seems to be the sound is mic’ed for the whole arena and you really don’t get a good sound for the matches. Match had no psychology. Hutchenson jumped from the second rope and it looked like it killed Syn for real. This was god awful! A bunch of heels jumped in at the end and babys made save. No finish.

----Samoan Rajah was supposed to wrestle Edrick Hines, but “something” bad happened in the back.. Sniper comes out to wrestle Rajah. Match had no psychology. Sniper was the babyface and was getting the heat. LOL Rajah chopped and that was it. One move to the head or chest. No finish – COR.

----At the 17 minute mark, they had aired two horrible matches with no finishes. I was making the kids watch the show as punishment.

----The Ant is interviewed by Brooks. Dre Black comes out first, but then they say they are having an impromptu match?? No psychology. Ant is the only guy that looks “ok” so far. Ref bump and then the “black out” and then the Ant hits a pele kick and then a standing moonsault. [which missed] Nice feat for a guy his side. Roll up from Ant for win. He keeps beating up Black and then a babyface makes the save.

----Malik The Great/Suicide vs Precious/Armageddon. Armo is introduced by Victory and the audio was so bad, I could not tell what his name was?? This match had psychology with heat on Suicide. Armo just did big man moves and he looked good. Precious was toned down a bit on the gimmick and worked hard. Big huge boot from Armo. Precious missed a flying legdrop from second rope [looked good] and Suicide went for the hot tag!! Armo actually sold for Malik [who look to be 150 lbs] and bumped. Armo ends up hitting Malik with a chokeslam for the win. Best match on the show.

----“Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] vs “Full Scale Assault” [Jason Steele/Xander Raynes]. Psycho/Pappy start heat on Steele. No shine for the babys. Raynes came in after a tag. No psychology. They then went to floor fighting. Match went to a total flustercluck. Finish was messed up. Not good.


----Announcing was sooooooooo bad. Audio was horrible…Referee was good…The Ant?? What kind of name is that??... Ten people in the crowd…They kept talking about what happened last week???...Not sure on Jason Steele’s name and really not sure on any name, because audio was so bad…If you are going to have something happen in the back, you have to SHOW IT!...Precious was the best worker on the show…Highly disappointed in the whole show, but I have already received IMs, calls and emails – everyone agreed. But, I easily got more response from the wrestling community in this area about this show than anything Memphis has done all year long. Not sure if that is good or bad – we will see if it equals ratings...Jason Hall could be the worst announcer EVER!!