Friday, August 14, 2009

"Keeping It Reel" By Austin Lane

----I took the complete thing here off of Lane's new web site. CLICK HERE to go to the site. Lane discussed this column to me on the phone before he put it up and I just thought he was part ribbing. I never looked at Rampage like this and even though at times it is embarrassing to think I was associated with it, but if you put it like Lane does here. Wow!! We did have a hell of a crew. LOL Just for the record, Lane is one of only four men that have witnessed two wrestling matches featuring me, [Christian Jacobs, Jack Diamond and JD McKay being the other three lucky guys..LOL] and still seems to like me. LOL

Welcome to the first "Keeping It Reel" in several years. Let me first state that this is not a "shoot" column. This is merely an editorial. Just my own personal opinions.

It has been called one of the worst wrestling promotions of all time. Few knew about the promotion. It was a rip off of ECW and a bad one at that. I am talking about Rampage Wrestling out of Jonesboro, AR. Rampage began in mid 2000 and mercifully ended quietly by late 2000. Not long of a run. Many promotions today begin and end just as abruptly. Most are rarely mentioned and soon forgotten. So why is this seemingly forgettable promotion getting so many referances and mentions throughout Mid South wrestling? I wasn't green ... I was a mark when I worked for Rampage Wrestling. I was a skinny, blonde(black goatee),balcony jumping, crushed velvett wearing(not loose spandex-Dustin), kid with NO clue. Anyways could you imagine the impact that Rampage has had on wrestling in this area? Rampage was bad. But it was only a fews years too early. Lets take a look.

Veterans- there were plenty of veterans around the Rampage lockerroom to help with developing good workers. Gary Diamond, Mike Austin(Itty Little), Gravedigger, Freezer Thompson, Tim Hanson, and Phil Hanson were there for guys like me. And most of those guys are still main eventing cards throughout this area. With a talented veteran core like that, why did it fail? Oh cause these next guys just wasn't there ... YET!

Christian Jacobs-Formerly known as Viper during his Rampage days, CJ has become one of the best wrestlers in the area and is one half/third of the most recognized tag team in the mid south over the last five years. Picture Perfect! Now Viper was a skinny Hardy Boy wannabe with no hair and no idea what he was doing. Now he can hang with anyone in the world.

Psycho-Psycho has turned into one of the best big men around and lets face it...THE Man as far as hardcore is concerned. Rampage also debuted Kayte, Psycho's hardcore plastic friend. Psycho always joked that I dated his doll. But truth is we made out a few times but that is all. LOL

Austin Lane-Like I said ... NO CLUE! I was just happy to be there. Every taping I found the biggest part of the building and jumped off of it. IDIOT! Now I actually learned to work a little. I am not one to toot my own horn... bullcrap! TOOT! TOOT! I have been lucky enough to be considered one of the absolute best. And have been able to work with the best. I have learned alot from the before mentioned vets as well as true professionals like Rodney Mack, Jerry Lynn, Brandon Baxter, and Derrick King. And countless others.

Dustin Starr-That name strikes a cord with lots of people. Dustin began with Rampage also. And now is one of the most controversial personalities in wrestling. By the way he also has the talent to back it up. He has IT. The look, the talent, and the IT factor. There is a reason why he is always in the running for numerous awards every year. He deserves them. He also has one of the best business minds around.

Coach BT-Brian Tramel is the same as before...fat guy that looks like Drew Carey and has a loud mouth. LOL. Brian has changed the way indy wrestling is seen in the Mid South. He took the shows out of the barns and armories and onto your computer screen. is one of the most viewed sites around. He made the INDY workers look like SUPERSTARS. Plus the site has made shows better. Promoters and writers will read other results and attendance figures and shoot to top them. Which in turn makes for better products for the fans. He also shows the fans that there are other shows out there that you can watch. Out of all of us alumni...he may have had the biggest impact.

Now could you imagine BT, Starr, CJ, Psycho, and myself working for Rampage with the knowledge and talent we have gained since. With those vets and us where we are now, that could have been HUGE! I guess we will never know.

Until next time...thank you for your time. I will go in detail about lots of
subjects. If you have any questions you want me to address or anything you want me to comment me. Until true to yourself and always BELIEVE THE HYPE!