Friday, August 14, 2009

Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes "Let's Talk about TGB" by “Downtown” Bruno Lauer

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony is one of my favorite guys for several reasons. First of all, this guy has the heart, soul and drive to be in this profession. He deserves any good thing that comes his way. The fact is, I’ve never met anybody with such passion for the business and thirst for knowledge. He has a desire to learn and improve on in every possible manner. Not since myself back in the late 70s and early 90s, so I can absolutely relate. I am burnt out and behind the Eight ball in many ways now, but back in my youth, I was fired up about every aspect of the business. Now, TGB, is there. He watches DVDs religiously, not for entertainment purposes, but to learn and absorb finishes, technique, and psychology and basically figure out how and why the top guys over the years in our profession became top guys.

If more up and comers in the biz would follow this path instead of just wanting to do high spots for the sake of doing high spots and whack each other with chairs, etc..well..hell…the future of the business would be a lot better. And when I say that, believe it, because my word is “as good as gold”..whoops..I mean because mama says it bees that way sometimes!

----“Downtown” Bruno Lauer is a legend in Memphis Wrestling. He surprised everyone last year winning RRO Referee of the Year 2008 from his work at NEW. He appears bi-weekly with his non controversial column. Lauer had his biography published last year “Wrestling with The Truth” and can be purchased at Lauer is also currently employed by the WWE.