Monday, August 24, 2009

Meltzer Talks Lawler and Running for Mayor

----Dave Meltzer had this to say about Jerry Lawler in the 8.24.09 issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Lawler is insisting he’s a serious candidate for Memphis mayor. The idea he’s talked about giving up a great job for it (even though several announcers have quit or been mentally beaten down like Cole and to a degree Ross, Vince for whatever reason leaves Lawler alone), is kind of surprising with his lifestyle. He talked about trying to get high-profile people to invest in the city. He insists he has a chance to win, although he is not considered a favorite, and is playing the outsider hand, that unlike the rest of the candidates, he’s not one of the long-time politicians. He said that the Memphis political scene is a laughing stock and the joke of the nation (actually, outside of Memphis, nobody even knows much about the Memphis political scene). “I wrestle and travel to a different city every Monday night with the World Wrestling Entertainment group. I go all over the United States and I can tell you our city government and the Memphis race is the laughing stock of the country.” What he’s said publicly is he wants to hire more police officer and improve schools, and spend less on government waste, and talks about wanting to be the person to help mollify the racial tension in the city. Regarding his past arrests (all of which he’s been cleared of except he did plea bargain to a harassing a witness in a 1992 statutory rape case with the rest of the charges dropped when the accuser changed her story), he said in an interview on WREG television, “Have I been to court? Yes, I’ve been to court. When you’re a public figure, you become a target. That’s just the way it goes.”