Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 8.01 and 8.08.09


----This show was overall a ratings winner. They won the second half of their time slot beating out all the other shows airing in Memphis and a great quarter of scoring 1.9 for the Lawler vs Bockwinkle bout. Fans dropped after that bout with old clips from last year's Autozone, but the overall rating was 33% over the yearly average. The only bad quarter was the 4th quarter dropping numbers, because shows do not want to loss numbers in the last quarter. A fun stat is that for the last 12 quarters that this show has aired the show has scored a .9 with 5 quarters in a row going into the 3rd quarter of this show.

Overall 1.3 [21056 viewers]

1st Quarter .9 [14577 viewers]
2cnd Quarter .9 [14577 viewers] [n/c]

-Nick Bockwinkle vs Jerry Lawler
-Joey Mercury vs Barbarian from last year's Autozone
3rd Quarter 1.9 [30774 viewers] [+16197 viewers]

-Johnny Dotson/Derrick King vs “Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex]
4th Quarter 1.5 [24296 viewers] [-6478 viewers]

What was Memphis watching? Kamen Rider [1st quarter] 1.4 [22,676 viewers]

From start to finish: [+9719 viewers]


----Sad to see that a show with all original programming scores less than average. It was a steady rating with a start of .5 for two quarters and then 1.0 for the next two quarters. I really thought people would turn off the TV after watching that Koko/Thaddeus stuff, but they stuck in there for the Lawler vs Bagwell match. The show has also gained viewers from start to finish for the last 5 weeks in row. Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears combo return to the winner's circle this week with 56% more viewers than Memphis Wrestling.

Overall .7 [11338 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Dotson vs DK
.5 [8099 viewers]

-Matthews- int
-Duggan vs White
.5 [8099 viewers] [n/c]

3rd Quarter
-Thaddeus/Koko match
1.0 [16197 viewers] [+8098 viewers]

-Lawler vs Buff
1.0 [16197 viewers] [n/c]

What was Memphis watching?? Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears 1.7 [27535 viewers]
From start to finish: [+8098 viewers]