Saturday, August 29, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings Report 8.15.09 - Wrestling Wins Time Slot!!

----It happened for only the second time this year, but Memphis Wrestling won their time slot two weeks ago. The overall rating of 1.4 with almost 23,000 viewers made them the highest rated show in their time slot. The show in second place was Power Rangers RPM that aired two shows back to back and scored a 1.1 average. What was the big draw for the show?? Well there was classic wrestling in the 3rd quarter that posted a 1.6 with a Bobby Eaton/Plowboy Frazier vs Stagger Lee/Terry Taylor including an angle after it. They also aired the start of a Bill Dundee vs Kevin White match. This show was pretty much double the regular audience. They seem to turn it off in the final quarter though as Lawler talked more about running for mayor.

Overall 1.4 [22677 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Lawler interview
-Neidhart/Idol angle
1.4 [22677 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
Neidhart/Idol angle [finish]
-Battle Royal from Union City
1.4 [22677 viewers][n/c]

Eaton/Frazier vs Lee/Taylor
-Dundee vs White
1.6 [25915 viewers][+3238 viewers]

-Dundee vs White [finish]
-Lawler interview
1.1 [17817 viewers] [-8098 viewers]


----I always liked the Neidhart/Idol stuff. The matches were not all that great, but the interviews and angles were fun. Below is what klee34 posted on the Kayfabe Message Board after watching the show.

I hadn't watched Memphis Wrestling in a while (the show is unwatchable most of the time). I can't get past the poor production of Memphis Wrestling these days and the matches look incredibly fake with the camera angles they now use (it wasn't always like this) However, when I do sit down and watch the show I basically know what to expect. However, this past Saturday was too much even for Memphis Wrestling. They had two segments where Lawler talked about his political campaign. This is why I can't take Lawler serious for mayor. His main form of advertising is on a poorly watched wrestling show. If Lawler is going to be the mayor of Memphis, he has to distance himself from his wrestling character. When he is running his campaign, there needs to be no mention of Jerry Lawler the wrestler, but of Jerry Lawler the citizen who loves Memphis. By running his agenda on Memphis Wrestling, it comes across as another publicity stunt. Memphis is in piss poor shape and if you are serious about running for mayor act like a serious candidate.