Saturday, August 08, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.08.09

----Show opened with Corey Maclin and Jimmy Hart going over the show. They were live at Autozone Park and the crowd seem to be really into it.

----Southern Tag Team Champions Derrick King and Johnny Dotson come out to wrestle the Los Locos. Los Locos no show. DK gets on the mic and then Johnny gets on there. They go back and forth and decide to fight each other. [This guys actually won 2007 TV Match of the Year]. Shine starts with some pretty dropkicks from Dotson. Heat starts with King throwing Dotson to outside the ring. DK bodyslams him on the field. Hope spot with Dotson missing a stinger splash. DK reverses a roll up and uses Dotson's trunks to pin him. Even though it was a short match, this was easily the best bout we have seen on TV all year long.

----Thaddeus Matthews interview. This guy really comes off as heel, even though I am not sure he is suppose to be one??

----Jim Duggan interview. He wanting to know where his 2 x 4 is?? Duggan comes out to wrestle “Nature Boy” Kevin White. Why does he have to wear those blue shorts?? I am always scared “something” is going to fall out!! Garry White is at ringside. White bumping around like a pinball making Duggan look like a million bucks. Not a good match, but what can you do with Duggan. White did a good job and probably had a fun time doing it. White hits Garry on mistake and then Duggan hits him with a closeline for the pin.

----Thaddeus Matthews comes out with a Ninja. When they did this angle, Koko came off as a heel right?? But, Thaddeus got a bunch of boos and was a heel. Matthews then announces his mystery partner – Porkchop Cash!! Cash looked to be 100 years old!! Jimmy Hart comes out and wonders how Cash could turn against Koko Ware and him?? Koko comes out to a babyface reaction. Matthews no sells everything. OH ME!! I can not describe in words how horrible it was. Cash turns on Matthews. I would like to personally apologize to the fans at Autozone and anyone that had to watch this on TV.

----Buff Bagwell interview. Everyone does remember that this match with Lawler was set up LAST YEAR with Bagwell jumping Lawler?? I am speechless.

----Jerry Lawler comes out with Rocky the Redbird. Bagwell comes out and gets heat on the mic. He is still in good shape. Buff bumping around for Lawler. Bagwell starts heat throat popping Lawler on the ropes. Lawler comes out of heat after a double knockout. Lawler pulls down the strap. Rocky the Redbird tries to trip Buff and then Lawler rolls Buff up for the win.


----Overall a decent shows, because I like to watch original stuff.,,Matthews stuff was soooooooooo bad....King/Dotson shined above all....Lawler vs Bagwell – just think this match would have had meant something during the time Bagwell was working WCW...Wouldn't it be funny to see Bagwell come out as guest host on RAW?? LOL