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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.22.09

This show was dedicated to Charles W. Holbrook. (August 1931-August 2009) A picture of Mr. Holbrook was shown.

Corey Maclin and Memphis Mayoral Candidate, Jerry "The King" Lawler opened the show. On the program, we'll take a look at The Junkyard Dog. Also, we'll see some footage from the Delta Fair as Memphis Wrestling gears up to return to the Delta Fair & Music Festival on Saturday night, September 5th, with a 7:30 bell time. We'll take a look at a match from AutoZone Park, featuring a battle of the Southern Tag Champs, as Derrick King tangled with partner, Johnny Dotson, who we will hear from about his feud with "Mr. Personalities" Derrick King. Jerry Lawler said that Derrick and Johnny are even feuding online, over the internet, blogging and sending some of the worst e-mails to each other. Corey asked, "Are they with Dustin on that thing, too?" "Dirty" Dutch Mantel will also be in action. They announced that Dutch is coming back to Memphis and will be at the Delta Fair & Music Festival on September 5th.

Corey reminded everyone that the wrestling at the Delta Fair & Music Festival on September 5th is absolutely free with your admission to get into the fair. Jerry said that the reason why the Delta Fair was created is because Memphis lost the Mid-South Fair. Jerry also touched on the fact that the Mid-South Coliseum and The Pyramid are sitting there empty. Lawler added that Memphis lost Libertyland and the Memphis Riverkings are now playing down in Mississippi. Jerry stated that Memphis should have an NFL franchise, but they lost that to Nashville.

We take a look at "Dirty" Dutch Mantel in a classic opening the vaults video, which featured Dutch in a slugfest with "Superstar" Bill Dundee. Dundee ended up nailing Mantel with the title belt and making the pin to get the win.

Following the video, Lawler was telling Maclin how Dutch Mantel had the hairiest back. Lawler recalled one time in the locker room, when he asked Dutch if he could shave the state of Texas in his back hair. Dutch went for it. Corey said we hope to hear from Dutch Mantel, next week, about coming to the Delta Fair & Music Festival on September 5th.

Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin talked about the legendary Junkyard Dog. Lawler reminded everyone that before he became world famous as Junkyard Dog, he came to Memphis. Lawler added that JYD, whose real name was Sylvester Ritter, had just finished playing in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers. Lawler said when he showed up to Memphis for a tryout, he was awful because he was so inexperienced. Lawler said he told Jerry Jarrett that they needed to give him a gimmick, so Lawler gave him one of his crowns and they brought him in as "King" Sylvester Ritter to feud with Lawler. Lawler continued, by saying, "Ritter was just so inexperienced and so green that they couldn't use him for very long. Ritter left Memphis and went down to Mid-South Wrestling with Bill Watts, where he came up with the idea to put that big chain around his neck and started calling him, The Junkyard Dog." Lawler said that fit his image better because he didn't have to be experienced, he was just a tough brawler that acted like a mad dog when he got in the ring. Jerry said JYD was always the greatest and nicest guy and actually lost his life while driving on his way to his daughter's graduation. He was involved in a car wreck and was killed. Lawler mentioned how JYD was always glad to come back to Memphis, after he was world famous.

Next, was one of JYD's classic appearances on Memphis Wrestling. While JYD was being interviewed by Lance Russell about an upcoming match that JYD was going to have with "Hacksaw" Butch Reed, "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel walked out, carrying a bag and distracting JYD so Butch Reed could sucker punch him. Buddy would give Butch a mason jar full of tar that he poured all over JYD as Reed yelled, "We're gonna make him a big bird! We gonna make him a big ole chicken, Baby!" Then, Buddy gave Butch the bag he was holding that contained feathers. Butch Reed poured these feathers all over JYD. After Butch and Buddy left, Lance was apologizing to JYD, but JYD said, "Don't worry about it because every dog needs a bone to chew on and Reed's nasty, no good, highstepping hind end is the dog's bone to chew on."

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Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin talked about Former Memphis Mayor, Willie Herenton's recent bizarre one-on-one interview that he had with Joe Birch from WMC-TV. They said they would share their thoughts on this, later in the program.

Memphis Wrestling returns to the Delta Fair & Music Festival out at the agricenter on Saturday, September 5th. The Delta Fair is located right off Walnut Grove Rd, near Germantown Parkway. Corey said it's a terrific location and very secure. They'll be telling us more about the entire lineup and the entire card that's gonna take place.

We take a look back at some of the action from past Delta Fair events, with "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware teaming with "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher going up against Too Cool 2 (Tim & Flex). After Too Cool 2 cut off the ring for most of the match, double teaming "The Birdman", Koko somehow managed to make the hot tag to Christopher. Funny part came when Brian and Koko whipped Tim and Flex into each other, but Tim and Flex put on the brakes, playing patty-cake and dancing only to turn around and get blasted by a superkick from Christopher and a clothesline from Koko. Koko and Brian would double suplex Tim and then Flex. Too Cool 2 sent Brian into the ropes, but Brian would duck the double clothesline attempt. Koko tripped Tim up while Brian hit Flex with a flying body press to get the one, two, three!

They air a piece of the exclusive WMC-TV video of Former Mayor Willie Herenton's one-on-one interview with Joe Birch. When Birch asked Herenton if he had read the webs and blogs, Herenton said, "No, because the people, a lot of the people, Joe, that I see in different communities, they are not on this technology. They are just real, working people and you know what they do? They are the silent majority."

Following the clip, Lawler said there were several things that bothered him about Herenton's statements. One of them was when Herenton was informed that this election was going to cost Memphis taxpayers over a million dollars, Herenton simply answered, "Just pay it." The one thing that really struck Lawler was Former Mayor Herenton's answer about his backers being the silent majority, not having that technology. Lawler questioned that Herenton was saying that his supporters don't have computers. "Is it the fact that they don't know how to use computers? I'm wondering what he's saying, but what else can you get from that? I mean, this is 2009. We are in the 21st century and the technology is there, but he's saying his silent majority, the majority of his supporters don't have that technology. That's sad! Here's a man, who's been the mayor of this city for eighteen years and he hasn't done enough for his core of supporters that they are moved into the 21st century enough to have computers and operate computers?

And there's a difference between leading somebody some place and manipulating somebody some place. Sadly, I think, that what we have are politicians that have been manipulating people to a certain place and time so that they can stay in control of them and keep those people voting the way they want them to vote. Believe me, I'm not trying to single out Mayor Herenton on this. I think the reason why I'm in this race is because I don't see one ounce of difference in anybody else in this whole field of candidates because they're all career politicians. And we know that politicians are about this thing. They are about themselves, their own agendas getting re-elected. Myron Lowery after Mayor Herenton made this interview with Joe Birch, Myron Lowery came out and said, "Well, Herenton says one thing and does another, but Man! Is that not typical of all politicians? I mean, is that not the pot calling the kettle black? Here's Myron Lowery, you know, now the mayor pro tem saying, well he says one thing and does another. That's what we get from all politicians!

Lawler discussed how racially divided Memphis is and when he was asked on the Thaddeus Matthews show, recently, if you get elected mayor, what will you do for the black community? Lawler said he answered, "I didn't want to shock him, but I said, Thaddeus, nothing. Nothing more than I'll do for the white community or the hispanic community because we have got to get past thinking about black community, white community or this community. We are all Memphians! If the mayor does what's right for all of Memphis then everybody included black community, white community, hispanics, we're all going forward. We're all going to prosper. We're all going to benefit and that's what this is all about, Everybody. Every community in Memphis. Every racial community. They wanna be happy. They want a quality of life that is a certain point in life where you can enjoy life and we're not all there. And as long as this is a divided city, we won't all be there. There will just be a fraction, there'll just be a portion of people that are there and the other people will be kept down and that's not the way it should be. We gotta get all of Memphis together on this. And this is another thing, when you look at all the candidates in the race. I'm not blowing my own horn, here, but I promise you and I'm not saying that I can do it. I'm not saying that God has spoken to me and said that I can be the great unifier, but out of all the candidates that are in this, I would be the only one that has the possibility of helping to unify the races in Memphis. Corey Maclin added that when he thinks about Memphis, Tennessee, there are two people that he feels brought this city together in the early years more than anybody, Jerry Lawler and Larry Finch, who is is a former player and coach for the University of Memphis men's basketball team. Corey picked these two because of what they did in the Memphis community to help unify the city. Lawler stated, "There are politicians, once again, that for their own selfish, self-interest want to keep this city racially divided."

A short clip aired of what happened between Derrick King and Johnny Dotson at AutoZone Park, a couple weeks ago. This clip was followed by a special interview, back in the dressing room, with Johnny Dotson that had this to say, "Well, here I am, Johnny Dotson. Used to be one half of the Southern Tag-Team Champions with Derrick King. I just really can't believe what just happened at AutoZone Park. In front of twelve thousand people. Derrick King, Johnny Dotson in the ring. I lose the match to Derrick King. He grabbed my tights. But, you look at me, Derrick King. You look at me, real close. I can't wait to get my hands on you. You don't know when I'm gonna get you, Derrick King, but I do. And when I do get my hands on you, Derrick King, I'm gonna beat your brains out. I promise you that."

Jerry Lawler said he appreciates the opportunity to come on there and speak to the fans, who are also the voters that can make the decision on October 15th as to what the future of Memphis is going to be like. Lawler said the biggest hill for him to climb is for people to realize that he's in the race and this is a serious campaign. "You know they wonder. They say, well you know Jerry, you're still wrestling and you're still commentating on WWE. Yes, I am as is everybody else in this city. You have to keep your job, but I am a candidate for the mayor's job in Memphis and this is a serious campaign. I need your help. We have a couple of websites. We have and we have We are looking for people to help us volunteer, we're looking for campaign contributions, but you can go online on either one of those websites." Lawler said he's gonna be standing out on some intersections, waving at people, and needs some people to come out to stand with him and hold up some signs. He will also be making some stops at some of the local restaurants. Lawler thinks he could even get Myron Lowery to go out to eat with him.

Next, Jerry and Corey were talking about a match that "The King" had with "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton. Lawler was clownin' on how Eaton called himself "Beautiful". Lawler joked around saying, "When he was a baby, he was so ugly his mother breast-fed him through a straw. That's ugly! She used to sit him in the corner and feed him with a slingshot! That's how ugly Bobby Eaton was!" They said they were going to show a match between Lawler and Eaton, but all that was shown was one of Lawler's classic entrances where he came to the ring in a nice, fancy car. Following the brief clip, Lawler said he was trying to give Eaton an extreme makeover with his fist because he thought any difference in his looks would be an improvement. Lawler told Maclin that Eaton is one guy they need to work on trying to bring back to Memphis. Corey said maybe we can get him for the Delta Fair on September 5th. It was announced that Jerry "The King" Lawler will be there in action. "Dirty" Dutch Mantel is coming to town. Also, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart will be there, as well as, Corey Maclin, who will have the television cameras there rolling.

Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler ended the show by stressing how important it is for all Memphians to get out and vote on October 15th. The most important thing is that you are registered to vote. To get registered, you can go to either or It's as easy as clicking a button and you can print right right out a voter's registration form that you can fill out and drop in the mail so you can be sent a voter's registration card and be eligible to vote on October 15th. Jerry "The King" Lawler will be back, next week, and we will hear more about the Delta Fair, coming up on September 5th. Corey told Jerry, we gotta find out who your opponent will be. Jerry said he didn't care unless maybe they wanted to throw a city councilman in there so they could have a big loser leaves town match. Corey suggested Myron Lowery. Lawler said, "One thing I know I couldn't do is bodyslam him."

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