Saturday, August 29, 2009

Missouri Bad Boy Announces Retirement!!

----The last time I spoke to Renegade he mentioned that he would be retiring soon. The team of the "Missouri Bad Boys" [Mark Southern/Renegade] with Cash McCoy shocked the area last year when an angle in TIWF drew bigger crowds consistently that period than in other promotion. The team place 2cnd in RRO Tag Team of The Year voting and placed #5 in the RRO Top 10 Tag Team ranking.

----Renegade announced on the Kayfabe Message Board yesterday afternoon that he was hanging up the boots. Renegade and I have a connection that goes back many years. I was tagging with a guy named Jack Diamond as the "Diamond Exchange" [way before Diamond Dallas Paige] and got hurt in a match. Forrest Putnum would take over my spot [and did a damn better] and later start tagging with Mark Southern. As they say, the rest is history. Renegade had success in this area just working the smaller promotions and will always be remembered as knowing the art of getting heat. Best wishes to him.

----Here is what Renegade posted yesterday...

Just want to say that I had a hell of a good time as I've said before wouldn't have changed a thing. Met alot of good people made alot of good friends over the last 20 + years and will miss them all. I wish all the guys the best in whatever they do in the business there is alot of young talent out there that who knows were they could go. Just take this advice from an old timer - you're there to please the crowd and whatever it takes to do that is what has to be done. All the belts in the world don't mean shit if nobody wants to come and see you. People can say whatever they want about the Missouri Baddboys but they will tell you that they would pay to see us again and that my friend makes my little career all over the mid south and surrounding areas worth it ALL. So to all that read this site - I had a blast - keep on keeping on!!! Renegade is out!! One half of one of the greatest independent tag teams of all times!!!

Photo: Renegade with Cash McCoy and Mark Southern