Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday Conversation with Seth Knight

----As I have said before, this not only a gossip, news and opinion site – it is a learning tool. I think this post has a bit of all of it. After seeing Knight’s tweet from Saturday night about NBW, I thought it would be good to ask what was going on?? I was joined via yahoo messenger/e-mail by Seth Knight on Monday afternoon for our new monthly feature “Conversation”.

So, how did all this start with you being in debt to NBW??

I rent the building for my son’s birthday on the 19th of July. The agreement was $50 and they agreed I could work it off. I figured a couple of weeks should be worth $50. The first week I didn’t get paid was the week of the big show with Bobby Eaton. My normal rate is $20, but they all too often give me $15. I feel I am doing them a deal by working way under what I’m worth but aren’t we all? Other people make like $7?? That is just pitiful!

The first week I needed some PO, so I got $10. Then the next week I didn’t get paid, so that is another $15 or $20. So, I do the math. I figure they are paying me double normal for the semi main against Eaton. And $15 to $20 for the other two week’s worth minus the $10 I got one week, then that would be more than $50; right??

What happens this past Saturday night??

Well they didn’t see the way I see it. Jeremy would not pay me. I told him he was a douchebag and a prick.

So, what happened after that??

Mark Justice got pissed cause I cussed around some women. This is wrestling. The kids in the crowd talk worse than me. I told Jeremy if he didn’t pay me I wasn’t coming back. And he said, fine that he had plenty of talent begging to come to replace me. I am sorry, but the only “talent” who has to beg to get into NBW probably doesn’t have much talent.

Do you think they will easily replace you?

If they think they can just get some random jobber to replace me, then they understand wrestling even less than I thought they did. The list of people sick of working for a kid who has no respect for the business that he supposedly loves so much is adding up by the minute. I am not the first this has happened to and probably not the last.