Thursday, August 27, 2009

My World - Maxxed Out: "The Big Debate" by Maxx Corbin

----I am usually all about this site being only about wrestling, but Maxx did churn out a good column. It is also based on conversations with workers, so I guess it counts. LOL

No, this will not be the super long blog it was last month but it is interactive. Well maybe it will be interactive. If you see a poll question at the bottom then consider it interactive, ok. I was real amazed the past few weeks in the different locker rooms I've been to. No, not just the talent level. No, not about how the guys got along. And no, I wasn't pecker checking either.(I'm sure someone was bound to ask what I saw in a locker room that "amazed" The reason I was amazed is that I realized a lot of people read my article last month. I had workers come right up to me and tell me they thought it was great and I've had some mention it in passing. The big picture here is the fact that people read it. I was sure when I wrote it that is was way too long. The damn thing practically took up a full page on the's web site. I was sure that that big of a story would piss someone off. If nobody else was angry, then surely the TIWF fans that were turned away at the door because of the huge crowd, would be pissed at me because they had to go to page 2 to see that PK Ripper had won or lost by dq again.(Only ribbing guys, no emails But everyone I talked to seemed to have read it. Hell, I went to Arkansas a few weeks ago and a few people were asking me when I was gonna do another CineMaxx video. Could it be that RRONEWS.COM has gotten me more over to a wider variety of people than my wrestling? lol.

Anyways, to the task(or post) at hand. As I stated before I have the worst taste in music. I listen to everything really, but I prefer to listen to late 90's alternative and soft rock like Dave Matthew, Blues Traveler, Counting Crows, and Sister Hazel (shout out to my Hazelnuts... or Every once in a while thought I'll pop in a compilation CD when I'm on a trip. Best of the 90's, One Hit Wonders, 80's Rock, early 90's Rap, etc. They are all great ways to pass the time. Once, Myles, Kelly the ref, and I put Chambawamba's "I get knocked down" on repeat and sang it for about an hour, just as a rib on the rookie riding with us. There is nothing funnier than the pain you see in the eyes of somebody while singing "pissing the night away..." lol. Well, it was on a trip back from Ripley one night that the compilation cd sparked a debate. The cd was greatest hits from 1997-1998-1999. We had just made our stop at the gas station in Brownsville and hit I-40 East to Jackson when a song came on the CD. It was no other than the "I'll never let go, Jack....I'll never let go" song itself "My Heart Will Go On" From the movie Titanic. As the song played its opening riff I sat and thought about the past. I was in Middle School when this song came out. I remember it was the Main Event couple's skate song back then. Hell, this song made every single teenage girl cry happy and sad tears. I remember trying to console a crying girl one night that swore her friend committed suicide to the song. I'm sure there was no friend, but if the song could make her cry and make up stories like that (even if it was for attention) it had a tremendous power over the ladies. Then I started thinking about the girls I knew in the past that had lost their virginity to the song because of the movie and I blurted out "MAN, This song got so many people laid!" I looked over to see Myles (probably wondering where the hell that came from) shaking his head. "Yeah, But not as many as IN YOUR EYES by Peter Gabriel." Myles said. I thought that was the most ridiculous statement I had ever heard. I reminded Myles that the movie made MY HEART WILL GO ON 10 times more powerful. I mean damn Myles, Jack died holding her hand......they were supposed to be together!! He wouldn't budge on his position. He said that Peter Gabriel's song had also been in a movie as well. We argued for a while and finally I decided to make a few calls.

CJ was the first. When we asked him the question he laughed and said Peter Gabriel. WHAT? Was CJ high? What was he thinking? Is he for real? Well this wasn't over by a long shot. I called up John Michael and asked him the same question. After having us sing the songs for him, he chose Celine Dion. Myles went to his Ace in the Hole, Alex. He knew Alex would agree with him if he thought it would bother me. So, he asked Alex the question. Alex paused and asked "Are we counting Gay sex?" A frustrated Myles said no, then I reminded him the question was, Which song got more PEOPLE laid? not, Which got more straight guys laid. Myles then tried a desperate approach. He told Alex that I had chosen Celine Dion and he had chosen Peter Gabriel. I knew it was over for me. Then I heard Myles cursing up a storm. WHAT?!?!?! Alex had agreed with me. The song won with gay sex! (there is a sentence I've never said.) From there we made a few more calls and the total was 5
to 2 in favor of MY HEART WILL GO ON. I had won the night, but maybe not the war. What do you think? Take a small break from wrestling and vote on our gay debate. Have your voice heard. Till next month, everyone stay safe....and watch the boot in the corner.




----Maxx Corbin of "Genocide" is the newest columnist of RRO. Born Richard Mullikin, Maxx Corbin is a 7 year pro in wrestling. While growing up in Bemis,TN as a kid, he had no cable and lived week to week on the wrestling tapes he got from family and friends. He likes to think he has a great since of humor and makes light of tense situations. This is why he no longer works at the local hospital. He enjoys playing video games, stand up comedy, and music that very few have a taste for. He won an award in his middle school technology class for building a small bridge out of hobby wood. The bridge held 55lbs. He graduated from his high school with a 3.4 gpa. He was super bad ass at WCW vs NWO World Tour on N64(usually taking out opponents during Jerry Springer commercial breaks).