Monday, August 17, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman 8.15.09

Our show started out this week like it always does, Rickey Rowland would take to the ring and present our nation's flag for the playing of the National Anthem.

After the National Athem was finished Rickey Rowland and ASWF Commissioner Terrence Ward would take to the announcers table and welcome the crowd to another weekend of wrestling action. Just before the bell would ring for the first match, Johnny Hawk would take to the ring. He would announce that due to an injury that occurred last week during his match with Ray Ray. He would state that he would not be able to wrestle anymore due to doctors orders.

Our first match of the night would be for the ASWF Tag Team Titles. X-Kaliber and Tommy Wayne would take on the Beach Bums in what would be a great opening match. The Beach Bums would have a great start against two former ASWF Champions. The Beach Bums would stay in control for most of the match and Kalaiki would roll up X-Kaliber for a 1, 2, 3.

The second match of the night would literally be David vs Goliath as Ray Ray would take on Big Rig Cody Murdoch (w/ Cason McClain). Ray would have the advantage of speed and agility against Murdoch, however, Cody would have strength and size to fight back with. Ray would stay in control for the entirety of the match until Murdoch would get some "assistance" from Cason McClain and use the Flatbed. Murdoch would get the win via pinfall.

Our third match of the night would be another CM2 moment as Cason McClain (w/ Cody Murdoch) would take on Seth Sabor. Cason would come out as the stronger of the two early in the match. But just when hope seemed lost for Seth Sabor he would make a full comeback but would suffer to Cason's finisher and lose the match.

Just before the fourth match was about to begin, Commissioner Ward would make an announcement. He would state that due to Justin The Juice Smart's recent behavior he was granted by the owner to fire Smart and vacate the title. He stated that this match would be a Battle Royal for the ASWF Title. The match would start off with action everywhere. Just as it was down to two superstars X-Kaliber would eliminate his final opponent, or so he thought. Just as the elimination was taking place Mr. Entertainment Casino would come throught the front door and eliminate X-Kaliber and suprise the crowd as the new ASWF Champion. X-Kaliber would go on to say he was cheated and would challenge Casino to one more match tonight in the main event for the Title.

Tonight's Semi-Main Event would be scheduled for tag team action. Danger Zone's David Cox and Hot Rod John Ellison would take on Christopher Lee and Joshua Cross. Danger Zone would really start to leave their mark with Cross. After many attempts to make a tag with Cross, to which Cross was opposed, Lee would make a blind tag and would start cleaning house. That is until David Cox would gain control and pin Lee for the match.

Our Main Event was for the ASWF Title. You guessed it, Casino vs X-Kaliber. But before things got rolling X-Kaliber would ask for the mic and tell the fans that he had a surprise. That he asked the Commissioner during intermission if he could have a Special Guest Referee to which the Commissioner agreed to. That Special Guest Referee would be none other than Mr. Impact Chuck Fears. Casino and the fans would be distraught over Ward's actions making Fears the Special Guest Referee. However that would not stop Casino in his valiant effort to keep his newly gained title. But there was one more suprise, Chuck Fears would shock the crowd and take out Tommy Wayne and help take out X-Kaliber to get Casino the pin. Casino would state that after the match that since his title went on the line this week X-Kaliber would put his Eurpoean Title on the line next week.

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