Monday, August 24, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman 8.22.09

Our show started off the same way it does every Saturday night with Rickey Roland handing our nations flag to local kids and playing the national anthem.

Before the show could get under way "Mr. Awesome" Tommy Wayne called out Chuck Fears for costing X-Kaliber the match against Casino for the ASWF Championship. Chuck hit the ring full of fire and was on top until X-Kaliber hit him from behind. X-Kaliber refused to give Casino the European Championship match tonight and instead challenged Chuck and Casino against Tommy and himself.

1. Vinny Ramono vs. Scott Fury--Strong match with the Irish Dragon out classing Vinny in the submission style that he performs so well with. In the end the match would spill outside and Scott would attempt a sunset flip over the top rope but Vinny would drop to the mat and hold the ropes while the referee counted to 3.

2. Joshua Cross vs. Christopher Lee--After months of fighting the Renegade Superstar would finally take out Cross in an all out war. Christopher Lee wins the match.

3. Cason McClain w/ Cody Murdoch vs. Ray Ray--Last week Ray fell victim to the "Big Rig" but this week he faced Murdoch's tag team partner. This match was everything you could want from a wrestling match. I would go as far to say this is the match that stole the show. Hard impact moves from Cason and high flying moves from the "Suicide King". The match ended with Ray hitting a frog splash all the way across the ring for the 1-2-3.

4. The Enforcer vs. Mike Anthony (Hardcore Match)--Two weeks ago Mike was in a brutal hardcore match against Silas. Tonight he said he was on the road to being the future of hardcore wrestling, so he challenges an ASWF original and hardcore legend Enforcer. Brutal match with everything being used from trash cans, cooking pans, computer keyboard, vacuum cleaner and a stop sign. The match even went to the concession stand as Enforcer always used to do and food got involved. Mike was able to pull out the victory with a spike DDT. After the match Enforcer held up Mike's hand in respect.

5. Cody Murdoch w/ Cason McClain vs. Seth Saber--Seth would start the match with a quick offense hitting the much bigger Murdoch with everything he had but size would eventually become much more difficult for Seth to handle. It eventually turned 2 on 1 but Seth was able to get out of the way and cause Murdoch to knock his own partner off the ring apron. Seth would counter with his finishing move the Light Saber for the victory. After the match CM2 would double team Seth sending Ray Ray out to make the save. Ray and Seth have challenged CM2 in a tag match where the fans get to choose the stipulation.

6. Beach Bums (c) vs. LSD--This would be Cody Only and Idol Banes chance to regain the tag team championships and it looked like they would. LSD would control most of the match, beating up Kala'iki and Surfer Mark. In the end though the current champs were able to roll up Idol Bane for a quick 3 count. LSD showed their respect to the current champs by shaking hands with them after the match.

7. X-Kaliber/Tommy Wayne w/ Athena Eclipse vs. Chuck Fears/Casino--Three champions and a former champion were involved in this match and it was very intense. Misters Impact and Entertainment would take early advantage on the Euro and X-Division champions bouncing them all over the ring. A rake to the eyes would be the beginning of a vicious attack on Chuck Fears. A bone rattling spine buster on X-Kaliber would allow Chuck to get the tag to Casino and the action would get out of control. X and Casino would be on the outside while Mr. Impact was taking it to Mr. Awesome in the ring. With a distraction from Athena Eclipse, Tommy Wayne would make any NFL field goal kicker proud with the low blow he hit on Chuck Fears and the resulting pin.

The winners weren't excused though as Casino announced he wouldn't be in the Valiant Arena but had permission from T-Bone Terrance Ward to choose X-Kaliber's opponent for next week. He annonced that it would be X-Kaliber defending the European title against "Iron" Mike Anthony in a Hardcore Match.

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