Tuesday, August 04, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 8.01.09

Our show began with Ricky Rowland bringing our nations flag to the ring. He would ask that all of the fans stand for the playing of our national anthem.

Our first match of the night was a one fall match between the Irish Dragon Scott Fury and the Italian Luchador Vinny Ramano. Vinny would be off to a great start agains the former ASWF Champion taking control in great stride. However to Vinny's suprise Scott would get a roll up pin for the win.

The second match was scheduled for tag team action. The Beach Bums would take on CM2. Cason McClain and Kalaiki would start off as the two legal men in the start of the match. It wasn't too long before CM2 would dominate the match taking physical and mental control over the match. But this wasn't over for the Beach Bums. They would make an impressive comeback and Mark would nail a 1, 2, 3, over Cason McClain to CM2's suprise.

Tonight's third match was also a tag team match between the ASWF Tag Team Champions LSD and Team Hollister (Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee). Idol Bane and Jamie Jay would start of nice. But buisness would soon pick up after Jamie Jay started giving LSD a run for their money. Just as the match was starting to get even better, CM2 would interfere and attack both teams. Just as all hope was lost the Beach Bums would come to the rescue. The referee would delcare this match a no contest.

Our next match was Hot Rod John Ellison and Johnny Hawk vs. Demon X and Johnny Harper. Ellison and Hawk would really cause a stir with the fans, considering that they stayed in control for most of the match. However, when Johnny Harper seemed he was about to get some much needed help from Demon X, Demon would turn on Harper and start brutally attacking him. Hawk, Ellison, and Demon X would all take turns using a steel chair to try and break the ankle of Johnny Harper. The referee would rule a no contest and no word as of yet on Harper's condition.

Our next match could rightfully be called the match of the night! It would start off with X-Kaliber, Joshua Cross, and Silas heading to the ring. As Silas was making his way to ringside he would be blindsided by Mike Anthony. Silas would pick up Anthony with a Military Press and throw him in the ring. The three would start to deliver a beating until Christopher Lee and Seth Sabor would bring a chair and barbwire bat to level the playing field. The Commissioner would tell all six superstars that since they were already willing to take it to the next level that they would fight in a 6-Man Tag Match. Lee and Cross would start of the match but before too long each superstar would be in and out of the ring. The referee had lost all control of the match and who was legal and who wasn't. Mike Anthony would take to the ring and help Seth Sabor get the pin over X-Kaliber.

Our Main-Event was for the X-Divison Championship. Ray Ray, the champion, would take on Tommy Wayne, but with a special stipulation. If Ray lost he would not get a rematch for the title and would have to start at the bottom all over again. Wayne would use dirty tactics to gain the upper hand for most of the match. When you thought things couldn't get worse for the Ray, Johnny Hawk would come to the announcers table and help Tommy to secure the win and the title.

Credit: Terrance Ward @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com