Sunday, August 09, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 8.08.09 - Mike Anthony Gets Hurt!!

Our show started out this week like it always does, Rickey Rowland would take to the ring and present our nation's flag for the playing of the National Anthem.

Before the show could even get underway, CM2 would take to the ring and call LSD cowards for avoiding them with a tag team title shot. That statement would send LSD to the ring to confront CM2. And it wouldn't take long for the Beach Bums to state their claim on the ASWF Tag Team Titles as well. To set the record straight Commissioner Ward would state that tonight all three tag teams would fight each other in a three way for the tag team titles.

The first match was a match between Joshua Cross and the Renegade Superstar Christopher Lee. Lee would be off to a great start by getting started fast and furious. Regulator would start to make a comback but would try to use the bell hammer aginst Lee. The referee would catch him just in time and take the weapon from Cross. Cross would get a chair and throw it Christopher Lee and then fall to the ground. When the referee turned around he would disqualify Lee and Cross would win the match by DQ.

Tonight's second match would be payback for last week's screwjob. Ray Ray would take on Johnny Hawk after Hawk cost Ray the X-Division title last week. Hawk would start off dominating this match but Ray would soon turn it around and gain control in the match. Suddenly Hawk would began holding his shoulder and start walking to the back. The referee would try to go get Hawk but when he came back out the curtain he would declare this a no contest due to Hawk's injury.

Our third match of the night Tommy Wayne and Hot Rod John Ellison would take on Team Hollister. Jamie Jay and Tommy Wayne would start of this match on each others toes but Jay would soon take control. Team Hollister would prove to be the dominating force in this match and Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee would use the Wipeout on John Ellison and Jay would get the 1, 2, 3! Wayne and Ellison wasn't finished yet, they would attack Jamie Jay and then set the sights on his younger tag team partner Jamie Lee. Ellison and Wayne would place a chair around the neck of Jamie Lee and begin a brutal assault on his neck. Thankfully Jamie Jay would return to his feet and come to his partners aid. He would state that this has only begun.

Right before intermission Ray Ray would make his way to the ring and challenge anyone from the back to a match since his original opponent "chickened out". Ray would soon hear his challenge answered by none other than Sanch Libre! It would not take long for Ray to beat Sancho Libre. Ray would full off a frogsplash and get the pin over Sancho Libre.

Our Feature Match was for the European Championship in a four way style match. Commissioner Ward stated that the title has been vacated due to Tim Hanson not defending it within 30 days. X-Kaliber, Vinni Ramano, Scott Fury, and Seth Sabor would be the contenders in this match. Action would be all over the ringside area. X-Kaliber would prove to be the best out of the four after giving his finisher, The Sword and Stone, to Seth Sabor and getting the pin.

Our Semi-Main Event would be for the ASWF Tag Team Titles. LSD would defend their titles agains CM2 and the Beach Bums. Idol Bane and Cody Murdoch would start out this match in full fury. Two the larges superstars in the ASWF going toe to toe. However, when things started getting out of hand the Beach Bums would take full advantage and single out Cason McClain and get the 1, 2, 3. The Beach Bums would win their first title in the ASWF.

The Main-Event was sceduled for a Chicago Massacre Match and a Massacre it was. Silas would bring his choice weapons to the ring, but at first Mike Anthony would come out empty handed. He would disappear behind the curtain and come out with a shopping cart full of suprises. Anthony would get the head start on Silas using every weapon at his disposal. The fight would soon breakout into the crowd. On their way back to ringside Silas would whip his opponent into the steel post of the ring. When Silas got back into the ring a bloody Mike Anthony would come after him with powder, blinding the seven foot tall giant. He would then use a guitar on Silas and get a roll up pin giving him the win, but it come at a cost. When Mike Anthony was whiped into post he split his temple wide open. Medics and First Responders treated Mike in the ring and helped him to the back for further treatment.

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Credit: Terrence Ward