Monday, August 03, 2009

RassleResults: AUTOZONE PARK Memphis Wrestling, Memphis, TN 8..01.09

Derrick King & johnny Dotson comes out. They are the new Southern Heavyweight Tag Champs. Cory informs them that their opponents had trouble getting to Memphis and they couldn't defend their belts. Derrick  & Dotson decided to wrestle each other.
Derrick King beats Johnny Dotson.
Garry & Kevin White is out next. Garry goes over to Cory Maclin and tells him that he was doing just fine setting in his home on the Tennessee River but when he heard Maclin had booked Kevin against a goof that carried a 2 x 4 Hacksaw Jim Duggan, there was no way he wasn't going to be there tonight. Cory tells Garry White, your not booked on this show but before he could finished , Kevin grabs the Mic and tells Maclin, he couldn't tell him who to bring and that he's not scared of Duggan, that Duggan never has left the U.S. and I have been all the the world, I have even been skiing in Japan and he was going to stick the 2 x4 you know where.
Duggan comes out to a great ovation, carrying the 2 x4 and a American flag.
Duggan Beats White.
Thaddus Martin & a mystery manager comes out next. He announces his mystery partner as Pork Chop Cash. Hart comes out and ask Chop why he was turning his back on the first family and Chop says its for  the money Jimmy. Hart brings out Koko B. Ware to a great ovation also. Chops makes the heel turn and Thaddus Martin wins by DQ.
Main event. Jerry Lawler beat Buff Bagwell.
Bagwell does his typical poses and struts. This was a good solid match with Rocky "The Redbird " Getting involved in the finish.
12,000 people bought tickets for the game and the show. I don't know how many stayed, I would say 90% stayed. It was a real good crowd, loud and was into most every match. They sold $7000 advance, I don't know what they usually do on a given night but I do know that the management of Autozone park has already booked next years show, so they was satisfied.