Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 08.08.2009

Below is a recap of last Saturday night's Elite Wrestling Entertainment (EWE) event in Ripley, TN.

Commissioner Chris O'Neal comes to the ring to welcome about 130 fans to the EWE Arena. He said that he promised that there would be a Five Starr Showcase, and he is making good on it tonight. He then introduced Derrick King who made his way down the ramp to a thunderous applause by the crowd. King grabs the mic and says to "never say never." He says that it's great to be back in Ripley, TN.

He goes on to say that everyone reads the things posted on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace that say this day would never come, but he's here to say that today is the day. King said that he's supposed to be here for a Five Starr Showcase, but there's no Five Starr host. Bishop comes to the ring to confront King. Commissioner O'Neal says that last time he checked, Bishop is not Dustin Starr. Bishop grabs the mic and says that he talked to Dustin Starr, and he said that he refuses to waste his time conducting a Five Starr Showcase with trash like Derrick King. Bishop says that if anyone has anything to say to Dustin Starr, it'll go through him. King takes the mic and says that he's glad that Bishop is out here, saying it's good to talk to a former champion, and the person that also lost his Triple Threat match last week against Dustin Starr and Stan Lee.

King says that he's not out here for a Five Starr Showcase or to see Dustin Starr. He says that he's here for Bishop. He says that Bishop is going to have a match against his tag team partner Stan Lee. Bishop grabs the mic and says that he's already beat Stan Lee, and asks Derrick King who he thinks he is. Commissioner O'Neal grabs the mic back and says that he has the authority and that the match is going to happen, and gives the mic back to King. He says that just in case Bishop forgot, he is Derrick, by-God, greater than great king, dammit, and tonight Bishop will face Stan Lee, and that he will be the very special guest referee.

Commissioner O'Neal said that since Bishop is delivering messages to Dustin Starr, to tell him that he has a match tonight against the largest athlete in the EWE, The Albino Rhino.

"Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs def. "The Future" Dell Tucker via pinfall.

Maxx Corbin def. Gaylon Ray via pinfall.

J.R. Manson made his way to the ring with "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards following behind. Manson said that he's still got Jon Michael's secrets in his case. He says that he would like to introduce his half brother as he hands the mic to Tim Edwards. He says that his brother brought him to EWE for one reason, and that is to watch his back. He says that he is one of the most violent guys you will ever see in a wrestling ring, and just in case Jon Michael gets through Big Red tonight, he guarantees that he will not make it through "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards.

The match between Jon Michael and Big Red gets underway. Big Red grabs a chair and attempts to hit Jon Michael, but Michael moves out of the way, the chair hits the ropes and comes back to hit Big Red in the head. Jon Michael quickly makes the pin and gets the win via pinfall. After the match, Tim Edwards and J.R. Manson come back out to taunt Michael. Manson distracts Michael as Edwards sneaks up behind and sends Michael to the mat.

Commissioner O'Neal comes back to the ring once again to address the fans. He says that last week, he said that he has some big news for Super Summer Showdown. He said that everyone has been working hard on the show, and haven't finalized the venue or the date for the show, but there is still a huge announcement to be made and he would like the owner of EWE, Dustin Baker, to join him in the ring. Baker comes out and says that he has the most important part of Super Summer Showdown confirmed, and that this is possibly the biggest news for the EWE. Commissioner O'Neal asks for a drumroll as Dusitn Baker announces that Super Summer Showdown 2009 will be absolutely, 100% FREE for all EWE fans in Ripley, TN.

The Albino Rhino and Dustin Starr make their way to the ring. Starr is very reluctant to get into the ring with Rhino before the match begins. Starr is thrown from the ring and the referee is distracted while Bishop grabs Starr's belt and hits Rhino in the back of the head, knocking him out. Starr struggles to take Rhino away from the ropes and finally scores the pinfall. Maxx Corbin makes his way to assist his tag team partner as Starr makes his way to the back.

Bishop and Stan Lee make their way to the ring alongside special guest referee Derrick King. As the match progresses, hostility grows between Bishop and King. Lee hits a frog splash from across the ring and King starts the count, but Dustin Starr grabs King's leg and pulls him out of the ring. King ejects Starr from ringside as the match continues. Bishop grabs a chair and goes to hit Lee, but King grabs the chair and puts it back. Bishop picks up King but he quickly kicks out and goes for the superkick, but fakes and distracts Bishop so that Lee can roll him up to score the pinfall, which is successful. Bishop and Dustin Starr scramble to ringside as Stan Lee and Derrick King celebrate in the ring with fans. Lee calls King over to the camera and makes the comment, "You never know when Hot Topic may be back."

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RassleNotes: Sounds like a fun night at the EWE Arena!...You have to think that with the right combo of advertising, plus the great talent at EWE, that houses will be up this fall.