Wednesday, August 05, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 8.01.09

Dustin "Five" Starr comes to the ring to give the over 100 fans in attendance a Five Starr Showcase. He says that he's pretty pissed off because he steps in the ring, beats Stan Lee and proves why he's the best and why he's the EWE heavyweight champion, but Lee somehow gets unlimited title shots. He also comments on the new commissioner, Chris O'Neal. He says that he beat him in the first ever Barb Wire match, and even beat him in a Loser Leaves Town match, but he's back again. Starr then calls out Commissioner O'Neal to the ring. Starr says that O'Neal is really brave to step in the ring with a monster like himself. He says that with the snap of his fingers, he could end Oneal's career for good. Starr gets in Oneal's face and asks who the hell does he thing he is, and O'Neal grabs the mic from Starr saying that he's the commissioner, which makes him the boss. O'Neal goes on to say that Starr will have to defend his belt against Stan Lee and Bishop tonight. O'Neal then says that Starr is going to have a special guest on his Five Starr Showcase next week. O'Neal told everyone that there are some new EWE superstars coming, and there are some tonight, as well as some old faces that haven't been to EWE in a very long time, and one of those people will be on the Five Starr Showcase next week. Starr asks who, and O'Neal says that he'll show him. A video plays on the big screen, showing that the person coming to EWE for the first time will be Derrick King. Dustin Starr scrambles to the ring floor in frustration. Starr slowly makes his way to the back as O'Neal makes a comment about the Super Summer Showdown. He says that there will be a special treat for the fans that will be announced soon.

J.R. Manson makes his way to ringside with a silver case. He grabs the mic and says that he has all of Jon Michael's secrets in the case, then makes his way to the ring. Christian Jacobs comes to the ring very quickly and forces J.R. Manson to the arena floor. Christian Jacobs will get the victory over J.R. Manson via disqualification because Manson used his case to hit Jacobs in the head.

"The Future" Dell Tucker makes a return appearance in Ripley. He grabs the mic and makes an open challenge to anyone in the locker room, because he is the pinnacle of perfection. Big Red makes his way to the ring to accept the challenge. Big Red will score the victory over Dell Tucker via pinfall.

The match between Jon Michael and Rockin' Randy gets underway. J.R. Manson comes to ringside holding the case that supposedly holds Jon Michael's secrets. Jon Michael would make Rockin Randy tap out of a sharpshooter, giving Michael the victory. Jon Michael starts to confront Manson, but another competitor comes to the ring by the name of David Ray. Michaels will go on to score the pinfall on Ray for the win. The Badd Guys come to the ring next, challenging Michaels to a match as well. The bell rings and both Chad and Brad Badd go for a clothesline, but Jon Michael will send Chad to the mat for a quick pinfall and victory. Big Red slides out and gives Jon Michael a massive chokeslam to the mat. Big Red grabs the mic saying that he suckered out on everyone, and that Jon Michael's wining streak is over next week.

"The Future" Dell Tucker returns to the ring to make yet another open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Shannon Lee comes to the ring to accept, and the match gets underway. This time, Dell Tucker will score the pinfall over Shannon Lee giving him his first victory in the EWE.

The matchup between Bishop, Stan Lee and Dustin "Five" Starr is next. Immediately, Bishop and Starr form an alliance to team up on Lee, but as the match progresses, both men want the pinfall. When one man would be in position for a win, the other would break the pin. Just as Lee would gain control, Bishop and Starr would join forces again to take him down. Lee hits a frog splash off the top rope on Bishop, but Starr slides in and throws Lee off Bishop, then scores the pinfall on Bishop. After the match, Bishop would get revenge on Lee by sending him to the mat.

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Credit: Dustin Williams

----Derrick King returning to Ripley?? Never say never; huh??...Crowd is up another 25%. It will be interesting to see what happens with the new people coming in and current angles.