Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 8.15.09

Commissioner Chris O'Neal comes out to the crowd of around 100. He says that he's finally worked out all of the details of Super Summer Showdown 2009. This year, it will be held on September 12th at Ripley Park, and as stated last week, the show will be free. He says that in his hand, he has a contract stating that Derrick King is now officially an EWE superstar. O'Neal then makes a match for next week. It will be a one time return of Hot Topic with Stan Lee and Derrick King facing Dustin "Five" Starr and Bishop. Bishop then makes his way down to the ring and grabs the mic. He says that he'll give O'Neal two reasons why that match won't happen. First, because he doesn't want to. Second, he was screwed last week in his match against Stan Lee. He says that his shoulders were not pinned to the mat, and showed a video that supposedly proved his point. Commissioner O'Neal watches the video and says that indeed, he wasn't pinned to the mat, but Derrick King's decision as guest referee will stand. O'Neal then says that he also has footage of last week that he would like Bishop to see. The video plays, and it shows when Bishop comes up behind The Albino Rhino during his match with Dustin Starr and hits Rhino in the back of the head with Starr's EWE Heavyweight Championship belt. He says that he's had a few words with Rhino, and he's not too happy with Bishop. So tonight, there's a match between The Albino Rhino and Bishop, and that Bishop can explain that it wasn't him that hit Rhino in the back of the head.

Stan Lee makes his way down the ramp as Bishop is going up. They have a brief stare-off, then Lee makes his way to the ring. Ike Tucker comes out to join him as his tag team partner. Dell Tucker comes out to partner with J.R. Manson for this match. Stan Lee will go on to pin J.R. Manson giving Lee and Ike Tucker the win over Dell Tucker and J.R. Manson.

"The Real Deal" Tim Edwards manages to pin Jon Michael for the 3 count, but after the count was made, it was determined that Michael's foot was on the ropes. As Edwards celebrates and as the referees back is turned, Jon Michael grabs the case that J.R. Manson brought to ringside and hits Edwards in the head. He quickly makes the pin as the referee turns around, giving Michael the official win over Edwards. After the match, Michael grabs Manson's case of secrets against him and opens it, but nothing is inside. Manson hits Michael over the head and begins an assault on him. Manson grabs a baseball bat and hits Michael, causing him to curl up in pain. Christian Jacobs comes to the ring to help Michael as Edwards and Manson scramble to the back. Jon Michael is obviously upset and in a lot of pain as Stan Lee and Commissioner Chris O'Neal make their way to check on Michael. Michael throws the baseball bat used to hit him and shoves the camera man out of the way as he makes his way to the back.

K.C. Gold comes to the ring after a 2 week absence from EWE. He says that 2 weeks ago, he left in protest of the new Commissioner Chris O'Neal. He says that he has a problem with the announcer because they brought him in to try to replace him. He then goes on to say that he has formed an organization called Wrestlers Against Chris O'Neal. He says that there's more than just him that think that Chris O'Neal is a bad commissioner for this company, and brings out Shannon Lee. Gold says that he and Shannon Lee aren't the best of friends, but he brought him out for a reason. Gold asks Lee how long he's wrestled for EWE, and he says that he's been here basically since it started. Gold asks Lee how many title shots he's gotten, and Lee says none. Gold says that last time he was here, he saw Lee in the back dressed to wrestle, but didn't. Gold goes on to ask if Lee has been here the past couple of weeks in his absence, and Lee says yes. Gold asks if he's had an opponent in the past few weeks, and Lee answers no. Gold says that Lee wrestled for his organization in Memphis, then asks how many times Lee ever came to him ready to wrestle but never got to work, and Lee answered never. Gold asks Lee that if he had to choose tonight, who would be a better commissioner, himself or Chris O'Neal, and lee answers K.C. Gold. Gold looks at Lee and says that when he becomes commissioner, he will never leave Lee off his card.

Maxx Corbin def. Chris Rocker via pinfall.

Christian Jacobs def. Big Red via pinfall.

The main event tonight is the match between Bishop and The Albino Rhino. Just when it looked like Rhino was about to send Bishop through the corner, Bishop moved and Rhino caught the referee. Bishop grabs a chain and hits Rhino a couple of times, sending him to the mat. Stan Lee comes to the ring and delivers a kick to Bishop, then uses his own chain against him. Lee struggles to drag Rhino over to Bishop, and eventually places Rhino's arm over Bishop just before another referee makes his way to the ring, giving Rhino the 3 count and the victory over Bishop. Bishop comes to and grabs a mic to confront Stan Lee. He says that Lee has stuck his nose in his business for the last time, and calls Lee back to the ring. Lee jumps in and the two men start on each other. Lee clotheslines Bishop out of the ring, but Bishop doesn't get back in the ring. Bishop grabs a mic and says that he will beat everyone in this arena and starts to go to the back, but Lee stops him. Lee says that sounded like a match, and tells the fans to get in the ring. Fans pour into the ring as Bishop starts complaining, saying that he wouldn't do it. He makes his way to the back, but a fan grabs the mic and starts to taunt Bishop and challenging him to a match. Bishop comes back to the ramp with a baseball bat with the end wrapped in barb wire. The fan doesn't let up, taunting Bishop and challenging him to step in the ring. Big Red comes out to support Bishop. After a bit more taunting, Bishop and Big Red finally make their way to the back as the fans shake hands and greet Stan Lee.

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