Sunday, August 23, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 8.22.09

The crowd is filled with about 130 fans ready to see some EWE action.

T@tt2 makes a return to Ripley, Tennessee with a win via pinfall over Big Red. Big Red attacks T@tt2 after the match and heads to the locker room.

Jon Michael makes his way to the ring to conduct an interview with the announcer. The announcer goes on to say that the talk of the wrestling world is Michael's winning streak of 74 and 0, but due to the actions of J.R. Manson and Tim Edwards, Michael's has an injured arm. And last night at DCW, Gunner Thompson and Tim Edwards faced Michael and Christian Jacobs, but Michael's arm was assaulted even more. The announcer asks how Michael how he plans on protecting his arm, but Michael says that he'll treat protection like caution and throw it to the wind. Michael says that the winning streak isn't on his mind as much as the problems of J.R. Manson. Michael says that everyone else that has challenged him to a match face to face, but Manson is using the so-called "secrets" against Jon Michael and hiding behind them. Michael says that if Manson steps up to Michael, then he'll strike Manson down like the dog that he is. He says that there will be no 1 in the loss column, and that there will be a match between the two of them at Super Summer Showdown. Michael says that after Super Summer Showdown, there will be nothing left of J.R. Manson except for Slim Pickins.

"Juicy" Johnny Martin makes his way to the ring to make an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Shannon Lee comes out to accept the challenge and the match begins. K.C. Gold comes out and stands in Shannon Lee's corner. Shannon Lee will earn the victory over Johnny Martin via pinfall. After the match, Gold and Lee have a brief discussion, then head for the locker room.

"The Future" Dell Tucker grabs a mic and steps in the ring. He welcomes everyone to the Future Showcase, with his favorite guest, Dell Tucker. K.C. Gold comes back out with Shannon Lee right behind him. Gold says that Tucker is right, and that he is the future of this business. He goes on to tell Tucker about his new organization called "Wrestlers Against Chris O'Neal" and tells Tucker he would be a good fit for the organization. Tucker asks Gold what he can do for him, and Gold says that he manages champions and points to Shannon Lee as an example, saying that last week he didn't have a spot on the card, but after joining W.A.C.O he wrestled. Shannon Lee grabs the mic and says that he doesn't know about the whole W.A.C.O thing, and that he wants to do what the fans want. Gold takes the mic and tells Lee if he doesn't have the guts, to walk away. Lee grabs Gold, but Tucker starts to attack Lee. Christian Jacobs comes to Lee's aid and tells Tucker that he was supposed to have the night off, but he's going to the back and getting dressed and tells Tucker to do the same. Tucker agrees as him and K.C. Gold head to the locker room.

"Mr. Big Stuff" Gary White comes to the ring and immediately starts off by saying that he doesn't want to start anything and that Kevin White isn't here tonight, and invites Genocide to the ring. Maxx Corbin and The Albino Rhino come to the ring and shake hands with White. White goes on to say that Ripley, Tennessee is dead, and that their career is nothing in Ripley. He then asks Genocide to come with him to Birmingham, Alabama to Big Stuff Inc. and wrestle for him. He goes on to praise Corbin and Rhino a bit more. Corbin takes the mic and says that Ripley, Tennessee is not dead, and that he thinks they have a good thing going here. Corbin says that he wants to stay here and see how things go. White says that he wants to see Genocide go to the next level, and just wants to help them do it. Rhino says that White means a lot to them, but the people in Ripley mean something to them as well, so thanks but no thanks. White says that he doesn't want to push anything down their throat, and asks to sit in their corner during their match tonight. Corbin says that if White can promise that there won't be anything like the old Mr. Big Stuff, then he can say at ringside. J.R. Manson and "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards make their way to ringside and prepare for their match against Genocide. As Genocide prepares for their finisher on Manson, White grabs Manson's legs and sends him to the mat. Corbin and Rhino argue with White for a bit, giving Manson enough time to get up, grab Corbin by the legs and roll him up for the pin and the victory. After the match, Genocide continues to argue with Gary White as they make their way to the locker room.

"The Bluesman" Ike Tucker def. Gunner Thompson via pinfall.

Dell Tucker and Christian Jacobs prepare for their match with K.C. Gold looking on from Tucker's corner. Christian Jacobs goes for a pin on Tucker, but Gold grabs the referee and drags him outside the ring. Jacobs grabs Gold, but the referee steps between them. Meanwhile, Dell tucker takes out a chain and wraps it around his hand. When Jacobs turns around, Tucker strikes Jacobs with his chain wrapped hand and scores the pinfall. Tucker and Gold quickly make their way to the locker room as Christian Jacobs tries to figure out exactly what happened in the ring.

The match between Hot Topic and the tag team of Bishop and Dustin "Five" Starr gets underway, and becomes a furious bout between all four men. Stan Lee throws Starr out of the ring and goes to make sure he doesn't interfere with Derrick King and Bishop in the ring. Derrick manages to score the pinfall on Bishop, giving Hot Topic the win. After the match, Bishop repeatedly powerbombs King as Starr ties Lee up with the ropes and relentlessly assaults him. Dustin Baker makes his way to ringside and tells Bishop and Starr to stop and to get out of the ring. Baker tells Bishop that he will go one on one next week with Derrick King. Starr taunts Lee a bit, shoving the EWE Heavyweight Championship belt in his face. Starr grabs the mic and says welcome to what the Five Starr Showcase is capable of. Starr looks at Baker and says he'll wrestle when he wants, how he wants, whoever he wants. He then says that he knows he's supposed to defend his title at Super Summer Showdown, but he might not even come back. Starr looks at Lee and says that he'll be wondering where the champ is. Baker stops Starr and says that he has something in store for him next week as Starr and Bishop make their way to the locker room.

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