Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 08.08.2009

Below are results from this past Saturday's New Blood Wrestling (NBW) event in Newbern, TN.

The show opened with Tim Davis in the ring talking about Ricky Hayes facing The Renegade in a couple of weeks and how they would tear the place down one more time. KoKo Anderson then interrupted and told Tim that while Tim was busy playing games with the Bad Boys, he was making sure the show ran like it was supposed to. KoKo said he made Summer Jam a success and now has accomplished more in a month than Tim has - period. He said now Tim throws him to the back burner and wants to steal his thunder. This led to an argument between the two and finally Tim punched KoKo and dropped him.

"3G" Eric Wayne/Kid Nickels def. Rockin' Randy/Tommy Redneck after Rob Justice came to ringside and whispered something to Redneck to cause him to leave, which left Randy to be picked apart. After all was said and done Weezy came to check on his former partner

Seth Knight def. The Kid. After the match Seth Knight said once again DK has failed to show and that he is issuing a Challenge to King for a Last Man Standing match to prove he is better.

NBW Tag Team Champions Jeremy Moore and Ricky Andrews came out for an interview. Moore said that he was here to address what happened two weeks ago, and why he wasn't at NBW last week. Moore said that he never expected what happened at Summer Jam but it did. He said that it was very painful and embarassing. Moore said that he can't speak for Ricky when he says this but he isnt afraid of C4P. This brought C4P to the ring. 187 said the only thing stopping Moore from putting up the belts was fear and common sense. Moore said once again he was afraid and that tonight he and Ricky would be defending champions and they would put the belts on the line!

C-Money def. Crazy Train to retain The NBW High Risk Championship after a Frogsplash

In his hunt for a rematch at the NBW Title, Mark Justice def. Hardcore Yow. Post-match Rob Justice and Redneck came to the ring and all three beat down Yow until Rockin' Randy made the save.

"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore and "The New Sensation" Ricky Andrews def. C4P by DQ after they attacked the ref after Moore hit an Acecrusher on 187. C4P jumped Moore and Andrews and continued beating on them until Randy and Kid came out to make the save and they were left laying, then Weezy and Shannon were left laying then Crazy Train was left laying, then C Money came out with a chair and C4P backed off until out of nowhere C Money tossed the chair to Andrews and did a spinkick dropping Andrews! They continued beating on Moore and Andrews until Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels made the save to a good reaction!

Motley got on the mic and said that he promised C4P would make an impact and that's just what they were doing. The crowd was booing all three men by this time, and this was none of Wayne's and Nickel's business but if they wanted to make it that way then that's fine with him. Wayne said he and Kid may just take them up on that offer!

RassleNotes: Crowd was down this week by about 30, it was 60 or so. Show was good and the fans were surprised to see C Money turn. A C4P vs. Wayne/Nikels bout could be an interesting mix of styles for sure.