Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 8.15 & 8.22.09

Results for 8-15
Biscuit Def. Gaylon Ray
Devils Rejects Interview
C-Money Def. "The New Sensation" Ricky Andrews
"Dynamite" Seth Knight Interview
Crazy Train Def. A.J.Ray
Riot Squad Def. Weezy/Rockin Randy & Hardcore Yow
"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore Def. Motley Cruz
Jon Michael Def. "Dynamite" Seth Knight

C4p came out and revealed they were now The Devils Rejects
Seth Knight came out and was talking trash about Derrick King
and said he wanted him in the ring right now! Derrick's music hits
Buckwheat comes out dressed like Derrick shouting "I'm The 3
Time 3 Time 3 Time Wrestler of the year" Gets in the ring and seth
beats him and talks trash to him....Owner Jeff McDonald tells Seth
that was funny but that he wasn't getting off that easy. that he
had a match later on that night....Mad Money Mike cost Motley
his match against Jeremy Moore
Around 65 in the Crowd

Results for 8/22
Riot Squad Def. Weezy & Rockin Randy
Austin Lane Def. Gaylon Ray
"The Enforcer" Mark Justice Def. The Kid
Moore/ Andrews & Biscuit Def. The Devils Rejects
Law & Order Def. Missouri Bad Boyz

Austin lane Come out and trashes the Crowd out ( He asks the
Crowd how many graduated High School and about 7 or 8 People
raised there hands. Funny)...Jon Michaels comes out for his
interview and calls out Mark Justice they stand toe to toe mark
tells jon he don't defend the heavyweight title enough and jon
tells mark he don't have any respect for the business...MBB come out
and tell Law & Order that Missouri Renagade's pinto broke down
and he was not here BUT they had a replacement about that time Sgt. O'Riley
turns on Law & Order and the match begins and it goes all over the place.

120 to 125 in the Crowd

----I was surprised to see Sarge back...Love the new C4P gimmick!!...Austin Lane vs Jon Michael down the road??...Who is working as Riot Squad now??