Saturday, August 29, 2009

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 8.28.09 - Nikels Streak Ended!!

-Dan Matthews beat Kevin Charles

-Eric Wayne/Austin Lane vs Justin Smart/”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony – time limit draw.

-Josh Carney beat Kid Nikels to end his winning streak in NEW.

----About 57 in the building..Crowd was rowdy all night…Downtown Bruno was the only ref because Chuck Poe was working his shoot job…Greg Anthony is no longer booking for this group…I would like to have seen the tag bout…I was told the Carney victory over Nikels was entertaining and shocked everyone there. Kid dominated the match with Josh getting in a few flying head scissors and a sunset flip. Kid kept telling Bruno to stop the bout because Josh was going to get hurt, but then Carney won with a victory roll out of nowhere. I really think this Carney thing might have played out good on TV, but the person that I put over on Kid would have had to been someone I was wanting to make the next big star much like they did putting Ring over Eric earlier this year…Sid Vicious was in attendance at the show, so I am guessing the rumors may be true??