Wednesday, August 05, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 8.01.09

Match 1. Rodney Mack VS Mike Austin.
Match 2. Ron Rage VS Ruthless Ron McClairty
Match 3. Kid Krazy VS Lucky.
Match 4. The Mexican Assassin VS Poker face VS John Allen VS RWA TV Champ J.D. Kerry.
Match 5. Midnight Gold VS The Natural Born Playa'z

The night started out with Frank "Big Money" Martin coming to the ring with Mike Austin and cutting a promo. Rodney Mack responded to the promo and as Martin distracted Mack Austin attacked from behind. The match was physical and Austin really brought it to Mack. Austin hit Mack with several big clothes lines and as Mack made his come back Austin cut him off. Mack finally gained control and Austin ducked 3 clothes lines to be caught by the spear by Mack. Mack did not get to cover Austin because Martin motioned to the curtain and out came Ruthless Ron McClairty and attacked Mack. Austin joined in on the beat down and they had Mack hurt and down. That's when Martin motioned again to the curtain and Angel-leena came out and then the Boss. Man this guy is big, he picked up Mack like he weighed nothing and gave him a huge sidewalk slam. Ron Rage hit the ring with a chair and everyone powdered except the Boss who stood there looking like he was not afraid of Rage at all. Rage made no move towards the Boss and Martin got all of them out and McClairty told Rage if he was so tuff put down the chair and we will fight. Rage dropped the chair.

Ruthless Ron McClairty VS Ron Rage. Rage had control of the match from the start catching McClairty coming into the ring. This was a good match just good old school fighting. The match went back and forth and at one point The Mexican Assassin came to the ring and Rage caught him with a right hand before he made it into the ring. Rage hit a Lou Thez press and put the right fist's to McClairty. Mike Austin hit the ring and Rage caught him coming in with a right fist and hit another Thez press and again put the fist's to McClairty. The Assassin finally caught Rage from behind and Austin and McClairty took Rage out. The Boss came out but before he could get Rage up in the slam Mack hit the ring with a chair and everyone powdered. Rage and Mack stood together in the ring and even shook hands.

Lucky VS Kid Krazy. This match was just like the others that these two have had. They are both quick and can wrestle with anyone, they also both like to fight and will when the time comes. These two went after each other right off the bat and the fight was on. It appears that Kidd has made the turn to the heal side and he made it apparent on this night. Kidd got Lucky in the Texas Clover Leaf and Lucky submitted. But kidd would not let go of the hold and after being warned by the ref the ref reversed the decision and gave the win to Lucky. Security broke up the two of them and forced Kidd back to the back. Then as Lucky got up Kidd attacked him again. Security grabbed Kidd again and took him to the back and before they could get Lucky out of the ring Kidd got to the ring again. Each attack was on the injured leg. On the last run in Kidd bowed up on the Security staff which is not a smart thing to do. Security at the Kings Sportatorium is real Security not just people who want to do that job. They do not allow fans to put their hands on the wrestlers nor are the wrestlers allowed to put their hands on the fans. Kidd has really lost his mind and this could get worse before ever getting better.

Match 4. Poker Face VS The Mexican Assassin VS John Allen VS The RWA TV Champion J.D. Kerry. This was a number one's contender's match. 4 way match's are very hard to keep order in. A lot of the action can be missed in one of these because of the wrestlers involved. These guy's understand that the TV belt is on the line and each one of them feel and rightfully so that they are the number 1 contender. Kerry went after everyone proving that he is not scared of anyone and will defend his title against all comers. There were big moves and plenty of false covers and good fighting for everyone to enjoy. The finish was Kerry hit his frog splash off the top rope and The Mexican Assassin grabbed Kerry and threw him out of the ring and covered Poker to get the when. Poker and Kerry faced off in the ring after that and there is a serious feud brewing and it will be a great thing for the RWA.

Match 5. Midnight Gold, Beautiful Bobby Eaton and the Golden Boy Greg Anthony along with Brian Thompson got their return Tag Team Title match against the Natural Born Playa'z. If you have not seen Bobby Eaton work then you are missing something that can never be duplicated. One of the greatest tag team wrestlers and one of the greatest old school wrestlers. Greg Anthony fits right in with this group and they work very well together. Add in the Playa'z and you have a match that could headline any card in the USA. Both of these two teams can work and work very well together. Lots of old school stuff and just enough of the new to keep the fans on their feet the whole time. As the Playa'z gained control and looked like the match was won Martin and D.C. came out and attacked the Playa'z. Midnight Gold and D.C. dismantled the Playa'z and when D.C. was done with the Playa'z the took out Midnight Gold. Thompson was screaming at Martin What did we do! Martin looked at them and said this is not personal it's just business...The Playa'z got up and grabbed their signs and hit D.C. and D.C. powdered. The Playa'z cut a promo about being at the Electric Cowboy Monday Night and they wanted anyone in Money Inc.

The crowd was good again this week 150+ The RWA is not running the Electric Cowboy that show is Run by Rodney Mack as DCW his old company. Mack uses most of the RWA Talent and some others on his shows. This gives the guy's a chance to make more money during the week.

Credit: rwareporter

----Apparently that show was run at Electric Cowboy on Monday; anybody got results??