Sunday, August 23, 2009

RassleResults: USA Wrestling Alamo, TN 8.22.09

Jerry Lawler vs Wolfie D

At National Guard Armory

Kevin Charles defeated Eric Wayne via a roll-up. Charles was billed as wrestling in his first match. Finish saw referee Rudy Charles (no relation) get shoved by Wayne and shove EW into a roll-up.

Post-match saw Wayne attack Kevin Charles and beat him down until Steve-O (not the Jackass guy) made the save. Steve-O challenged EW to a match later and he accepted.

NWA Mid-American Television Champion: Matt Boyce retained his title by defeating Kid Nikels with a top rope cross bodyblock. Solid match. Crowd was really behind Boyce.

Then, came intermission # 1.

After the intermission, Veronika Fairchild defeated Su Yung via pinfall. Nice women's match. Su Yung really knows how to get the heat. Yung also had a wardrobe malfunction.

NWA Mid-American Heavyweight Champion: Steve-O defended his title against Eric Wayne, winning with a superkick. With Steve-O nearly finished off by Wayne, Kevin Charles showed up in his corner, which distracted EW long enough for Steve-O to get a superkick in and the win.

Next was intermission #2.

Main Event: Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated Wolfie D. w/ Su Yung. Lawler pinned Wolfie in the corner with his feet on the ropes. Basic Lawler match with the big comeback at the end. No phantom foreign object, though. Yung actually had a chain that she hid under Wolfie's hubcap in the corner, but it never came into play. Finish saw Lawler rally and Yung get on the ring apron. Lawler teased a slap to her face, but kissed her instead. After the kiss, Su grabbed Lawler and wanted some more. LOL.

Then, came the eventually pin of Wolfie in the corner with his feet on the ropes.


Rudy Charles is a top-notch referee and he gets the tip of the cap for doing everything from officiating the matches to getting Cokes to take to the concession stand early in the evening. All the faces winning not my cup of tea, but that's how it went down.

Attendance was around 135 and the show lasted 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Shawn Schultz and Shane Williams were no shows, thus Eric Wayne wrestled two matches and Kevin Charles was thrown in the ring in the opener.

Wolfie D. looked to be in tip-top shape. Su Yung is a heat-drawing machine. With how hated she is, if she ever turned face she'd do a ton of business at the gimmick tables.

Speaking of gimmick tables, during the second intermission, Bert Prentice, who was promoting the card, brought out a stack of red and black hats and claimed they were "Lawler's Army" softball hats. Only had seven. In reality, they were blank hats with regular black bills and red on top. Lawler had signed them in Sharpie to look as if they were official team hats.

They promptly sold out, lol. Gotta love the Southern wrestling scene. If they could find a way to sign a piece of toilet paper and make a buck, they'd try it.

Credit: Results and photo KC