Tuesday, August 04, 2009

RassleResults: XOW Hernando, MS 8.1.09

T-Byrd welcomed everyone to Xtreme Outlaw Wrestling at the ConXion Gymnastics Center in Hernando. Love the building. It has a great studio feel to it. T-Byrd introduced Al Hall, who joined him to call the action for the night. T-Byrd made fun of Al Hall's weight, but Al was quick to fire back, stating, "You making fun of me? You left the country and now you look like a Mexican. It looks like you are going to steal the hubcaps off my new truck. You probley wanna get paid in pesos, tonight!" T-Byrd did look like he would fit right in with LAX, The Latin American X-Change, as he was wearing a bandana and a Broken Method t-shirt. Thug life! T-Byrd and Al let everyone know who was going to be on the show. This was followed by the playing of The National Anthem.

Opening Match-Suicide vs DC-Referee Chris P. Fries-With the sound of XOW's new bell, things got underway. It's really got a good ring to it. DC with a takedown. Suicide reverses. Shoulder block. Suicide and DC trade hip toss attempts, with DC bouncing off the ropes and lifting Suicide up into a fireman's carry. DC would try an F-5, but Suicide would come down clutching DC's arm. Suicide would follow with a dropkick and a charging high knee attack to a dazed DC in the corner. DC out on the floor. Suicide leaped off the apron, catching DC with a bulldog. DC would fight back, catching Suicide with a flying swanton from the apron back inside the ring. Both men fighting on the top-rope. Suicide knocked off DC with a headbutt and followed it up with a flying body press from the top, but DC would roll over, picking up Suicide and slamming him down to the mat with an innovative maneuver. DC missed a lionsault attempt. Suicide locked in a surfboard. Suicide with a running kneedrop. Suicide whipped DC into the corner. DC slipped out of the way of a flying Suicide. DC hit a flying kick. DC sent Suicide into the ropes. Suicide put on the brakes. DC ran toward Suicide with Suicide ducking and sending DC flying to the outside, landing in the front row. Back in the ring, there was a near fall. Suicide missed a legdrop. DC went up top for a splash, but missed his target. Suicide would catch DC with the Canadian Destroyer to get the win. Your winner, Suicide! Following the match, great sportsmanship was shown by the two combatants.

2nd Match-Mason vs Drew Donovan-Referee Chuck Poe-Mason began the match, taking down Drew with ease, delivering an arm drag and bodyslam. However, Drew would fight back, giving Mason a hip toss and arm drag, followed by a dropkick. Mason rolled to the outside. Back in the ring, Mason would apply an armbar, but Drew would flip out, countering with an armlock of his own. Mason Irish whipped Drew into the corner. Drew moved, catching Mason with a neckbreaker. Legdrop by Drew. Near fall. Drew would duck a clothesline and land a body press on Mason. Drew attempted to slam Mason, but Mason poked him in the eyes. Mason would take over, dropping elbows and putting the boots to Donovan. Mason locked in a camel clutch on Donovan. Mason continued his onslaught, by choking Drew in the corner and hitting him with an elbow as he ran the ropes. Mason slammed Drew in the middle of the ring and went up top. Mason off the top with a splash, but Drew moved, resulting in Mason hitting the canvas. Both men managed to get back to their feet. Mason punched at Drew, but Drew blocked the attack and started taking it to Mason. Drew with a sunset flip and almost decapitated Mason with a big running clothesline. Flying elbow by Drew. Mason caught Drew with a big boot and says, "It's over!" Drew countered Mason's attack, delivering a swinging neckbreaker and finishing off the big man with a flying elbow drop from the top-rope. Your winner, Drew Donovan!

Al Hall said, "A storm came through, this past Thursday, and made two million dollars worth of improvements to Hernando."

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock made his way out to the ring with "The Natural" Josh Matthews. "Hollywood" Jimmy said Hernando is the worst place that he has ever been to. "Hollywood" Jimmy continued, by saying, that he couldn't believe that he turned down a show at AutoZone Park, working for Memphis Wrestling, to be here. "Hollywood" Jimmy proceeded to walk around the ring. When he seen a group of about four big guys wearing overalls, he asked, "Wouldn't Hee Haw over a long time ago? "Hollywood" Jimmy informed the Hernando audience that they were in the presence of a Memphis Wrestling legend. "The Future" Chris Styles walked out to the ring.

3rd Match-"The Natural" Josh Matthews, accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs "The Future" Chris Styles-Referee Chris P. Fries-"Hollywood" Jimmy told everyone that Josh and Chris are brothers, but Josh has class and Chris is the black sheep and a disgrace to his family. "Hollywood" suggested that Chris leave now. Chris started to leave, but stopped, saying that he will leave as soon as he's done beating the crap out of him. Chris also said then, he's going to kick Jimmy's butt all the way to Memphis, so he can be near his boy, Corey Maclin. Match began with a collar and elbow tieup. Chris takes Josh in the corner. Clean break. Josh claimed that Chris was pulling his hair. Another lockup, this time Chris got things started with an arm drag, followed by a Japanese arm drag, but Josh would land a couple arm drags too in a very fast offensive exchange between the two siblings. Josh would take a break on the outside. "Hollywood" Jimmy complained to Referee Chris P. Fries and even poked him with his cane. Back in the ring, Chris and Josh had a test of strength. "Hollywood" tried to pull Chris's leg, opening up the opportunity for Josh to work over Chris's arm. During the match, T-Byrd was complaining about how he wasn't able to see because "Hollywood" Jimmy was standing in his way and blocking his view. Another test of strength, but this time, Chris would send Josh to the mat, pinning his shoulders, but Josh would kick out. Chris lands an elbow and a dropkick. Josh back to the outside. Chris out after him, but Josh flipped him over on the gymnastics mat. While carrying Chris back to the ring, Chris slipped out of the headlock, sending Josh crashing into the ring pole. Chris would nail Josh with a running neckbreaker, while Josh was entering through the ropes. Josh fights back with a kick and a suplex, followed by a kip-up, taunting the fans. Josh locked in an armbar, attempting a guillotine choke, but Chris picked up Josh and smashed him into the mat with a powerbomb. Chris attempted a moonsault from the top-rope, but no one was home. Near fall. Josh with a flipping neckbreaker on Chris. Josh lands a knee to Chris's temple. Chris fought back with kicks and planted Josh's face into the canvas, with the curb stomp (ECW's Paul Burchill's finisher at one time). Two count. Chris sent Josh into the corner, following with an elbow. Josh would splash Chris in the corner. Josh attempted a superplex, but Chris blocked, sending Josh flying off. "Hollywood" tried to trip Chris while he was on the top, but Chris still managed to jump off, but he caught a lowblow from brother Josh. Josh would hit the RKO and get the victory in this intense battle of The Sons of the South. Your winner, Josh Matthews!

During intermission, T-Byrd announced that XOW would be back at ConXion in Hernando, Mississippi, on Saturday, August 15th. This show will include Former WCW Superstar and one half of the legendary Midnight Express, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton. Al Hall made his way around the ring, making fun of the big overall fans and a guy that had his ears pierced. Al said he worked with a guy that looks like he fell into a tacklebox.

"Big Daddy" Storm and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson made their way out to ringside. Storm informed everyone that Colton would be wrestling, but he was going to sing a little diddy. Storm started singing, like Elvis, about the people of Hernando. His song included verses like: The men are gay, The women are hippos, Their breasts are saggy and butts are doublewide. Whorey! Whorey! Hallelujah! T-Byrd suggested that Storm pair up with another locally known Elvis Tribute Artist, so you would have one tall, skinny Elvis and one short, fat Elvis.

4th Match-"The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson, managed by "Big Daddy" Storm vs Kenny D, who I believe is a local police officer-Referee Chuck Poe-Storm told them, "This ain't The Andy Griffith Show! Get Barney Fife out of the ring!" Match started with Kenny catching Colton with an arm drag, hip toss, bodyslam, and a clothesline. Colton rolled out of the ring. Back inside, Kenny sent Colton in the corner and splashed him. Kenny would lock in a single leg, but Storm raked Kenny's eyes, forcing him to break the hold. Colton took over. Storm would choke Kenny while Colton distracted the ref. Colton would also choke Kenny. Colton sent Kenny in the ropes, hitting him with an elbow. Colton applied a rear chinlock. Kenny would fight back with a sunset flip, but Colton kicked out. Colton threw Kenny out of the ring, where Storm attacked him. During the match, Storm was giving some of the fans on the front row lapdances and he kept standing in the way of one fan. The fan would try to move, but Storm would get right back in front of him. Colton slammed Kenny, followed by a big legdrop. The pissed off fan pushed Storm in the back. Bad idea. Storm hauled off and punched the fan, leading to all hell breaking loose. The fan was escorted out of the building by security. Storm went to the back. Meanwhile in the ring, Kenny rolled up Colton. Near fall. Storm ran in, attacking Kenny. Some guy ran in the ring to Kenny's aid, chasing off Storm and Colton. Kenny introduced him as former wrestler, Michael Lee, who is a lifelong friend in law enforcement. Kenny laid out a challenge to Storm and Colton Anderson. On August 15th, the ring will be surrounded with the Hernando Police Department, who will have straps to use for a special tag match between Kenny D and Michael Lee versus "Big Daddy" Storm and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson.

Semi-Main Event-XOW Tag Team Championship-XOW Tag Team Champions, Syn & D.J. Stunner vs Andy 2 Dandy & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, with "The Future" Chris Styles in their corner-Referee Chris P. Fries-Before the match got started, T-Byrd said that Studd wasn't able to be there to carry Tony, during this match, so he went and got Andy instead. Syn and Andy started the contest with a fast pace. Syn would dip out to the outside. Syn taunted and tried to provoke the big country family, wearing the overalls. Stunner and Tony in. Stunner with a clean break in the corner. Tony worked over Stunner's arm. Stunner with an impressive standing flip, reversing the armlock into a headlock. Tony put down Stunner with a shoulder block. Stunner takes a break, pumping up his arms. Another shoulder block by Tony. Tony invited both Syn and Stunner into the ring to take a free shot. Syn and Stunner accepted and attacked Tony, grabbing him into a double headlock, but Tony would fight back, putting both men down. Stunner sent Tony in the corner, but missed a diving attack and got caught up in the Tree of woe. Tony would duck out of the way of Syn, who ran into Stunner and fell down on the mat. Stunner fell off the turnbuckle, falling on top of Syn in a rather uncomfortable and embarrassing position. Stunner with a lethal kick to Tony's chest. Tag into Syn. Chris Styles pulled Syn off, during a pin attempt. Syn placed a chinlock on Tony. Down goes Tony, by a flipping dropkick from Syn. Double team by S & S. Stunner missed a kneedrop. T-Byrd said the young team of Syn and Stunner reminded him of Parental Advisory, The team of "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs and "The Studd" Scott Porteau. Syn scraped Tony's eye with his boot. Syn stomped a mudhole into Tony in the corner and followed it up with a hesitation dropkick. Shooting star by Syn on Tony. Tag into Stunner. Stunner locks in a bearhug on Tony. The crowd got behind Tony. Tony picks up his arm before it dropped for the third time. Tony fought back and made the tag to Andy 2 Dandy, but Referee Chris P. Fries didn't see it. Stunner and Syn swap out. Syn missed a corkscrew moonsault from the top-rope when Tony moved. Crowd, again, got behind Tony. Syn tagged Stunner. Tony tagged Andy. T-Byrd said that Andy hit the ring, "Like an Ethiopian kid fighting over a bowl of rice!" Stunner and Andy going at it, outside the ring. Suplex on the floor. Chris jumped in taking it to Stunner. Inside the ring, Syn hit the sliced bread #2 on Tony. Stunner managed to fight off Andy and Chris to jump on the top-rope and successfully land a swanton on Tony to get the three count. Your winners and still XOW Tag-Team Champions, Syn and D.J. Stunner!

Time for the Main Event. The XOW Heavyweight Champion, "The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine made his way out to the ring, accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock. "Hollywood" Jimmy introduced Brian, again. "The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good made his way to the ring. "Hollywood" Jimmy told Danny that he's not for all this white on black crime. "Why don't we do this. I've got three Budweisers in a cooler in my car. Why don't we have a beer summit in the middle of the ring?" "Hollywood" said he voted for Obama. When Jimmy asked Brian So Fine if he voted for Obama, Brian's response was, "He didn't support the Gay Community." Danny said he would take him up on that beer summit, but he would bash him over the head with it and shove it down Jimmy's throat. Brian So Fine informed the Hernando crowd that he's, "Everybody's hero, The Pink Flamingo! Often imitated, never duplicated. The most underrated wrestler of all-time!" Danny said that Al Hall looked like the Monopoly man. Al called Danny a woman beater.

Main Event-XOW Heavyweight Championship-XOW Heavyweight Champion, "The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs "The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good-Referee Chuck Poe-Brian and Danny size up each other. Danny with a headlock on Brian. Brian thought he dumped Danny over the top-rope, but Danny held on, flipping back in on Brian with a sunset flip. Danny followed up with an arm drag, hip toss, and dropkick. Brian rolled out of the ring, screaming with his strap over his head. Brian and Jimmy claimed that Danny pulled his tights. Funny stuff. Brian tried to jump Danny from behind, while Jimmy distracted him, but Danny caught him. Danny worked over Brian, until "Hollywood" Jimmy tripped him up as he was running the ropes. Brian with a big bodyslam on Danny, followed by a kneedrop. Brian locked in a sleeperhold. The crowd got behind Danny. Danny fired back, but Brian would stop him and silence the crowd with a dropkick. T-Byrd said that's the largest flamingo he's ever seen fly. On the outside, "Hollywood" Jimmy broke his cane over the back of Danny B. While Jimmy asked the ref to get some lady in the front row to shut up, Brian landed a chair shot on Danny's leg. "Hollywood" lended a hand to Brian to add some extra pressure as Brian targeted the leg. Danny fought back with a hurracanrana. Danny off the top with an axe handle. The next time, however, Danny caught a pink boot to the face. Brian with a textbook suplex. Near fall. "Hollywood" Jimmy nailed Danny with a chain he had wrapped around his hand. Pinfall attempt, but Danny kicked out. Danny would fight back as "Hollywood" screamed for Brian to "Get up!" Danny tried to dropkick Brian, but Brian moved out of the way, so Danny hit Referee Chuck Poe instead. Razzle-dazzle with both men running the ropes, colliding with a double clothesline. While everyone was knocked out, "Hollywood" Jimmy came in with a chair and blasted Referee Chuck Poe. As the ref was coming to, "Hollywood" tossed the chair to Danny. Referee Chuck Poe seen Danny holding the chair and called for the bell, disqualifying Danny B. Your winner by disqualification and still XOW Heavyweight Champion, Brian So Fine!

Following the match, Danny said he was sick of Brian and Jimmy. Danny said he was going to call someone. Danny grabbed his phone and made a call. We heard a familiar voice talking. Everybody wasn't sure who it was until the end when he said, "Mama Says It Beeees That Way Sometimes". It's Downtown Bruno! Downtown Bruno will be the special guest referee on August 15th. Danny told Brian and "Hollywood", "They will feel The Revolution!" Brian said, "If Bruno puts his hands on Jimmy, I will break his neck!"

XOW would like to thank all the fans, workers, ConXion Gymnastics Center, and S & S Property Claims & Roofing for sponsoring the event.

Saturday, August 15th, XOW returns to Hernando, Mississippi, at the ConXion Gymnastics Center with another BIG night of wrestling action! Midnight Gold, a trio featuring "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony with Brian Thompson as their manager will be on the show. Downtown Bruno, who some may remember as Harvey Wippleman in the WWF, will be the Special Guest Referee in the XOW Heavyweight Championship rematch between "The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine and Danny B. Good. Also on the card, will be a Special Tag Team Lumberjack match between Kenny D and Michael Lee versus the team of "Big Daddy" Storm and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson. During this match, the ring will be surrounded with the Hernando Police Department, who will have straps to use. All this and much more, coming up, on Saturday night, August 15th, in Hernando, Mississippi at ConXion!

Be sure and check back for all the great pictures that Tia got from this event!

Credit: D-Rock @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com

----As noted, RRO's Greg Anthony, Brian Thompson and Downtown Bruno will be appearing on August 15th for XOW!!