Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RassleResuults: XOW Hernando, MS 8.15.09

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Al Hall welcomed everyone to Xtreme Outlaw Wrestling at the ConXion Gymnastics Center in Hernando, Mississippi for this special fundraiser, benefitting the Hernando Police SWAT Team. Oscar thanked S & S Property Claims & Roofing, Heating & Air Conditioning for sponsoring this great night of action. That's right! Syn & Stunner have started their own business. Just kidding. Oscar and Al mentioned that the show would feature, one half of the legendary Midnight Express, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "Downtown" Bruno. This was followed by the playing of The National Anthem. Al announced that Oscar Barlow is the new Mayor of Crenshaw. Al told Oscar that he won him that election and should be rewarded by being named the new Police Chef, I mean Chief.

The XOW Heavyweight Champion, "The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock came out to the ring. "Hollywood" called out Promoter Tony Watts. Brian said that he saw "Downtown" Bruno outside and told him that the best thing he could do is head uptown, if he was planning on touching Jimmy. Brian added that when he shook his fist at Bruno, he was so scared that he got in his car and left. "Hollywood" Jimmy said, "He pissed his pants! He peed his pants! And I think he crapped his pants!" Brian called Danny, "Danny B. Stupid. "Hollywood" tried to persuade Tony Watts that since Bruno is gone that he should be the special guest referee for the match, later that night. Tony Watts told "Hollywood" to shut up. "Hollywood" continued to plead his case, by saying, "Bruno is gone and everyone wants to see me as special referee! I'll call it right down the middle!" Tony Watts called out "The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good. Danny asked everyone to be quiet for a second and said, "Listen.......Don't that sound good? Not hearing "Hollywood" running his mouth?" Danny told "Hollywood" to calm down before he commits suicide and told Brian to pull that outfit off before he commited suicide. Danny said Brian's outfit was loud. Danny brought up that he had spoken with Downtown Bruno and Bruno had informed him that "Hollywood" Jimmy had been trying to track him down on MySpace and everywhere to try and buy him off. Danny told "Hollywood" and Brian, "You will feel The Revolution!" He introduced "Downtown" Bruno. "Hollywood" Jimmy was taunting Bruno telling him that he was scared and ran off. Bruno said, "Wait a minute now, Fat Boy! The reason I was running was because I was running from your big, ugly wife!" Bruno said he would hit Jimmy with so many lefts, that he would be begging for a right. Bruno added, "I've got so many combinations that you'll think I'm a safe!" Since the Hernando Police Department were in attendence, Bruno told Jimmy that it would be a lot easier for him in jail. "Hollywood" Jimmy informed Bruno that he's a Memphis Wrestling Legend. In response, Downtown Bruno asked Jimmy, "How many WrestleManias have you been in? Have you been a part of a SummerSlam from Wembley Stadium? I have. "Hollywood" Jimmy told Bruno, "You sold popcorn!" Bruno fired back, saying, "And you were buying, Fat Ass!" Jimmy and Brian told Bruno to go back to Walls, Mississippi. Bruno told Brian, "People in Walls don't like fat queers!" Bruno told them that Danny B. is going to whip you because "Mama says it beees that way sometimes!" Bruno wanted the people to know that "Hollywood's" real name was Fat Boy. This started a "Fat Boy" chant. "Hollywood" Jimmy said he was going to kill him. Bruno asked Jimmy, "What are you going to do? Sit on me?" Danny and Bruno danced in the ring. Al Hall said that Danny dispelled the rumor that black people can dance. Al added that he knew that the Hernando Police Department has a warrant out for Danny because he's a woman beater. Al told Oscar that he was glad to have him back because last time he had to announce with a Mexican.

Opening Match-Mason vs Suicide-Referee Chris P. Fries-Suicide started a "You Suck" chant directed at Mason. Collar and elbow tieup with Mason taking over. Mason tried a back body drop, but Suicide would punt him in the skull, followed by a dropkick. Mason rolled out of the ring with Suicide jumping off the top-rope, connecting with a flying attack on the outside. Suicide threw Mason back in the ring. Suicide kicked Mason and got a two count. Al said he was impressed with Mason's tan. Suicide with a Tajiri like handspring splash off the ropes. Near fall. Mason caught Suicide with a clothesline. Mason with two powerful scoop slams, followed by a camel clutch. Mason turned it into a choke and broke the hold before the five count by Referee Chris P. Fries. Mason would also continue his attack in the corner with more chokes. Mason punished Suicide with a forearm to the back and then whipped Suicide from corner to corner. The sheer impact of the blow would send Suicide flying out of the corner. Mason would key in on the back of Suicide by locking in a Boston crab. Suicide would try and mount a comeback with some elbows to the breadbasket, but would bounce off of Mason when trying a running attack. Mason hits a Michinoku driver on Suicide, but he kicks out. Suicide sent in the ropes, dodges Mason by rolling under a clothesline attempt and fires back with a flying body press. Near fall. Both men hammer away at each other. Up on the turnbuckle in the corner, Suicide kicked Mason and flew off with a spinning flatliner to get the win. Your winner, Suicide!

"Big Daddy" Storm and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson made their way out to ringside. The back of Colton's shirt read, "It's not a good thing. It's not a bad thing. It's a me kicking your a** thing." Storm informed everyone that it's Elvis week and in honor he would like to sing a song from the bottom of his heart to all the special people here in Hernando. The song included verses like, "You be so ugly, I could die" And, "Paper is for wiping, not for stuffing down your drawers." Kenny D., Michael Lee, and members of the Hernando Police Department came out. Storm told the cops, "You can't bring a gun to a wrestling show." Storm told Kenny that he could have the special lumberjack strap match with the police department as lumberjacks under one condition, if Kenny loses he has to retire so that he won't have to see his ugly, inbred kinfolk here anymore. Kenny D. called out Promoter Tony Watts. Storm called Tony, "Toucan Sam" and said you can put all of Mayberry around the ring, but we need a referee. Kenny D. picked the young guy out of the crowd that Storm knocked out the last time they were in Hernando. The guy came out of the crowd and got in the ring, staring down Storm. Storm said if he can count to three, they'll do it, so they shook on it. As Kenny D. and Michael Lee were leaving, Storm walked up behind Michael Lee and tapped him. As soon as he turned around, Colton Anderson threw powder in his face. Al Hall said, "We got some illegal contraband on the floor." Storm said the match is now a handicap match and ended with, "Who's your daddy?" Al told Oscar, "I'm going to take a break during that one because if bullets start flying, I'm behind you."

2nd Match-"The Natural" Josh Matthews, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs "The Future" Chris Styles as these two brothers continued their intense sibling rivalry. Chris was sporting some cool, new tights. Before the match got underway, Josh and "Hollywood" strategized as Chris started a "Doughboy" chant directed at Jimmy. The two lockup with Chris backing Josh into the corner. Jimmy poked Chris with his cane. Josh said that he's pulling his hair. Another lockup, followed by some fast and furious action between the two with all sorts of leapfrogs, flips, and armdrags. Josh would scramble to the floor. The two would have a test of strength back in the center of the ring. Chris stomped Josh's fingers. Josh collected his thoughts and decided to try it again. This time Josh gained the advantage and tried to stomp Chris's fingers, but Chris pulled Josh's feet from under him and stomped "Hollywood's" hand. Josh on outside. Back in with another lockup. Chris whips Josh into the corner. Chris goes shoulder first into the ring post. Jimmy jabs Chris on the floor with the cane. Josh goes to work on Chris's arm by ramming it into the ring post. Sends Chris back in and stands on his arm. "Hollywood" choked Chris with the cane. Armlock by Josh. Josh comes off the top-rope with a stomp to Chris's arm, followed by a twisting armbreaker. Josh taunts the crowd. Chris fights back, hitting Josh with a clothesline. Josh kicks Chris with a leaping enzuigiri kick. Josh wrapped up Chris like a pretzel, working on the arm. Single arm ddt by Josh. Two count. Josh with a perfect plex, but Chris would kick out. Crowd got behind Chris. Jimmy would accidently trip Josh while he was running the ropes. Backslide attempt, but Chris would turn it into a Styles Clash pin. Josh would escape before three. Josh missed a frog splash from the top. Chris delivered a superkick to get the win. Your winner, Chris Styles!

During intermission, it was announced that XOW would be returning to Hernando on Saturday, September 19th with a 7:30 bell time. Al Hall said he wants the police officiers to lay all their guns in front of me. "I will be the gunkeeper," Al said. Oscar answered, "I don't think that's a good idea, Al." Al Hall and "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow also plugged us here at, which is always a Good Call!

Tony Watts came to the ring and said that he is disappointed in "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs. Tony Watts asked Tony Dabbs to come to the ring. Tony Dabbs came to the ring. Watts told Dabbs that he hasn't been cutting it here lately, so he paid some money to some guys to teach him a lesson. Watts introduced "Midnight Gold", the team of "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, managed by Brian Thompson. Tony Watts said he called Brian Thompson and told him that he needed to teach someone some respect. Brian Thompson said he didn't know he was going to hurl, when he got here because the people here stink. Brian continued, "How many people in here take baths?" There was a show of hands. Midnight Gold attacked Tony Dabbs. Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor ran in to save Tony Dabbs. Neil said I don't know who you guys think you are. Neil pointed out that he's got all the respect in the world for Bobby Eaton, but told him, "I'm all about tough love and I will still bust you in the mouth!" Neil continued by adding, that he's known "Golden Boy" for a long time and he's always been a crybaby. Neil told Brian Thompson that he didn't know Jim Cornette had a child, but you are awful. One fan yelled, "Tiger Woods wants his jacket back!" (Referring to Brian Thompson's green sports coat) Neil also let Tony Watts know that he could punch that nose of his and straighten it out. A match is made for later pitting "Midnight Gold" against the team of "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor. Neil told them, "Grease up Bobby Eaton because he's about 190 years old and that's the only reason why he has a job!"

3rd Match-Special Lumberjack Tag Match Featuring Hernando Police Department's SWAT TEAM-"Big Daddy" Storm and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson made their way to the ring. Storm was trying to get a lady to stop looking at his butt. Then, Hernando's finest came out to the popular theme song, "Bad Boys" from COPS, along with "Mr. Justice" Kenny D. and his new partner, "The Greatness" Jai Webster. The special ref was also with him, but he actually ended up being the special enforcer outside the ring. Referee Chuck Poe called the action inside the ring and had his own personal fan club in the crowd. Match began with Storm and Webster, but Storm said, "I don't wrestle cartoon characters. So get out and take Scrappy-Doo with you!" Jai tagged Kenny in. Storm in turn tagged Colton. Jai gets tagged back in. Colton called one of the SWAT members at ringside ugly. Colton with a headlock on Jai. Jai would try to escape, but Colton would hold on by grabbing his hair. Colton would get thrown out and tossed back in quickly by the police officer. Big clothesline by Webster on Anderson, followed by a scoop slam. The team of Jai and Kenny would then work over Colton's arm by tagging in and out, isolating Colton on their side of the ring. Kenny would fly in with a double axehandle smash on Colton's arm. Al Hall still wants Oscar to name him Chief of Police in Crenshaw. Colton hit Kenny with a clothesline and makes the tag to Storm. Storm on the attack, punching, kicking, and choking Kenny. Tags back in Colton, who levels Kenny with some punches. Kenny reversed an armlock and tagged in Jai. Jai's offense didn't last long before Colton slowed him down by poking him in the eye. Colton would follow with a clothesline and tag back in Storm. Storm threw Jai out of the ring, but Jai was thrown back in by one of the Hernando police officers. Al said that he lives in Hernando and don't want no part of that officer. Storm with an Elvis dance before kicking Jai below the belt. Colton back in with a scoop slam and struck a pose. Jai would fight back with a hip toss and a bodyslam. This brought Storm in, running, but Jai would duck and Kenny would hit Storm. Both Storm and Colton would take to the outside to try and escape, but would get thrown back in repeatedly by members of the Hernando SWAT team. Jai made the tag to Kenny, but Referee Chuck Poe didn't see it. The team of Colton and Storm would cut off the ring with Storm choking Jai in the corner. Colton would follow with some elbows and start posing, again, while Al Hall said, "Look at the guns on Colton Anderson!" As Kenny tried to run in to save his partner, Colton and Storm would swap out, while Referee Chuck Poe's back was turned. Storm threw Jai out, but he was quickly thrown right back in. Back inside, Colton would ram Jai's head into the turnbuckle and whip him into the corner. Colton would run towards Jai, but Jai moved and clotheslined Colton. Jai made the tag to Kenny, while Colton tagged in Storm. Kenny was on fire, taking out both Storm and Colton. Storm would land a low blow on Jai Webster and nail Kenny with a jumping neckbreaker. Storm would pin Kenny, but Referee Chuck Poe said he couldn't do it. Storm punched Referee Chuck Poe. In a shocking turn of events, Colton Anderson turned on his partner, Storm, knocking him down and leaving. Kenny would pin Storm and the young guy that was made special enforcer rolled into the ring and made the three count. Your winners, Kenny D. and Jai Webster! After the bell, Storm would attack the young man, again. Colton would run back in with Michael Lee chasing off Storm. Storm challenged Colton Anderson for a match at the next show on September 19th. Colton added that he wanted it to be a No Holds Barred Match. Storm was taunting Colton by getting down on his knees saying, "I will fight you on your level."

4th Match-XOW Tag-Team Champions, Syn & D.J. Stunner vs "The Asylum" (Psycho & Pappy), managed by Tony Watts-Referee Chris P. Fries-When The Asylum hit the ring, Syn and Stunner escaped to the outside. While Psycho was sitting in the corner, twitching back and forth, Pappy tried to hit Syn and Stunner with his big horsey chain. I think that meant that Pappy wanted them to giddyup in the ring. Syn and Pappy would start things off by locking up. Pappy quickly pushed Syn down like he was a feather. Syn went to his corner to get his arms pumped up and ready to go. Another lockup. Syn goes across the ring, again. Syn claimed that Pappy pulled his hair. Syn slapped Pappy. From there, things kinda got out of hand for a moment as Syn and Stunner got caught in a rather uncomfortable and embarassing "doggy" position. Syn would get splashed in the corner by Pappy. While Syn was down in the corner, Psycho followed by completely running through him and causing whiplash with a running hip attack to the head. Psycho would follow it up with a flying elbow and a snap suplex on Syn. Psycho with an armbar, tags in Pappy. Headbutt by Pappy, who sent Syn into the corner. Syn would catch Pappy as he was running with a drop toe hold, sending him head first into the turnbuckle. Syn made the tag to Stunner, who came in with a flying kick off the ropes in the corner, Jeff Hardy style. Stunner would go to work on Pappy's hand. Stunner tagged in Syn, who legdropped Pappy's hand and attempted a pin. Psycho comes in to break up the count and points at Referee Chris P. Fries. Stunner back in by flying off the top-rope with his feet crashing down on Pappy's hand. Stunner on the floor, continued to punish Pappy's arm by biting it. Stunner flies back in on top of Pappy with a slingshot somersault senton from the apron, followed by a shooting star. Pin attempt, with Psycho stopping the ref from counting. Stunner tagged in Syn, who comes in with some lethal kicks to Pappy. Psycho has seen enough and runs in, kicking at Stunner. As Pappy tried to fight back, but Stunner would come in with some knees. Al brought up that Syn is a ladies man. Syn in with a chair and levels Pappy. From here, all hell broke loose! Psycho threw the chair at Syn. Pappy hit Stunner with the chain. Business picked up as all four men, battled outside the ring. Psycho lit up Syn with a kendo stick. Syn tried to take a breather at the merchandise table, but this didn't last too long as Psycho would put him down on the floor with a vicious neckbreaker. Meanwhile, Pappy slammed Stunner over on the gymnastics mat. Tony Watts slapped Psycho. Pappy set up two steel chairs on the outside and laid Stunner in the middle of them. Pappy attempted to splash Stunner through the chairs, but when he jumped off the apron Stunner moved with Pappy crashing through the chairs. Stunner fleed to the back. Syn tried to sneak up on Psycho, but Psycho caught him. Syn threw water at Psycho, but Psycho retaliated by throwing a chair at Syn, which laid him out. Psycho and Pappy beat up each other for a second and then Psycho got Kayte back as he giggled. Creepy. Referees Chuck Poe and Chris P. Fries, along with security had to help Syn to the back as he suffered a concussion. Gotta give a special Good Call to Psycho and Pappy for their hard work and dedication as they worked a triple shot on Saturday. They worked XOW, IWA, and from what I heard one crazy extreme match for SnV that included glass and all sorts of mayhem. They definitely had the battle scars to prove it.

XOW Heavyweight Champion, Brian So Fine, who was rockin' the pink boas, walked out with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock to the ring. Brian hugged Al Hall. T-Byrd said that he had a thing for the bald guys. Jimmy pointed his cane at Oscar. "The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good and the Special Guest Referee, "Downtown" Bruno, made their way to the ring. Danny done his signature, "Do you want a revolution?" which was followed by, "Woop! Woop!" from the crowd. "Hollywood" told Danny, "I'll give you a revolution when I punch you in the mouth. "Hollywood" also told Bruno that he better call it right down the middle. Bruno stomped Brian's fingers while he was standing outside the ring and said, "I'll do what I wanna do because Mama says it beees that way sometimes" as he was strutting. Brian So Fine informed everyone that he's, "Everybody's hero, The Pink Flamingo! Often imitated, never duplicated! The most underated wrestler of all-time! And you do not step on my beautiful fingers!" Bruno calls for the bell.

5th Match-XOW Heavyweight Championship-"The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good vs XOW Heavyweight Champion, "The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine, accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Special Guest Referee "Downtown" Bruno-Bruno searched Brian. Brian and Jimmy pitched a fit because Bruno didn't check Danny. Bruno said ok and just tapped Danny, saying he was fine. Bruno called Danny's son to come sit in the front row. Brian and Danny locked up with Brian taking Danny into the corner. Brian went to punch Danny, but Bruno held his arm and said no punching. Brian screams. Another lockup, with "Hollywood" grabbing Danny and Brian trying to punch him, but Bruno grabbed his arm, again, as Danny got Jimmy. Third time, Danny has Brian on the ropes, when Danny's son jumps up on the apron and holds Brian. Bruno acted like he didn't see anything. Brian would attack Danny from behind. Danny would come back with a low blow, but Bruno turned his head. Brian rolled out of the ring with the strap of his tights hanging over his head. Brian raised his hands for a test of strength, but Bruno thought he wanted him to give him a high-five. "Hollywood" told Danny, "Why don't you get that old hag in here," referring to Danny's wife. Brian had Danny's shoulders pinned to the mat with the test of strength, but Bruno started waving to the fans. He finally got down and counted to one before Danny kicked out. At times, Bruno was pirched up on the turnbuckle. Danny with a sunset flip, followed by a hip toss and dropkick. Brian rolled out of the ring. Jimmy said that Danny was pulling the tights. Brian back on the attack, but Bruno continued to be a bias official, not counting when Brian pinned Danny, but as soon as Danny would pin Brian, he would count super fast. Brian held off Bruno as "Hollywood" choked Danny. Pin attempt, but Bruno ran around. An irate "Hollywood" Jimmy yelled, "This is pissing me off!" Danny landed a flying headscissor with a rollup. Bruno counts to two, then says his shoulder is hurt. Danny jumps off the top-rope with a missle dropkick, but another two count with Bruno saying, "Damn shoulder!" Danny checks up on Bruno. Danny caught Brian with The Revolution/Buff Blockbuster, followed by another pin. Bruno still said his shoulder was hurting. Bruno extended his hand to Danny and tried to kick him, but Danny caught his leg. Brian snuck up behind Danny and rolled him up while Bruno made the fast three count. Your winner and still XOW Heavyweight Champion, Brian So Fine! Al Hall said that's the best referee that he's seen. Following the match, "Hollywood" Jimmy, Brian So Fine, and "Downtown" Bruno all celebrated together. A disappointed Danny apologized to the fans and told the kids to follow their dreams. Danny also told them to promise him that they would not grow up and be like that and to please don't try this at home. Danny B. always has a positive message for the kids. Al said he got a call and said when the lady in orange, sitting on the front row was dancing earlier, set off the richter scale at the University.

Main Event-Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs vs "Midnight Gold" ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony) managed by Brian Thompson-Referee Chuck Poe-Brian Thompson introduced "Midnight Gold" and then Anthony introduced Brian Thompson. The bell sounded and we were underway. Neil and Greg started things off. Neil got the crowd going, as everyone was clapping. Collar and elbow with Neil messing up "The Golden Boy's" luscious locks of hair. Neil caught Greg with a punch running out of the corner. Chicken chant started. Greg wanted a test of strength. Neil was a little bit taller so Greg asked if he would bring it down a little. Neil brought his hands way down. Greg Anthony tried to kick, but Neil Taylor caught his foot and spun him around. Neil sent Greg flying with a back body drop. This brought "Beautiful" Bobby in, but Neil and Tony with a double team. Neil with a slam on Bobby. "Beautiful" Bobby wanted a timeout and tagged by in "The Golden Boy". Greg went to work on Neil with some punches and even biting in the corner. Tony Dabbs in punching Greg, who fell face first like Flair. Two count. Tony with a hip toss and Greg tried to slide out of the ring backwards, but slid directly into the ring post. OUCH! Good stuff! While Greg was trying to recoup and get back in the ring, Tony kicked the ropes. I'm sure that didn't help. Brian Thompson jumped up on the apron and started going at it with Referee Chuck Poe. This got heated as Chuck even untucked his shirt and was ready to throwdown. Tony and Neil raised Chuck's hand. "Midnight Gold" would catch Tony with a hot shot in the ropes. Eaton would key in by choking Dabbs in the ropes. Greg would add insult to injury by choking Tony from the outside. Bobby tagged in Greg, who sent Tony in the ropes, catching him with an elbow to the breadbasket, followed by a running knee lift. "The Golden Boy" informed everyone, "That's why we are the best!" Neil started a "Go, Tony, Go" chant. Sleeper by Greg on Tony. Tony would try fight back, but would get caught with a nice overhead suplex by Greg. Bobby Eaton back in with two elbos on Tony and a pin attempt. Two count. Bobby quickly tagged Greg back in. "The Golden Boy" kept letting the Hernando crowd have it as he beat up on Tony, by saying, "This is what you like about Tony Dabbs? The fact that he's on his knees?" Greg would ram Tony's head into the turnbuckle twice, but on the third attempt Tony would reverse it, sending Greg into the turnbuckle. Before Tony could make the tag, Greg managed to grab his leg and once, again, isolate him by tagging in Bobby Eaton. Bobby applied a chinlock. "Golden Boy" shouted, "Midnight Gold, Baby!" Misconnection between "Midnight Gold" as Greg ended up monkey flipping Bobby out of the corner. All four men went at it with Tony being thrown to the outside. "Midnight Gold" tried to execute a double back body drop, but Neil Taylor rolled up Bobby Eaton with a sunset flip, while Tony Dabbs ran back in and rocked Greg Anthony with a superkick, to send him out of the ring. Neil got the win with the sunset flip on Bobby Eaton. Your winners, Neil Taylor and Tony Dabbs! Following the match, Brian Thompson was livid as he had a temper tantrum in the middle of the ring. Greg Anthony said it was a two count and wanted to get that crooked ref back out there. "Midnight Gold" asked Former Unified World Champion, King Cobra, who was in tha house, to come down to the ring. They asked him what he thought and Cobra said it was a three count. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton tried to hit Cobra, but Cobra ended up punching Eaton. Al said that he can't see from that far off without those bifocals. "The Golden Boy" called Cobra into the ring and pointed at him as he said that was a two count. King Cobra as he motioned his hands, said one, two, and hauled off and hit "The Golden Boy". That was a cool ending with King Cobra popping up. "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Al Hall finished up, by reminding everyone that XOW returns to Hernando, Mississippi, on Saturday, September 19th.

The place was packed for this show at the ConXion building, with lots of loud fans. Have I mentioned how much I love that venue? Oh yeah! For those wondering, the guys in overalls were back. I only seen two of them though.

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XOW would also like to thank all of the great workers and fans for their contributions in making this night a success.

Don't forget XOW returns to Hernando, Mississippi on September 19th!

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